What is the ghost in the milk?2022 fashion circles are now released: her 36D chest is not good, who else dares to wear?

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What is the ghost in the milk?2022 fashion circles are now released: her 36D chest is not good, who else dares to wear?

2022-01-04 12:02:31 78 ℃

Every period of time, it began a big New Year limited.

The bottom in a zodiac and lock the big move, but also pay attention to China's Purse hin Lunar New Year ~

A wave of "China wind" to engage in a single product out, one-third by design, seven by crying, and the remaining 90 points can only rely on consumer brand filters ......

The Gucci models such as the New Year:

Sky blue coupled with rich flowers, big headed next door to the village?

Brown yellow plus cerebellum ax, how to be more earth to earth?

Above that piece 14500, following this 16,000

Grandma open own closet, 3w instant save block.

Hong Kong really, these big whole new can out of some "Earth tide" new tricks every year,

Let's suspected stroke designers just want everyone smile, not thought to sell.

Look at the ¥ 13500 Chanel "buried love family wig"

@ Huang Huangzi in London

You will be able to put back through the years 2007, if can hear the phrase "Caicai Oudi space (o ^^ o)" ~

So u ① flower Girl, depression の people scared pain ...

@ Huang Huangzai in London

so, today we take a look at the new 2022 to those who did not watch the tide,

And everyone have a happy holiday!

Why LOEWE and BV together, said?

Not because of joint, but because this year, like Talia appointment, and to "egg" make life difficult.

Called "Italian Hermes," the whole BV a pair of "quail egg earrings."

Let us guess the following two pairs of earrings, which in the end is really quail eggs?

@ AL1s0n.X

Although the answer is right

But even the king I come and maybe also a! mold! one! Sample!

Next door LOEWE: Yes, I understand.

So the new year, "egg soup" has a new meaning: the heel stepping on eggs.

Put on these shoes, rushing to buy food aunt can not help but remind you: "The young girl roar, you step on the trash it."

It might be thought, forced to toe the model can be deducted Sanshiyiting.

LOEWE if you were kidnapped on winked ...

Balenciaga, harm, an old acquaintance who uu,

Annual list of minibuses, year after year outrageous.

(Dbq, I really love Paris family @ dads)

Balenciaga this year's blockbuster and it must be a joint Gucci!

While most know that Baba will do things, but seeing this year's joint promotion, I could not help but wonder,

It is not a home Gucci owed money?

In addition to this large painting confusing, joint style is very people "Dreaming" Dreaming ...... night market stall selling high imitation.

In this, who looked not ask a mouth:

Brother, the pattern is not printed wrong wow?

Swap pattern seems to have been insufficient to show intimacy between Balenciaga and Gucci,

So they decided to interpret the strength, what is "You have me, I have you", 666.

Some people see this package back before a lot of logo intertwined, we will feel that all the cottage.

Now dare not say so, because there may be co-branded it!

If you think this Balenciaga x Gucci pretty good,

That look at Balenciaga x Cross co-branded "high-heeled shoe hole."

1 buckle feel ugly, feel particularly ugly buckle 2.

Look good? No, I do not believe.

But this is not the end of their earthy aesthetic,

For Balenciaga, the magic shoes can change, packages can be the source of life,

Jewelry Well, you can learn a science Yiwu.

Ah this, ten years ago in front of the school canteen a vague seen it!

See the physical map can only boast one: indeed "WYSIWYG" ......

@Elaine qi

This is a reasonable suspicion in Yiwu directly into the goods? Balenciaga earn your tears 2399.5.

And Baba ratio, YSL in fact, has been at the cutting-edge fashion end.

But when I unearthed this dress, I still feel the stars above cat earrings x10 perfunctory.

This is to put others feel the extent of my name "Yves Saint Laurent" in.

@YSL promise me, next time do not use this font printed Chinese, okay?

Probably know we complain that he is too perfunctory, YSL decided to give everyone a few whole fancy.

Amorous upper body, lower body Eryi most understand!

Look, tight-fitting silk trousers Er Yi want to squeeze this series is not impossible.

But my main point is not its color, after all, still a little long time to see a woman of taste (bushi

I would like to ask that this tight-fitting and light reflecting material, who can wear!

After all, even the beaver can not ...

Nice, not thin thin does not matter, anyway, to save money

A few days before catching a Disney animation, I inadvertently discovered the source of inspiration for this year's new LV

- is not a "Friends of Summer sunny day"?

There seems to be clowns and Batman?

In fact, it's strange and lovely (if it is not one of tens of thousands of words - LV

But in the new year makes the deepest impression, had to be unveiled "LV Shanghai women's show" that several boots.

Basically who is who wear pit, a female stars are not bailing!

Just look at the boots are not feeling quite fashionable?

But the wear on the big legs 171cm Jin Chen, and can make her second variant 151cm, 50-50.

Even actress bird legs can significantly so thick, I'll wait for mortals or do not want a pair of Shaw!

No matter what color, as long as the beauty is set, there are more beautiful and noble, and the lower body is more like rushing to transder.

Speaking of transplanting, LV is intimately defined in early spring:

"Microsetrial tank"

↓ ↓ ↓

PS: The plant is not sent, the light box is 27W one

Wear LV "insert boots", a bonsai in the LV botanical box, is it suddenly elegant?

Even the slogan helps you think about it, "add angry to the home" ~

Buying home, my mother will really be angry!

But then come back, this year, even the bonsai has a LV bag, I haven't ...



I have seen so much fashion items. Do you have HIN happy?

Luxury is intimate,

They never pit poor, just want to bring joy to everyone.


If there is more fun fashion item, you can share it in the review area.

I hope everyone's 2022 can laugh from the head to the tail duck!