"Strong Yan" Polish Goddess, beautiful legs + electric eyes are colorful, netizens: I really want to call a wife

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"Strong Yan" Polish Goddess, beautiful legs + electric eyes are colorful, netizens: I really want to call a wife

2022-01-15 00:08:08 6 ℃

More and more women, through a series of ways such as sports and fitness, to maintain their figure and beauty, domestic little sisters look more, tell you a small sister who has an goddess value today.

Maja Strojek from Poland, because of the immortal color value and excellent body, is called "unparalleled", as a model, seeing her first eye, saying that it is absolutely false.

The delicate facial features, the three-dimensional corner facial contour, plus the smile in the mouth, can see the people, but also to show the exotic style.

In addition to the color values, "more" is a curve of her body, the front bungee, and the sexy hot temperament, but also complement.

Firming a small small waist, full of round honeymetamer, clear and obvious vermouth line, seeing sports, every inch of meat is extremely clever, neither look too thin, no particular exaggeration .

A pleasing body proportion, the bumps and hips ratio, don't say that the little brother looks at the heart, I am afraid that even girls can't help but look more. The value may be born to be born, but the good body will not open the self-discipline of the day. As a professional model's Maja, the daily body management is quite strict, the nutritious diet, the law is in place, and it is not possible.

In order to stand out in the fierce model circle, Maja has reversed it, when the surrounding model died in weight loss, she has already launched it silently, their own "increase muscle plastic" plan.

Maja is a proper fitness person, looking at her INS dynamics, most of them are related to fitness, the height of 170cm, the weight remains around 110 pounds, the physical fat ratio is only 15%, can be said to be very Perfect. After changing your own fitness, MAJA will then enter the gym. Through strength training to shape our muscular lines, the body is not only slim, but the lines are also getting better and better.

She is also a special professional in fitness. Many girls have can't avoid the "secret weapon" of her carved curve, beautify the body. Under the guidance of professional coaches, learn to master the movement essentials, find accurate in place feel. It has always maintained a fixed exercise frequency per week, ensuring that the whole body is stimulated in place, under the water is watering, gradually from a simple slim bone, today's curve, fullness.

Slowly Maja discovered his own changes, it was sincerely, began to be self-confident, and started from picking up your own beauty, this is the change in the spirit of the fitness. Although the trace trace is not obvious, a well-known body, a smooth curve, and is also enough for her as a model.

Today's Maja, Yangliu, waist, inquire shoulder, peach hip, marriage ..., whoever can't praise a "absolute" word. Especially in a sexy hot bikini, killing is full, and the blood is broken in minutes. Such Maja seems to be both sexy and healthy, the whole person is full, and it has received a new sublimation, popularity, and the attraction soaring from the outside, and let her model career.

This model from Poland, do you like it?