Is the laser remove tumeta risk?

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Is the laser remove tumeta risk?

2022-01-15 12:02:40 10 ℃

Laser removal of birthmarks: redness, itching, skin damage, infection, anti-black.

Who is smooth and beautiful, you want to have, this will make people become confident, but there are some love beauty in life because of the congenital factor, this situation makes big love beauty personal charm Affected, the beauty of such issues will choose to do laser to go to the birthmark surgery to improve this issue. However, this surgery is also risky, for example, there will be symptoms of redness, itching, skin damage, impaired infection, anti-black skin, etc. after surgery.

Risks after laser go to the birthmark:

1, redness: After completing this surgery, the local situation will have red swelling. Generally, such conditions can be restored, but if persistent pain, they need to go to the hospital for treatment.

2. Itching: Since the skin after hair removal is relatively sensitive, it will have itching, it is recommended not to touch the itch.

3, the skin is damaged, because the energy of the laser is relatively high, but also directly to the subcutaneous hair follicle tissue, the operation may cause damage to the skin, but this is generally no need special treatment.

4, infection: After completing this surgery, the pores belong to the open state. At this time, attention should be paid to the protection of the surgical site to avoid infection.

5, skin anti-black: individual love beauty does not have sunscreen after surgery, there may be anti-black phenomena.

The above is a related introduction of laser to the surgical surgery. It is recommended that you have to do this surgery, in advance and doctors communicate the specific details of the surgery, so as not to adversely occur in the process of surgery, and choose a regular hospital for surgery. Operation, this can ensure the smooth progress of the surgery. After surgery, it is necessary to avoid the sun, sunscreen, and do not keep the surgical site to avoid some infections.