Sweet new fashion blockbuster exposure!Wearing a drill skirt, making a makeup style, it is really rich

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Sweet new fashion blockbuster exposure!Wearing a drill skirt, making a makeup style, it is really rich

2022-01-13 12:02:32 16 ℃

On January 12th, the online exposure of a set of scenery is the latest fashion blockbuster. This time the shooting style is very artistic, very good, very good, very good, highlighting the scene The world is rich, and let's take a look at this large-scale scenery, it is impressive. Sweet new large piece is good, artistic! Wearing a pink and shoulder skirt retro full, makeup more eye-catching

01 broken drill repair dress

Model Keywords: personal, sexy, luxury

Highlights of the styling: the meat colored bottoming diamond, the eye effect is highlighted

In the dress, it should be a very common design style. Compared with the sequins, the three-dimensional sense of fragmentation is stronger, and it also has a significant embarrassment, which allows the flattened clothing to show out Stereo effect.

In addition, the broken diamonds due to their own flash characteristics, under the illumination of the light, can also make the skirt look more luxurious, even if there is only a broken diamond in the entire skirt, you can also create a super rich visual effect. .

This piece of broken diamond dress on the scenery is very representative. In addition to the size of different sizes, there are sequins to make vertical stitching, so that the clothing looks particularly very shining, after fitting on the light, easy to create A feeling of eye-catching, combined with the meat tulle, and then support the tailoring of the slim, combine luxury sexy, and the two elements are perfectly combined.

02: Bright powder and shoulder dress

Model keyword: retro, exaggeration, modern

Highlights of the styling 01: The upper and lower cuts are obvious, and the retro temperament is baked.

If a set of clothing can make people feel the retro temperament, then there must be less black velvet long gloves on the choice of items. One color can produce a good mysterious temperament, two velvet matte effects can be Modeling is more famous in Ya Wan.

After choosing the long gloves, it is easy to bake the shoulder's dress, and it is easy to cut out the modern retro temperament, and this dress on the scene is different.

The cutting design of the whole dress is more exaggerated, especially the upper part of the peasion, and after the clipping of high waist, the upper and lower parts have formed a distinct contrast, and the small waist, the small waist, the small waist .

Highlights 02: Color matching combined with full body elements, dreams

In terms of color, this set of styles is quite bright. From the large-scale color of the clothing, it is bright pink, delicate, and uses pink bright, very good to look forward, but we also know pink Because of the brightness, it is easy to look rustic when it is matched, so we need more contracted colors to make neutralization.

Here, the scenery is not selected to join other colors, but use itself to match the pink, the snow-white skin and the black long hair have formed a good complementary collision with pink, fused to the whole body Let the overall shape look at the high level.

Of course, this styling is the most amazing thing to be a panoramic view, abandoning the modern Zhang Yang attack, and the elongated eyebrows are slightly picked, and the gradient eye shadow, very good Integrate into classical opera elements, but will not be so exaggerated, amplifying the advantages of panoramic views, while injecting classical temperament in modern modeling elements.

Sweet new fashion blockbuster exposure! Wearing a drill skirt, making a makeup style, it is really rich

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