Is the "white small particles" appearing on the chin, is it a mites secretion?Maybe many people misunderstand

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Is the "white small particles" appearing on the chin, is it a mites secretion?Maybe many people misunderstand

2022-01-15 00:08:08 5 ℃

In our usual life, we all know that there are people who love the beauty, especially for those women, it is also particularly important for them, and many people are also particularly concerned about their appearance, many women. It may often have a habit of the mirror, find that you may have some white small particles when you are in the mouth or laughing, and there will be some white small particles below the nose, and it is more obvious, then these small particles are in the end. Woolen cloth?

Many people may feel that these small particles affect their own value, so they may always start, but it is difficult to squeeze, and it is more likely to be inflamed, called beans, then these white particles are What about? Let's take a look at you.

Is the "small particles" of the mouth under the mouth of the mites secretion? Maybe we crowded

Two days before girlfriends, you are inharivism, you have to squeeze some small particles on the chin, but after a period of time, I find that I am often easy to grow some little acne, I went to the hospital for a detailed examination. It has emerged. And doctors are also recommended to try not to urge these pink, in fact, these things are: fat particles may also be closed acne or sebum residue.

1, may also be closed acne

In fact, for closure of acne, people usually call it white-headed spurs, and look at some white small particles, and the main reason for this material may be because of staying up late or endocrine disorders, if you want to think If you want to clear, it may be particularly complex, and if you don't pay attention to maintenance, it may also result in a small acne is difficult to eliminate, so say that if this is a case, if there is such a situation, don't worry.

2, or cortical residue

Many people are not particularly clear. In fact, the leather line is also an affiliate organ specifically metabolically grease, and some of our body's sebaceous glands may cause a large number of pores that may cause a large number of pores that may cause a large amount of pores, such as bacterial dust or by your cosmetic residual. Therefore, these white particles may be easily formed, and if the pores are blocked, it may also cause us to have endocrine disorders.

3, may also be fat particles

In fact, fat particles can also be called corn pleasters in medicine, and these things are actually a cyst formed by hair follicles, and its internal rejection of hornification residues, may appear in general cases White or light yellow bulge, so if there is such a situation, don't worry about it.

In fact, for this white particles, there is no such reason.

In the usual life, if you sleep, if you don't make up your makeup, then I may have pore blocking, and the metabolism of oil and cells may continue to accumulate in the hair follicle, so it may cause us to appear this white. particle.

If the horn of the skin is too thick, there may be under the hair follicle in the hair follicle, so this white particles may occur.

If our hair follicles are causing blackheads, and the pores may be thicker, resulting in our skin into oily skin, and the chin may easily appear white particles.

In fact, water oil imbalance is also one of the reasons for this white particles, such as excessive skin of the skin, or the moisture secretion of the skin under the skin. too little.

What should I do if I have a white "particle"? Use 1 to recruit very fast

Once you find that you have a white particle, you will be cleared in time. If you don't clean it up in time, you can use more skin care products to don't help. Recently, Xiaobian has found a blackhead to solve the blackhead of the face, and can effectively relieve the mites and blackhead problems. You a smooth white face

Xiaobian recommendation reason:

1, INS explosion, fire all net, deep cleaning, remove keratin

2, rich in cheese essence, collagen, super-mouse bubble deep into pores

3, moderate moisturizing, no pregnant women and baby can be used

At first, Xiaobian thought it was a block real cheese, Jin Can's cheese model was too eye-catching! Super cute, I can't help but want to taste it. Realistic cheese shape, the value is just, the girl feels over the screen! Let people look at the water.

Not only the shape QQ, the taste is also very good. It is a faint milk flavor, but it is not greasy. Knead bubbles have a texture of cream!

Wonderful handmade soap you might have seen, can you have seen silk cheese soap? The thick and delicate foam is very thick, people have a sense of peace of mind ~

Such suction can take deep into the pores to draw the dirt, and then enter the nutrient component to the skin. It can be deeply cleaned, but also skin care, soap, too suitable, is like me like a lazy fairy ~

The female star Jin Chen and Makeup people Li Jiaqi recommended it in the live broadcast.

This cheese soap is not only natural, but also the foam is still very spongent. It's like a cream-like texture, very attractive ~

When using it, the foam will not rub the skin, and the rich foam is accompanied by gentle smelting, super temperature, and the sense of use is super good! The light is rushing to Xiaobian, Xiaobian is superheat ~

Why is the foam draw? The secret is fully in its formula, the milk cheese soap is rich in cheese essence, which will produce a tapered foam during use, and the solid foam will effectively remove aging keratin in the skin, deeply purify the dirt, clean the pores, improve Blackhead problem. In addition to cheese essence, it also contains collagen, milk protein extract, and enjoy exclusive patented lactic acid bacteria.

The combination of these nutrients makes cleansing soaps while cleaning, also brings nutrients to the skin, keeping firming, white, long-term use of the skin will become transparent ~

It is a genuine good beauty soap, and the cheese essence is equipped with cinnamon bark, Japanese flatule extract, bovine to leaf extract, propolis and other plants. These are all ingredients of pores, inhibiting the components of bacteria.

So after use, you can effectively prevent pores from clogging, and a variety of common skin problems caused by bacteria!

After a few months, I feel that "the previous face is washed." ! Blackhead acne is really reduced, and there is no mouthful of stubborn mouth!

Just use this cheese to remove the dish soap, 7 days, the skin does not oil, the blackhead disappears; 14 days, the acne on the face, the acne is not seen; 28 days, the skin has become tightened to flexibility ~

The nose is the most prone to blackheads, but after using cheese soap, you will have a white-headed pheriff to shame all with super clean capabilities!

A small piece of cheese soap is all natural ingredients. It is not as strong as soap-based cleaning.

And there are many kinds of use of this cheese soap, which can be perfectly replaced: facial cleanser, shower gel, and sole. A small piece of convenient, travel travel can be taken with him.

Use it to take a bath, a soft foam, bring the nutrients required to the skin to the bottom of the skin, and simultaneously pull the mites on the skin, the acne in the chest and the rear back is completely removed.

Putting a cheese soap in the washing station replace the hand dryer, you can effectively kill bacteria, mites, and health while you can make your hands tender white.

A lot of little sisters said, just started curious about the brushes, I want to buy a cheese soap, but finally enhance the pit, the previous cleansing is thrown, I will repuriage for a lifetime!

Skin type = temperament! We spend a lot of money in the skin care, but we often ignore the most important cleansing, hurry up this cheese, you will find that your skin is so beautiful ~

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