"White strip" squeezed on the nose, is it?Teach you a few tricks, help remove

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"White strip" squeezed on the nose, is it?Teach you a few tricks, help remove

2022-01-13 06:02:36 16 ℃

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No one wants a healthy white skin, but with the slow growth, our skin is no longer like a baby, waiting for us to be thick, blackhead, long spot, chicken acne, these skin The problem is more common.

It may go to the professional beauty salon, do the skin repair, and the economic conditions are not allowed, and it may be sigh in the mirror every day. In the mirror, we often find that there is always dirty things on both sides of the nose. Sometimes it uses hand, and it will squeeze out some white strips, it looks very nausea, what is these things?

White strips squeezed on the nose, is it?

: Fat particles

White things that are squeezed on the nose may be fat particles, this is a white small bump, it looks like a small white sesame, usually on the face, especially women's eyes, but some will appear on the nose. .

Cause: Because the skin has been trained, the skin activity is reduced, causing the discharge of fat mistakes in the body, generating a white sachet. It is also possible to be covered by the leacher, and cannot be normal to the epidermis, thereby depositing the white particles formed in the skin.


"White strip" may be thousands of locusts.

Aphid is a very small animal, with dandruff, grease, etc. Therefore, it is often distributed in the sebaceous gland of the human face, mainly in a portion where the sebaceous gland is secreted in the nose.

Because the mites will absorb nutrition in the skin, it will also lead to a series of skin diseases, such as blackheads, acne, etc., the white substances extruded in the strawberry nose, it is likely to be the secretion of aphid.

: Sebum secretion

In addition to the growth of hair, human skin pores, there are also the effect of discharged oil and sweat glands. Normally, when the sebaceous gland secreates the oil, the surface of the skin is reached, and the sebum film is formed by mixing with the sweat gland, which provides a protective effect on the skin.

When the pores are stimulated, the sebum cannot secrete, and it is mixed with the moisture in the pores, forming the milky white substance, and thus the human skin is more likely to produce such a white substance.

Learn these tricks, help to remove the nose, dirty

The dirty things on the nose will not only affect the value, but also reduce the impact in the minds of others. It is very simple to do well, follow the doctors, don't have to be afraid of "white points" on the nose.

(1) Improve diet structure

In life, many women have specially like to eat sweets, spicy food or um and fat, if you like these foods, try to change it.

High-calorie, high-fat food will increase the fat in the human body, and the skin is large, causing skin aging, so you have to eat less food in our usual life, eat light, eat more fruits and vegetables, long-term adherence, You can help adjust the skin status.

(2) Pay attention to facial hygiene

In addition, you should also pay attention to clean your face hygiene, avoid greased our pores, leading to acne production. For some oily skin, you can try to wash your face with amino acid washing, not only to avoid the skin. It is also possible to remove the grease of the face.

Some masks can be used properly before going to bed at night, and there is a certain mitigation for excessive grease.

(3) I will get better early.

I have long been sleeping early and has always been China's excellent traditional culture, but now the girls in many cities are not ruled at all, so that the skin will cause certain damage to develop a good job is very important.

Staying up late, it will not only make your face skin very rough, and the president of acne has caused blackheads, so the little fairy who loves beauty is still trying to develop a good habit of getting ready early!

(4) Bed sheet is cleaned in time

When everyone is washing your face, you can add a few drops of vinegar in the washing water, so you can get the effect of sterilization and anti-inflammatory.

The usual sheets are set in time to replace cleaning, and the towels commonly used in the home are sunbreaking, so that they can eliminate the mites and avoid excessive secretion of oil on the skin.