Dr. acne should have a problem of acne, think of thoughtful

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Dr. acne should have a problem of acne, think of thoughtful

2022-01-15 12:02:30 11 ℃

For exquisite girls, the fat on the waist and the acne on the face are undoubtedly the existence of the individual image. There are always two topics around the girls and color values ​​around the girl, so many girls are very important to their body management and skin care. But sometimes I always escape the trouble and vaciary troubles, and when we can also get alleviated by controlling diet. But we will have an obey of the troubles of acne. Because if the acne problem is slightly handled, it will cause acne more serious, and sometimes the cases of acne have repeatedly occurred more helpless. Therefore, in the process of acne, everyone must consider it.

1. Lifestyle, for lifestyle, it contains four aspects of diet, work, exercise, and mentality. The repetition of acne is related to a single or multiple factors in lifestyle, or it is either a short period of time, and it is either a long time to stay up late. In short, it is the four factors. One will cause a repeated episode of acne.

2, the skin is stimulated by external, for example, some ingredientally irritating skin care products are cleaned, which can cause the face skin pores to block or allergically, thereby causing acne, which repeated. So pay attention to whether or not the ingredients are gentle when choosing skin care products.

If you want to relieve acne, you must pay attention to your diet and work in your daily life. There is less and less hot diet, and you must be light. Those takeaways should take less as little as possible, and you can eat more fruits and vegetables and yogurt. I have to sleep early in the job, and the bad habits of staying up late. Usually do some aerobic exercises to help detoxify in vivo and relieve acne condition. In addition, in the skin care, it is primarily, not to listen to those acne products on the Internet. The basic moisturizing work is in place, so that internal and external should have better control the development of acne.