Green skirt small princess small gods small cute

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Green skirt small princess small gods small cute

2022-01-15 06:03:45 15 ℃

Today, I recommend a group of fairy flats, a small princess sister, a tube top green shirt is very brought by a green skirt, and a small princess is a photo.

The color of the little sister is not said, too delicate, the three-dimensional five officials and exquisite makeup look very eye-catching, the skin is bloutered in the green dress. The head is tied with the princess, the warmth, generous, the princess is full, like a small elf.

The little sister is a green skirt, the upper body is a green tube top shirt, below is a green spray skirt, the whole style is sweet. Green tube top blouse, silk bottoming, senior is full, the outside is a layer of tulle, very cute, a row of button is more playful.

The green yarn skirt below is a green shorts, and the outside is a layer of thin yarn design, and the layer is very strong. Thin light yarn, light and elegant, like a fairyland floating cloud.

On the accessories, the little sister wear a pearl double layer necklace, and the noble temperament came, the princess is full. A pearl earrings were wearing a ear, echoing with the pearl necklace. The little sister pink chain bag, also adds a lot to the girl's girl.

The high heel of the little sister is looking for a high tab.

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