What is the cause of Xinjiang a sweet girl?

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What is the cause of Xinjiang a sweet girl?

2022-01-04 12:02:17 90 ℃

The reason is that the temperature difference between day and night.

The female star participated in the "Tucao Conference", in order to contribute to the quotation of Versailles, Dili Hotbub is no exception:

"My mom called, you are almost 30, no one wants, I said, mom, Di Li is no one wants?"

"My mom said, you will not get married, no one wants you, I said my mother, how could it, which mother doesn't want a Dili hotba."

"I said, how sweet is Di Li, because we have a big temperature difference between day and night."

The sweetness of Xinjiang girl is really ignored for a long time.

The neon girl said "sauce" is a nickname, the "sauce" of Xinjiang women's "", surprised and complained with spoiled language;

The fool in Xinjiang women's wasta is "spoon", and it is powerful to say "old road";

Some people say that in Xinjiang judges that a girl is green tea, just look at the peeled rice noodles, because the Xinjiang women's baby is big, straight. Big Usuku blows for the bottle, how can it be careful because of a bowl of rice noodles.

The sweetness of Xinjiang women is a sweet melon.

From the Western Region to the Central Plains, Xinjiang, the sister, often received attention because of the appearance of the picked appearance, from the Uighurs Dili hotba, the West is characterized, the face is small, the facial fold is high, the towering nose and comics I was firmly remembered when I was shocked.

The five officials of Xinjiang beauty are very big, but the mirror is more expensive, but the hitting longitude will often give people a sense of "not good". Gorgeous and strong.

"Cra lovers", Gao Wen's people are so similar to the hotspop, because of this.

The hotbat during the small flower, but also more than the lines of the lines, high saturation, plus a curly hair, and play the rich and beautiful people to the extreme.

I prefer European style, nose, wide double eyelid, but with the aesthetic changes, Xinjiang beauty also embarked on the path of Chinese.

Dili hotbat in "Sanqi Three Shi Ten Walnuts" still retains the iconic panmented, but the lines are more meticulous, and the eyeliner is also drawing out of the conventional curved shape, and it is a feeling of moving the eye.

From the longitudinal makeup to the horizontal makeup, reduce the facial folding degree, emphasize the eyebrows and the color makeup, weaken the height of the five senses, full of affinity.

Xiao Fox Fengjiu, just like a small demon in the novel, it is super offset, and it is firm.

In these two years, the touching route of the hotbach began to become gradually clear. The pink dress is sufficient enough, and the eye shadow is slightly smudged, surrounds the whole eye, and creates a touch of faint. Yingrun's lip makeup, weaken the edge of the lip, and also pressed the rose red gas field.

The big wave is replaced with a shorter curly hair, more, more fine, and more lazy, from the exotic beauty to midnight roses, the changes in the hotspots are more than a little bit.

Weak color makeup is not dull, with a shallow eyebrows, the hair is just good, more highlights emphasize the nose, eyebrow bones, create clear makeup, and make the cheek more full, feel.

The beauty of the Xinjiang beauty is, it is touched by her, and the people can't refer to it, but these new generations of Xinjiang can.

From the Uyghur's Hanikizi, with a dance amazing, Dunhuang flying-world costume in the "National Storm Youth", the full face of the beads, plus the small and flexible body, the girl temperament .

Compared with the hotbak, the long phase of Haniki is more in line with the Han nationality to the merits. Her face is round, the chin is shorter than the forehead shape. The upper half is soft, the eyebrows are short and tap, the eyelids are wider, the eyes are shallow, and the eyesight of the eyes are narrow, and a pair of eyelash is equipped with long eyelashes, more pretty.

Touch the wind, the beauty of the beauty, the beauty of beauty is just right.

Lower the stage, her makeup is also low enough, light brown eyebrow color leaves the eyes, the blush is hidden at the highest point of the cheekbones, and the lower eye shadow with the pink is more likely. You see, and the makeup thinking with Dili is almost.

Occasionally, the thick makeup, the eyebrows are superposed together, full of crowded on the face, the charm is full of makeup. It is better to use the card of the eye, not as opposed to the eye shadow.

The same is Zhong Lili, which is a small flower in Xinjiang, is a Han Girl born in Xinjiang, but the long face is with Xinjiang taste, the facial skeletal sense, especially the nose part, and the identification is high. Her five officials are relatively large, and the upper mirror is eye-catching.

The short appearance in "Little Habit", letting people remember the role of Wang Yifang. Beautiful, proud, recent passenger string "Xiaominjia", the Lin Lei in the play in the play, in order to let her eat vinegar, they are deliberate to play with Chen Jiajia.

I thought that Wang Yifeng will arrived, who knows that she only took a "no me beautiful".

She, her, temperament is very different. The strong hair also makes her beautiful vitality, but the original eyebrow trend is down, the overall form is long, and the temperament of the whole person is easy to see.

In the past two years, her eyebrows began to change slowly, overall, better than the shape of the eyebrow bone, shortened, and the overall look deeper, more.

The eye shadow and eyeliner shape are also more refreshing.

Xinjiang beauty pick up makeup because they have difficulty driving, and there is more mistakes. But in your makeup, you can subtract, more than Xinjiang beauty will, all girls must.

The so-called "bone phase makeup" is this, custom makeup through its own appearance, tailoring itself, will always be more expensive than model makeup.Image Source