Why do girls always have a hair every year at the end of each year??

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Why do girls always have a hair every year at the end of each year??

2022-01-14 12:06:49 22 ℃

year! end! !

Do you want to




New Year really have to make dress up


To the barber shop just opened blind box

After several hours of torment

Waiting for the moment the demolition of shampoo bars

You never know they are sensitive points Hermione China

still is

Bujingyun modern sub-cloud!

(Middle-aged perm style ceiling)

Barber is inherent in every human shape demand

But in this "hair gamble" in

Too many people eventually paid the wrong

Watercress "hot head failure group."

Less than two years to build 280,000 + members

Why perm so easy to roll?

How can we not step on mine it?

This article tells you today! After reading every minute and after eliminating save thousand Yuan perm deadline unknown chagrin + regret!

First, do not mistake the shape as a perm!

You know usually see in a book on a sound and beautiful styling, most are not hot, depending on the stylist, "blowing", "Volume" Maintenance before, can not do anything once and for all hot out.

Circle hairstyle of a female star is not!

Thermal Knowledge: Star hardly perm!

Lossy hair perm, hair and stars will be specially designed according to the occasion and activities clothing styles, not fixed hairstyle for a long time.

A lot of people want hair style idea, most of xxx [began modeling good look, I want to get the same paragraph ...]

Burst of fire Xinzhi Lei head

HyunA wool roll

Based on this state of mind and cognition, with the money in a different person's head shape will of course interpret a myriad of effects.

I can not say exactly

I can only say that has nothing to do

We want to show wisdom with [paragraph], there is no reason why the show wisdom in effect, there are too many reasons ...

So sometimes you do not have to star with