The high cost performance of such a relative EVOS

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The high cost performance of such a relative EVOS

2022-01-15 00:08:19 7 ℃

The high and low degree of configuration determines the competitiveness of a car, such as the EVOS of our article.

First, from the look, the EVOS header looks more elegant and seems to have sports. At the same time, the headlights show a concise and stylish design style, full of hard feelings. The car is equipped with LED day running lights, highlights, automatic opening and closing, adaptive far light, delay closure, etc. Come to the car side, the vehicle body size is 4920mm * 1920mm * 1600mm, the car uses a young and stylish line, the body shows sharp design style, with large-size thick tires, smooth lines run through the entire car side. The tail of the car, the whole model and the head of the car echoes, the taillights look very fierce, plus the unique exhaust pipe of the model, and the overall looks very dynamic.

Sitting into the car, the EVOS interior looks very angular, highlighting the hierarchical effect. The car steering wheel is very elegant. It is equipped with a steering wheel to manually up and down + front adjustment, steering wheel shifting and other functions, the visual effect is good. Look at the central control, match the middle control screen of 27-inch touch LCD, so that the interior style is impressive, it looks very good. Finally, let's look at the dashboard and seat, the car dial exhibits a concise design style, highlighting the temperament of the trendy. The car adopts the leather / turntable mixed seat, the seat wrapped in place, the material is quite, comfortable.

EVOS matching hand (AT) gearbox, the maximum power is 175kW, the maximum torque is 376N.m, and the power performance is good.

The car is equipped with a vehicle network, a driving mode selection, a remote control key, a Bluetooth key, a rear row central armrest, a car atmosphere, and the like, fully guarantees convenient and comfortable use of a car experience.

After reading the full text, there is no impulse to buy a car, and listen to me to make a summary. Today, the model is the level of the most considered when many people buy the first vehicle, which is mainly because of this level of models, and reasonable price.