Luxury brand "year-end exam", who is tiger "" "live?

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Luxury brand "year-end exam", who is tiger "" "live?

2022-01-14 12:06:49 21 ℃

There are still ten days from the Spring Festival, and the "year-end entrance exam" of each brand is approximately.

In still few days, I will usher in China's Zenghu Year, the Tiger is the king of the beast, and the king is self-contained. I don't know if the brands are in the "Tiger" this year, tell those stories.

First look at a very shocking literary performance, from Versace, from the figure skating world champion Chen Du and dancer Liu Jia, as the host, like a child, the whole family went to the restaurant, the boss on the middle stage is prepared for everyone. Art performance, very atmosphere of the Chinese year.

The performance is not enough, and the tiger pattern and embroidery defined costumes are also arranged, sweatshirts, t-shirts, jackets, knitted cardigans.

The magnificent holiday scenario creating a red beast and gold Baroque can be said to be the Best New Year's "Atmosphere Group" player with the Tiger This beast and Golden Baroque can be said to be the best New Year "atmosphere group" players!

Balenciaga is a warmth. In the New Year series, Balen series shows the scene of the New Year and relatives, and uses the view to make "two people together", singing and singing.

Hermès's Year of the Tiger, the concept of "Tiger Yue Welcome", can be said to be very cute. Goose mother immediately wanted to print out to hang on the wall to add a "annual taste".

Dior men's Year of the Tiger defines a lot of "Cats,", knitting, sweaters, shorts, etc.

The launch of the "Year of the Tiger" is not only these few families, and the following is classified as everyone.



Year of tiger

This group is the tiger of "genuine real", very realistic. They come from the jungle, and they are calm, and there is a kind of king style.


Drinking afternoon tea, I found a tiger stared at you ... Gucci launched 2022 Chinese New Year series "Gucci Tiger", with the accompanying "big cat", enjoy afternoon tea in the retro trendy hotel. The "big cat" of the tiger brain is printed on the sweater, TEE, shoes, handbags, how do you think? # 时尚 广告 #gucci # 古 驰 # 年 29 老虎 # New Year

Video number

It is one of the most favorite totems of Alessandro Michele, the current creative director, Alessandro Michele. The color of the light painted tiger is sitting in the flower jungle, very funny.

Gucci in the advertisement also invited the Tiger Bottom "Tiger", with a group of friends in the retro gorgeous hotel to enter the afternoon tea, it is really leisure.

Animal Welfare American Humane is reviewed for everyone. When shooting 2022 Chinese New Year, the live animals have not been hurt.

However, Goosemen feel that the largest highlight of this series is the watches, from the case, the raw materials of the dial and the strap are mainly made of sustainable, renewable and biological products. Such a strong environmental awareness is worthy of praise.

Louis Vuitton

The tiger of LV is serene and well-behaved on the hard box, surrounding the jungle.

The series includes a wool scarf, a square towel, a bundle belt, a knitted cap, etc.

LV also designed a Tiger Box storage box. The upper side of the leather is sitting on a stereo wooden tiger, a plate, a cup, and the storage box is not let go, especially the small tiger keychain is emerging.



Year of tiger

In addition to printing the tiger, the tiger line element is a very happy commentary idea. The brand of the Year of the Tiger is really a lot of brands, this is not, let's take a look.


Burberry's orange tiger prints embellishment on bags, cashmere scarves and sneakers, the whole series gives people a vibrant feel.

The Lola package of the tigerprint print should be very much like? It uses a hot chain shoulder strap design, with a buckle of TB brand identification, a big move of "Tiger and Tigers".

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent's Year Series is a collection of picnic on the grass in the outdoor, very comfortable. This is inviting to get into the new year, wake up in the heart, and live in their own.


Valentino's tiger pattern, very cute color matching. Invited a series of stars to interpret: Zhang Yixing, He Sui, Zhang Xue Ying, Wu Lei, He Chaolian ... single product is complete, interested can go to their official website to see.


Fendi used China Red as a tone, classical flowers window as a background, let traditional beauty combined with modern models, see that there is a Chinese year.


Abstract tiger

Year of tiger


Prada welcomes the Chinese New Year deliberately made the abstract tiger head image of a tiger tiger.

The "Tiger Year Action" special project, not only found the brand spokesperson Spring and Summer and Li Yifeng, and further donated the China Green Foundation "with Tiger Leopard" project to protect the wild Northeast Tiger. This wave is enough to "tiger gas"! Loro Piana

Loro Piana, the striking tiger pattern is integrated into classic knitted fabrics including Baby Cashmere Cashmere.

The embarrassing tiger squats on the soft knitted fabric, so there is a lot of things, cute, want "rua".


No tigers are not, all are suitable! Bulgari New Year Special Shawl is also intimate, and the playful tiger zodiac pattern adds a touch and pleasure atmosphere to the Spring Festival.


French high-end fashion brand Carven hand draws two cartoon tigers in the garden playful pattern, rich in children.

There are also Logo blindfolded the eyes of Tigers, which reminds people of childhood to hide and hide together.


The last player of this group is "tiger" with "leopard", pretending to be a tiger, all the jungle beasts, do not have much more.

And this is not an ordinary leopard, but can "lucky" Leopard cat, this is from the Fireplace Fireplace of the Lanvin Brand Jeanne Lanvin. After carving, lifelike, while continuing brand genes, the meaning of "lucky to enter 'leopard'", recruit four Futun, and the eight-party wealth.

The new spring capsule series covers sweater, sweaters, shirts, T-shirts, print shirts, printed dress and a variety of accessories. Accessories card bag, socks, CURB sports shoes, all with "Money Leopard", "China Red", "Lucky Advance Bao", "Fu" word and other new year elements.


Joint speech

Year of tiger

This group is a little art fan.

Some brands invited artists to customize their illustrations with tigers, and some brands choose to have an animated IP, and they have to say that it is very judged.


Bally, please come to well-known illustration artist Qi Jun to draw "Flower Tiger", "Hua Cai" takes from the homonym "Fortune", meaning beautiful.

In addition to Huangjingyu, there is a handbag, footwear and accessories, etc. The entire series is a relatively light color, "B" word old pattern runs through.


ETRO teamed up with Global Brand Development Company and DreamWorks Animation Company to create, with the "Kung Fu Panda" movie in the inspiration, built a "Kung Fu Panda New Year Series", "Kung Fu Bear" here.

The big power is still wearing it for "Jiaren", and the harmonie is full of black all-inclusive eyelids, the gas field is full.


Marni's Year of the Tiger limits the tiger looks a little "tiger", the artist Magdalena Suarez FRIMKESS will illustrate the work into full print, embroidery and jacquard, integrate into the world of MARNI.


Not good

Year of tiger

In the traditional Chinese culture, the tiger symbolizes strength, courage and vitality, so this tiger is all powerful.

Alexander WANG

To say that the deterrence has to be Alexander Wang's lifelike "Tiger", the tiger embroidery is on a low-key and gorgeous black satin fabric, who can't see "the tiger shock".

Cowboy fabric top and trousers use a set of craftsmanship, camouflage? Tigerine? stupidly can not tell.


French men's luxury brand Berluti also launched the Year of the Tiger to limit the tattoo series. The caramel brown leather uses Patina ancient law dyeing, and then the zodiac pattern of lifelike, quite low-key domineering.

The full range covers bags, small leather goods, suitcases, and household items. I don't know if Modern gentlemen is satisfied with this New Year's ceremony?


Givenchy's prestige is inevitably lets the tiger body, and the appearance of the beast is shocked.

In addition to the costume, the Tiger Year's heart series beauty products, Cai Xun's hand is also good for the New Year gift.


Baccarat and French sculpture artist Allison Hawkes have continued Zodiaque Zodiac series, in which they launched the tiger crystal ornaments, capture the Bengal Tiger paws on the rock, and the Tiger looks for the appearance of the prey, and the whole is the king of the forest. It was taken.

The other will present the tiger to walk, a serious look, a total of two colors, a transparent crystal tiger painted a matte golden stripe, like the texture of the tiger, but also a good look.


Tiger Year atmosphere

Year of tiger

Some brands not only have a red single product that is particularly suitable for the New Year's atmosphere, and the advertisements are also sent to the ocean, giving people a feeling of serious years.

Alexander McQueen

McQueen's New Year series uses a festive China red as a main tone, fusion of metal light skin and drills, and redesigned their classic single products, with plants, flowers, spring vitality, and vitality. Christian Louboutin

The inspiration of Christian Louboutin is derived from the designer's love in the hometown of Paris and pays tribute to Chinese culture. The energetic red and sports shoes can be used as a couple to wear, so that the new year is "Hong", continue to ride the waves.

The image of the tiger of AMI's Year of the Tiger and the combination of Logo will not be too boasted, and the tiger is small, and the wind is not reduced.

Stuart Weitzman

Shoe brand Stuart Weitzman combines Chinese characters "" and tiger-head embroidered printing and classic panel shoes, launched a new year series, black, orange color, meaning in the new year selling tiger and tiger.


French light luxury apparel brand Sandro also launched a 2022 new spring capsule series, its consistent french elements, combined with New Year red launched a series of items suitable for going home for New Year, but so stupid tiger to go to the goose!

Tory Burch

Tory Burch also launched a bag with a tiger as a prototype, symbolizing the spirit of strength and fearlessness. This series also has a variety of handbags, shoes and ready-to-wear single items, bright and bright Chinese red, running through the always tiger line elements, a strong new year atmosphere.

Michael Kors

Michael KORS is fitted with a sequin Messenger bag. It is suitable for participation in Party at the end of the year.

The design of the red envelope draws inspiration from the ancient Chinese classic dressing box. It comes with a mirror after opening. Very practical, the New Year is going back to the elders, and the old bag red envelope can be used.

In the previous year, China limits the New Year series, the big-name rollover is a common thing, and it is characterized by the overall tiger's form.

I don't know where there is a wallet that is shaking your wallet? What do you think of the Year of the Tiger Year?