Hollywood goddess "Mutual drinking blood" when you bore and fiancee, netizen: What ghost

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Hollywood goddess "Mutual drinking blood" when you bore and fiancee, netizen: What ghost

2022-01-15 12:02:19 12 ℃

They announced a contract!

Meigen also shared the video that was married by my boyfriend MGK on INS. In the video, under the banyan tree of the two, MGK monk officially married Meggen.

Meggen saw this scene and surprised his face. Then in front of the mgk, I am happy to wear a ring.

Fans saw that the CP of his own, finally engaged, and the excitement had blessed. And their friends in their circles have also sent congratulations.

Jin Kardia is the first time to comment: "I am really happy !!!"

Golden Big sister Kudei also left a row of red heart-shaped expressions.

Côte d'Ivoef Travis is a friend and producer of MGK, so the two pairs of Mergen and Chetter are also attended together.

Speaking of the encounter of MGK and fiance MGK, the two met the movie "Liu Zhi" in March 2020, and all love each other at first sight.

The two people recalled in interviews, and they have "chemical response" after meeting a few hours. And as the feelings have deepened, the two have produced "spiritual link", as if the soul has chosen each other.

This is a couple who is called the new brother's special style, whether it is a street shoot or attended the event, as long as it is standing, every time it is full, mysterious and seductive.

However, the two of the two people were also controversial when they were announced, because Mergen was just divorced at the time, and the Hollywood actor Bryan was brought.

In 10 years of marriage, they have three children together.

Meggen began to show movies from 15 years old. In 2007, because of the "Transformers", it was red.

It is reported that even the fiance MGK is one of her primeters before being famous.

MGK, born in 1990, is formerly known as Richard Colson Baker, like most singers, his childhood is not stable.

Because parents are missionaries, they have wandering around the world with their families, but this life has brought a lot of inspiration to his future music creation.

In 2010, the 20-year-old MGK officially came, but it was not too much attention to his music as a white Rapper.

And when I just shot, the hairline barren he also appeared for some old.

Fortunately, I later encountered a reliable team. After the hair transplant surgery and the grinding of the clothing model, his value was rising ...

Although it is a chance to sign a contract with the well-known label company in Bad Boy Records and INTERSCOPE Records, his popularity is not high. The people in the circle are also flat.

After 2 years, MGK has a chance to starring with the goddess in his dreams, and then Mergen also served as a heroine in his MV.

From then, the two began a shadow, such as a glue like a paint.

MGK also designed this proposal ring with Jewelry Designer Stephen Webster.

Half is the grandmother's green (Jamei's birth stone), the other half is diamond (MGK Birthstock), combined into a heart shape.

In the words of MGK, this ring represents two halves of a soul, colliding with this, gather, embracing, forming their love.

Megan not only shared the marriage video at the time, and also wrote a love story that express her love to fiance MGK.

"In July 2020, we sat in this banyan tree, we pray for the arrival of magic.

At that time, we didn't realize that in such a short and crazy days, we will face the hardships, our pay and sacrifice, but we are just intoxicated in love.

I walked together in the purgatory, I smiled more than half a year and a half years, he agreed to me. Just like our last life, it is still the same in the future, I said yes. "

Everything is very romantic and beautiful until the netizen reads the last sentence:

"Then we drink each other's blood ....."

Netizens are shocked - wait, what did you do? !

Soon they drink blood, there is also a hot news.

Many netizens saw this sentence directly. Who is engaged in blood? ?

"They all do it ?! Drinking blood?"

"Sorry, this is really a bit too strange."

In fact, MGK and Meigen will drink to serve each other, it seems to be followed.

Previous MGK took a bloody blood of Meggen into the container, then wear it as a jewelry every day, just like Megan every day.

And they are not the first couple who choose to express love with such strange ways.

However, the two loved to flash marriage, and finally divorced.

Mergen Friends Golden Big sister Catney has also shared the blood of her boyfriend Travis on INS.

In their eyes, wearing a partner's blood bottle represents the deepest trust and love.

Just, drinking blood is also a bit a bit of a little pleasing!

However, they are happy, happiness ....