Kate's 38-year-old sister wearing a red dress!Hand in hand with the husband of the rich, kindly like an old lady

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Kate's 38-year-old sister wearing a red dress!Hand in hand with the husband of the rich, kindly like an old lady

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The story of Kate, Kate, "Flying into the Branch, Phoenix", is well known, the native family is very ordinary, and the prince of William is in love in the university, and the Kate, which successfully married the royal family, let your younger brother sister also gain different. The mother of the body, the self-contained traffic and the heat, is also famous.

Kate Wang Hao's sister Papa Midelton married billions of versus James Matthew, like Kate Wang Hao, married to the super good Pap wedded by James in the palm of his hand, but Pippa's state It's very general, the relaxed face skin is like a wife, can't believe she is only 38 years old.

On January 13, James, James and Pippa have passed a two-person night, and the two children's husband and wife are sweet and watch the performance of circus.

Papa's day styling analysis

Fashion Keywords: black red with simple classic, bright and shaped colors full of trendy feelings

Paba is wearing a black windbreaker, the solid colorful windbreaker is simple, with a clear pad shoulder design, Papa's shoulder is wide, and the petite appearance is delicate. To know, the 38-year-old Paba body is very thin. Under the package of the black windbreaker, Pippa's body has undoubtedly become a paper person, gives a wind that can blow her away.

The collar under the windbreaker reveals the neck curve of Pippa, the neck is full of wrinkles, did not become full of gas fields because of the lapel of the windbreaker, and the clothes of the clothes and Pippa Red dress is not in, watching it is not happy. Kate's 38-year-old sister wearing a red dress, holding hands with the rich husband, kindly like an old lady

The red inside the black windbrer is wrapped from the head to the foot, the super high saturation color is sharp because of the face of the face, and the dark yellow in the skin color is weakened. The rounded collar of the top has a distinct contrast, and the bright red and the calm black have contrast in the picture, so Papa's wear is full of layers.

Red silk fabric gives a senior feeling, self-contained suitcases to modify Pippa's leg curve, hiding the body of the body, for the body type, no cold, can be said, the big red is completely smashed Two figure of Papa.

Papa foot stepped on a red high heel with a red, so that the overall dressing color is only maintained in the red and black color, the bright, low-key introverted combination is easy to show the fashion aesthetics of Pippa. Papa's hair is half-faced, and it is randomly scattered the hairstyle in the shoulder. It looks very supple. There is no left hairstyle to expose the hair of the Pippa true face profile, which is like a 46-year-old James. old lady.

38-year-old Papa and 46-year-old James have never left the other party, in front of the big show, the two people, in fact, it has been very sweet, often holding the hands of Pippa and James let the air full of sweet atmosphere feel.

Other modeling analysis of Papa

Fashion Keywords: small leopard elements wild and tender, retro lantern sleeves add elegant temperament

Pippa likes to like a long-length costume, a dress with small leopard elements is wild, tender, two completely different styles have been well balanced on the dress.

Self-taking the retro-breath of lantern, adding Pippa's elegant temperament, under the package of a high white dress, Pippa's body is high and thin, even if it is a pair of sandals, also adding Pippa's body advantage .

38-year-old Kate sister is well dressed! "Bitter gourd face" is very head, I have been 46 years old rich husband

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