42-year-old Liu Tao is more exquisite, wearing pajamas and also with "triangle eye makeup", it is a female star

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42-year-old Liu Tao is more exquisite, wearing pajamas and also with "triangle eye makeup", it is a female star

2022-01-15 00:08:47 68 ℃

Liu Tao's name is not stranger, and should be a very high actress in the people, and her reputation is very good. It is natural to mention her husband. She married her husband's time is the marriage zincale in the world, but how long, after the doubt of the sale, she has fallen into the economic problem. She once first retreated her home, she returned to the old industry, returned to the entertainment circle, and attached to her own efforts to sponsor her husband to shake, and because of the world is a good woman in the eyes of the world. Not only Yun Yun, she also included her husband in the variety show "cool stack" of Hunan Satellite TV.

Since the "happy", she is going through the iron lady, and this time the private service is still in the style of the gas field. The chaotic long-haired shawl, all of the sexy charm, and very eye-catching is her eye makeup. Fengtun's eyeliner built a very fierce gas field, and the "triangular makeup" of the lower eyelid looks very character, and the avant-guards are full.

The result of this eye makeup is closed, and there is a weird beauty. Because the black eye makeup of the next eye is closed and the eyelashes are equipped with the eyelashes, growing the thickness of the eyelashes, it looks like a doll.

A close-up looks at her eye makeup, which is divided into her time, it looks like a charm of temperament, too bright. Her skin is not like 42 years old. The skin filled out in the angle is white and flawless. It is also very textured.

Seeing makeup thinks amazing, but I saw her overall wearing, I can't understand. She wore a dress relative to skin color, it looked sexy. The surface is also covered with the quilt, just like the resort in the home. But look at her delicate makeup, unlike people who want to be sustain, isn't this a must-have essent of a female star? Sleeping is also delicate.

This sultry Liu Tao, her arrest is very bright, let's take a look. This set, the white shirt neckline is mixed with a short hair of the shoulder, the proportion of neck proportions. The waist of the waist plans to match the high waist black trousers, is a non-collusive mixing premise, and this clear boundary is more obvious.

This set of a woman is very taste, the long hair of the microcontrol is self-tempered, the black hair red lips, bright eye, the gas field is full. Wear a slim blood color long skirt, the high waist plan with the skirt, high-fork, big show, sexy and charming.

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