Vipshop special clothing accompany you for the New Year, the lowest 30 yuan new year

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Vipshop special clothing accompany you for the New Year, the lowest 30 yuan new year

2022-01-13 12:03:41 19 ℃

Hello everyone, I am the old king.

Recently, I have been putting new year, watching everyone is going to have a happy New Year, the old king found that next week will cool down, so I recommend a good warm clothing to you today, it is from the inside, worth friends You can set up new clothes from your own needs.

Article simple catalog

First, underwear home special thermal underwear 69 yuan / set

Second, adult down jacket special offer down jacket 179 yuan

Third, children warm special children's down jacket 150 yuan

The New Year is to be outside, underwear, warm clothes, home clothes.

1. Jockey | [Hongyun Red Products Set] 2 Pack Cotton Men's New Year Red underwear Flat angle

Let's first come to the year of the year and 2022 friends who want to get married, and the red fire is ready to do new underwear.

2. Jockey | [50S high-density yarn] 2 packs cotton comfortable breathable refreshing men's vertical pants

High-density plumber men's underwear, 30 yuan, really too cost-effective. The underwear of his family is quite good, encountering activities, Vipshop will buy more than 10 yuan, and the New Year is to replace it.

3. Jockey | [Black Technology Warm] Men's Moisturizing Hengrid Throttle Speed ​​Dry Cotton Mo Round Collar Tackle Warm Set

This set of fabrics is quite comfortable, and the old king gives the family a set of people, last year is a set of 58 yuan, this year, this year, a little price increase, but also acceptable. Slightly a little thin, suitable for daily bottoming. Gray-green Lao Wang thinks it best, you can try it.

4. Jockey | [Light skin skin soft gloss] autumn and winter cotton men's thin section round neck pullover autumn clothes heating trousers warm suit

This set of cotton is suitable for most friends, a little thicker than the above, but it is still thin, the weather is not particularly cold, and the father is super good.

5. Jockey | [underwear + sock + red envelope greeting card] Tiger Huifeng men's red gift box

Thinking of the New Year to change, still get a relatively celebrated, you should still have a friend.

6. Jockey | [Bra + Underwear + Red Packet Greeting Card] Ms. Tiger Limited Red Gift Box Set

The girls in the lingerie are also, but also girls who are suitable for the Year of the Tiger and the year, but the price concessions are not so big.

7. Jockey | [underwear + sock + red envelope greeting card] Tiger Shengwei Ms. Red gift box

This set is recommended to little fairy in this year's life.

8. Jockey | [50S Lan Costume] Women's Red Picture Red Cotton Mo warm autumn clothes Qiuqi suit

The series of books is coming again, and the material is the same as the material of the men, it is also thin, but the fabric is really comfortable.

9. Jockey | 【Light and Skin】 Autumn and winter Ms. High Elastic Circle Take Head Mao Qiqing Qiuqi Warm Set

This set is a little thicker, it is also very personal, and the girl can pay more attention.

10. Jockey | [Song Soft skin-skin] autumn and winter new micro-elastic round neck pullover shake pajamas ladies long sleeves home service suit

Since the underwear is changed, you will come to the home clothes of the girl together, and the boys are not recommended.

11. Jockey | [Song Soft skin-skin] autumn and winter micro-race collar joint shake fleece pajamas ladies long-sleeved striped home service suit

I personally feel very good, I can arrange it for my wife.

Royal Han Tung Duty Down Jacket Series

1. Bosideng | [21 new] light collar simple casual short men's down jacket

Multi-color optional, short money is suitable for daily wear, still very easy to use in a less cold place, the old king is ready to buy it to the old father, you.

2. Bosideng | [Happy New Year gift] new extreme cold mesen velvet men's hooded couple warming casual winter long down jacket

600+ fluffy, plus high-performance refusal water, even in the snow, you can warm and resist wind and rain.

3. Bosideng | [Happy New Year gift] Men's thickened goose velvet cold long section 御 寒 防风 连 down jacket

There is no fur collar style, relatively refreshing, is also 600+ 度, the same waterproof fabric, is a good friend who is small for the head to keep warm, it is very good winter.

4. Snow flying | [Thickened big fur collar] women's long down jacket 21 winter warm coat hooded down jacket female

Snowfall, very nice fashion down jacket, when you buy a wife last year, it is this brand, the effect is very much.

5. Snow flying | Women's short hooded down jacket 21 autumn and winter new fashion casual loosening keep warm down jacket female

The whole of the snow is prejudice and commute, so the overall down fill is not particularly much, but it is not a long time, it is still very good, the application scenario is more.

6. Snow flying | Women's loose short down jacket fashion autumn and winter new exquisite print warm comfortable slim rope down jacket

This style is younger, girls can try to wear, in the light colors of winter, dotted a little youthful breath.

7. Duck Duck | Winter New Middle School Hoods Color Dessert Casual Hundreds of Thick Warming Tools Men's Jacket

Duck duck is also an old brand. Last year, I returned to my hometown last year, I gave my wife a duck down jacket, warm and and went to the northwest. The warmth is not bad, and it has a beautiful view. 8. Duck Duck | [Couple] Men and women with short paragraph cold trend snow mountain gradient hood thick section warm down jacket female

This personally likes it, there is a little in the north and supreme cooperation with the Snow Mountain, I don't know if you don't like it.

9. Duck Duck | [90% White Ducks] Winter Jacket Men's New Youth Fashion Short Collar Men's Down Jacket

Youth short, hahaha, the old king also has a lot, although it is not worn now, but still youth.

10. Duck Duck | [艺 潇 同] Hoodd down jacket female short paragraph solid color wild warm nibs bag dress ladies down jacket

The ladies of the duck are short, I have no resistance to this comparative down jacket, I don't like it, I like it.

11. Duck Duck | 21 Winter New Fashion Hundreds of Hood Short Women's Small Subsite Bread Service Surface Color Warm Down Service

This is a little bit a little bit, and the whole fluffy is also better. It is a good choice to match all kinds of temperament. This white isometric, very good.

Next is the last child of the cold series

1. Bosideng | [New Year | Highlight] girls in the children's short, sweet warm jacket down jacket bright surface thick autumn

2. Snow flying | Children's contrast color tooling hooded down jacket autumn and winter warm high quality 90 duck velvet cute children's clothing down jacket

A very handsome kid down jacket, tailoring is very suitable for children's body, not the kind of adult.

3. Snow flying | [90 white duckling] autumn and winter new children's jacket Chinese big children's clothing trend camouflage girls down jacket boys

The specials of children in Snowfall, is a hot style, but it is still different from person to person.

4. Snow flying | girls hooded long down jacket winter warm comfort, delicious children's clothing down jacket female

The favorite color of the light-colored little girl, the warmth factor is not bad, but Bao Da Bao mother wants to wash clothes more diligent.

5. Snow flying | Children's warm down jacket cute autumn and winter anti-cold warm simple light high quality velvet men and girls cascaded hat

A boys and girls can wear a small down jacket. The New Year is happy, and the family will give more red envelopes, hahaha.

6. Duck Duck | Children's Wear 2021 New Winter Children Jackets with Down Denge

This is quite cute, mainly a two-piece children's down jacket, 200 out of the price, can have three wear, practicality is still very strong.

7. Duck Duck | [Removal of a three-wear] children's clothing boys 2021 new foreign 气粒 粒 fashion two-piece tide

Another set of children's winter clothes, this is no down, relatively keep warm, but the value is quite good, plus a down jacket in the case, it will be very warm.

8. Duck Duck | Yaya Children's Wear 2021 New Winter Children's Hooded Down Jacket

The lovely down jacket of the little girl, the cartoon pattern, there are three colors, and the princess of the family can pay attention.

Finally, Vipshop New Year activities are relatively large. If the recommendation of the old king can't find the new spring of your favorite, everyone can go to the Vipshop will look more, always find the new year's new year, if you like me Recommended, must be a one-button three