Bayers Coriff invested a "online skin clinic" company

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Bayers Coriff invested a "online skin clinic" company

2022-01-15 18:08:28 14 ℃

CBO reporter Li Jianzi

The epidemic has greatly changed the global skin care ecology, and Germany's daily giants first completed digital skin consultation services.

A few days ago, Nivea, Excelle forest and Leibi Laprairie, Germany, Bayers Dolph, said that the company is investing in a digital dermatology named Dermanostic to make an appointment. This is an application for providing digital consulting services for consumers in a constantly developing remote skin pathology. This investment is conducted by the Oscar & Paul venture capital departments of Bayersorf, and the specific numbers are not disclosed.


Extra digital strategy

Excellent forest has taken first to test water

Remote dermatology is a growing area, especially during new crown epidemic, is very attractive to investors related to skin related applications and consulting services. Dermanostic's way is, no matter where you are, "patient" can book the service all day in 25 euros (about 182 yuan), users upload three photos and fill in the medical history questionnaire, experienced dermatology Doctors will diagnose within 24 hours. It is worth noting that currently, China users can also diagnose services online.

Oscar & Paul Beiersdorf Venture Capital Leader ASCAN Voswinckel said: "We believe that digital health and remote skin pathology have huge potential, especially in young target groups. Digital dermatologists offer a significant thing for our consumers Add value because they allow fast, direct, cheap and health. "

Cornelius Becker, head of Bayers Corps, said: "Cooperation with Dermanostic is an important aspect of our digital strategy. Especially in the era of bodies in the new crown epidemic, we must find digital way to provide our consumers to provide the correct It is recommended to solve their skin problems. Through close communication with Dermanostic experts, we can learn from each other to better establish digital intimate relationship with our consumers. "

Becker added that this match emphasizes Bayers Corps' belief in "Skin Care to change the power of life".


Overseas market

Online skin diagnosis

As early as May 2021, Bayers Corps also participated in the Netherlands's start-up company Routinely, which is a DTC independent brand, providing a series of men and women, suitable, according to the online questionnaire survey, choose and bundle according to consumer demand And through the brand's application can "track, review, and improve" skin care procedures.

At that time, Bayers Dolph said that with online consumers soared, this investment is also performed in a timely manner, while the continuous epidemic prevalence further exacerbates this requirement.

In the past two years, a series of influences from new crown epidemic refactors the beauty and personal care market - consumers pay more attention to skin health, more online brands and red, and exacerbated the capital market to chase.

In August 2021, Bayers Dolph launched a new category for its Eucerin's high-color forest brand, two long acne skin series for traces behind acne. At the time of posting, Becker said: "The skin has a serious impact on the world, which has a serious impact on their mental health. Our effective skin beauty makeup solutions provide huge potential to meet the corresponding high demand for consumers. "

Under the demand, many online skin clinics are concerned about the capital market.

Another German skin disease-related platform Formel Skin has obtained the first round of financing of 30 million euros (about RMB 19) last year, the lead is the French Paris venture capital company SINGULAR and Germany HealthTech Investment Corporation. This makes the total investment of the skin company reached 36 million euros (approximately RMB220 million), which became one of the fastest growing health technology companies in Europe.

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