How do middle-aged women wear fashionable beauty?These match for you, elegant and temperament

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How do middle-aged women wear fashionable beauty?These match for you, elegant and temperament

2022-01-15 00:08:29 13 ℃

I found that the more you have a young woman, the more thrift, in their wardrobe, you may see teenage clothes, twenty-grows clothes, thirty-year-old clothes, look full of Dangdang In the wardrobe, it is possible to be suitable for the current year to wear, so what should I do? I want to "break away", this road can be left, for them, it is very hard to work when you are young, naturally will understand that money is not easy, so for clothing, as long as it is not bad. I will throw, so the clothes are placed inside, not how to wear and always occupy the place, let yourself fall into the "clothes", but I haven't wear the strange circle.

The suggestion here today is to give the wardrobe to "break away", for those of the 4, 50 years old, and improve their clothes fashion. Let's share some specifications about the wardrobe "breaking", after all, clothes don't think about throwing, but to eliminate the correct way.

How to do it correctly "break":

First we naturally want to filter out the costumes that should be thrown away, enhance your elegant, generous, decent and texture, avoid being shabby, not in line with age, let yourself look cheap, there is no freshness, wearing a high-grade taste.

The first category: clothes already started

The first clothes to be thrown away are those who have already started the ball, sweaters, sweaters, bottoming shirts, etc., they will have the phenomenon of the hair ball due to the special properties of the material during use, but may The price impact of purchases, many middle-aged women are reluctant to throw away, but they don't wear out, I have been idle, I think I can throw away.

Second Category: Freedom does not fit

Middle-aged women grow with age, their body will start to make a blessing, go to deformation, then many clothes bought before the clothes, can't wear the charm, not too loose, just too tight If you affect the overall effect, the key will make you uncomfortable, so you can throw away.

Third category: Yellow and deformation costumes

Regardless of the time I bought it, I exquisitely beautiful, I have been long-lasting, and the deformation, etc. In placing in the closet, it will be positioned, then it is best to choose to go away.

The fourth category: exaggerated, personalized clothing

At the aged women, you should choose the costumes that meet your own state, not to wear the clothes that you bought before, or some old clothes, you should never buy too exaggerated, personalized clothes, this The behavior of deliberate "dressed" is meaningless, or hurry up.

"Broken" post-wearing training sharing:

"Broken" Let our wardrobe have a lot of unsuitable costumes. After you can use the clothes you can't use, you can put the focus on wearing the focus. For middle-aged women, it seems more important than matching skills, "selection" and "color matching".

First trick: just right color

For mature women, those flowers in the flowers, and the color pattern of "big printed", not suitable, will make you look clear and cheap. The second is to choose a simple solid color dress to create a self-confident temperament style will also increase your taste. As in the figure above, select a classic black and white gray color combination to give people a clean and comfortable high level.

Of course, in colorful colors, you can also choose a calm atmosphere to wear, the color of the skin is good, it looks so warm and grounding, the key is that these neutral color clothing is very good. People let you wear a special illness.

The second trick: wear more basic single items

Middle-aged women, they are not suitable for blindly pursue those so-called fashion trends, but to avoid exaggeration of new tide, design is too strong, choose simple basic single items to wear classic and refreshing styles. The mature charm of middle-aged women and the taste of the cooking.

Nowadays, in the new season, middle-aged women are just reintegrating their wardrobes, using the idle basic windbreaker, woolen coats, shirts, etc., and match different charms, let you It can also be elevated atmosphere, or fashion age, beautiful and different.

There is no natural capital, but we have the ability to rewrite fate. Every beautiful and good woman can find their own charm by trying to find their own.

Thank you so good, you can also see the parsley of the article, I hope that some of the insights of the small breasted can add bricks to your wear, so you get closer and closer to beauty.

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