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Underwear Weekly | Adolescent Beauty and Precious, it is in the innocent and innocent!Bare

2022-01-15 00:08:32 18 ℃

The modern poet Si Murong said: Beautiful and precious youth is that it is innocent and innocent. It can be encountered in it, it is never returned. Youth generally refers to this period of 10-20, only 11 years in his life, and these years, it often makes people miss. In adolescence is a rebellious, it is a setback, and it is also a dream. People in Youth are full of unlimited expectations to the world. The heart is fearless courage, life is waiting for us to give it its meaning, everything is unknown, everything is unknown, Everything is worthy.

Entering youth girls will find that as we grow together, it is a chest that is a woman's symbol. The growth and development of breasts is mainly affected by a variety of hormones of reproductive endocrine axes, and genetic genes will also affect the development of female breasts. Some girls will find themselves earlier than the same age, and it is easy to make a shame for the prematured yourself and the same age. At this time, parents' psychological counseling is especially important. As the first teacher of the child, parents should pay attention to the child's development signal, such as chest projections and touch pain, and communicate with children in time, to disperse children Psychological stress and resistance.

The girl wearing underwear will feel that there is a binding sense and thickness. When the parents are purchasing underwear, they can only rely on touches to experience the cloth cloth, can't take the feeling of the body, and the purchase of underwear has become a parent. There is a problem that is facing childhood. The child's adolescence is also a growing up for the parents of their parents. Some parents do not know the importance of the bra's chest development because of careful and consciousness. Chang, very disadvantageous to the healthy development of the girl's breasts, leading to the absence of breast development.

▲ constraint

▼ discomfort

The quality of the fabric is the first thing to purchase underwear first, and it is also the most important element. The cotton fabric can meet the needs of breathable, thin and comfortable, and the adolescent children are full of vitality, running, etc. The limits of limb activities and the hot feelings of sweating after exercise.

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(Image source network, intrusion)

Close-fitting guard, intimate choice for underwear

The born defender, was born in 2006, is the most fresh and elegant youthful fashion brand under the top of the five bulls, specializes in the 8-18-year-old youthful development period, the girl offers a healthy and comfortable, fresh and cute underwear, underwear. Brand Lord's personal, comfortable, child's health guardian; design with cotton-main fabrics, according to the body characteristics of the small male girl, customize the most comfortable version, create products that are sought after by the market, is five sons The best-selling brand under the cattle.

The underwear of the guardian, bringing a comfortable underwear to the child, and is the choice of parents. The underwear choice of "light thin and smooth", no matter how lively and active children, you can use it very well, let your child enjoy a summer, wear more comfortable than wearing. Let the development of the chest and the harmony of the child, create a beautiful youth experience for your child.

Youth is a period of laid the foundation for a lifetime. The development of the chest should not be a grievances of growth. It is close to the child's development to protect the child, and a light breathable dress, give your child a good growth memory.