Birds are coming, 100 kinds of cute birds are elves, friends who like birds are welcome to see

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Birds are coming, 100 kinds of cute birds are elves, friends who like birds are welcome to see

2022-01-15 18:08:34 16 ℃

There are 100 pictures in this article, please be patient!

I believe that you will love the first and last.

New Year, the New Year, the red fire is ready for the New Year!

1 American red

In its body, you can't find the third color!

2 white bird

Beautifully like a phoenix and it! It is also a mascot of the Hani.

3 white eyebrows

This colorful green dress, are you still have to be?

4 Jaganda

Guy with a white beard!

5 red head

I am a real drama face!

6 spotted bird

It is also a bird that loves the belt fabric ...

7 zeblet

Little cute!

8 White Creek

Wearing "small white hat" guys looks not good!

9 orange gap

Color match coordination, orange yellow belly is very cute!

10 orange gap

My favorite jump in the head "small yellow hat"!

11 Plateau Woodpecker

It is not necessarily a little girl wearing a "small red hat", or it may be me!

12 must

All parents in the world are great, super great!

13 silver cheeks no hornbill

I am a warrior, not don't mess with me!

14 puffin

I can capture more than 60 fish!

15 sparrow

A small sparrow of the water!

16 North Red Tail

The little teenager is white, and it is necessary to eat black sesame as me!

17 Jinji

The most beautiful is my beautiful feathers and long tails!

18 blue green

I like your green feathers and pointed red mouth!

19 Li Cai

The most beautiful birds in North America, the pigment is beautiful!

20 knowing a bird

My arrival indicates that spring is coming!

Spring in 2022 is coming!

21 Mauritius Twear

It is said that only Mauritius has, and less than 300 data!

22 Zhu Hongba

I guess an angry bird prototype may be me, but I am more beautiful!

23 Black Ridge Naked Snip

I am beautiful, you said!

24 Tsui Green Tangata

Green bird is my favorite!

25 eyebrows

In addition to the woman, there is a woman!

26 silver chest silk crown bird

Fisherman's neck is wearing silver white necklace! The male bird color is more beautiful.

27 gray mountain pepper bird

The husband and wife will be more and more like a long time, not in the birds! I am a male bird.

28 gray lantel bird

The husband and wife will be more and more like a long time, not in the birds! I am a female bird.

29 gray

"White Emera" I am coming, I am just eating insects!

30 腰 嘴

Called birds with dogs or frogs!

31 white cheeks noise (soil eyebrow)

I can not only draw long eyebrows, but also draw a white cheeks!

32 gray abdominal embroidered bird

Painting the "white eye circle", I looked at the natural "myopia" ...

33 spear

This is "leopard" or "rune", if it is hidden in the straw, I guess it can't find it ...

34 skylark

There is a bird's name, a national bird in Denmark, France.

35 whitehead

Palong and sparrow, green embroidered eyes called "city three treasures"!

Forest benefiting birds have a woodpecker and there is a white head ...

36 bullfinch

I will not lose weight like you, and you will not lose weight as yours.

37 silver ear

I am the most beautiful in Issue!

38 red breasts

The smallest bird currently recorded in China!

39 Jin Tang Tagar

Small and cute, Tang Salata is really too much.

40 pink

The most beautiful bird in the world! Super dream "pink", body color super cute!

41 silkyorn bird

It is absolutely unhader of this name!

42 tattoo back

I still have me in leopard clothes, and I still have me!

43 Andean crown umbrella bird

Head crown umbrella, anyway, it is beautiful!

44 Spoonbill

The mouth is particularly like a corn, haha!

45 Chinese

Love to eat bananas, the monkey, there is this bird!

46 I don't remember

I really can't think of what is called!

47 magpie

It is our "Newsletter"!

48 black-collar noise

The primary school students hit red scarf, this bird made a black bow tie, haha.

49 Blue Throker

They are hailed as the most beautiful bird in China, the most beautiful is their blue throat!

50 Kingfisher

Fishing masters are me!

51 Taiping Bird

I just like its name!

52 white luggage

The tail is double!

53 red wing

"Butterfly" flying on the cliff! "Butterfly" is known as the cliff!

54 Dand Crane

I think the dancers who dance don't have them to jump!

55 黄 鹂

Two yellow 鹂 鸣 Cui Liuyi Egret on the blue sky is me!

56 nightsale

Don't look at me, but the song is absolutely first class!

57 peacock

Speaking of beauty, who?

58 white breast

How do you listen to its name so sad?

59 鸳鸯

鸳鸯 is the first bird I know, when I was a child, I was it, haha!

60 Yellow Mengu likes to eat the little guy who eat melon!

61 black eyebrow tits

"Small Black" is what I said!

62 shocks

The "big panda" in the bird is me, very rare!

63-party tail

Little cute!

64 orange

This bright yellow dress, the beautiful crying!

65 colorful green

Too beautiful, too cute!

66 colorful bird

It is me like to bathe!

67 long tail

There is also me like a Phoenix, don't forget me!

68 Victorian New Crown

It is a bird, but it can't fly!

69 snake

My eyelash is the most beautiful, you are more than!

70 small hummingbird

I can don't eat for 18 hours!

Parrot 71

We are a family that loves to love!

72 red mouth blue

The most beautiful body is me!

73 Sun Bird

It is known as "the hummingbird of the East"!

74 Acacia

Acacia bird is my love bird!

75 Blue Golden Parrot

My head is quite big in the parrot!

76 Green Throat Sunbird

My mouth is sharp and long, love to eat nectar!

77 Kaikihua Patrot Parrot

White feathers have no impurities!

78 green peacock

Very rare green peacock, not average person can see!

79 white waist bird

My waist is the most special, white, haha!

80 white breast jade

Listening to the name is a very beautiful bird!

81 Missed Flower Bird

There is also me, there is me, don't forget me!

82 Chi Ma Duck

Do I am a duck relative?

83 black mouth giant mouth bird

The big mouth is my character!

84 diplomatic red tail thickness

I just want to quiet, you will watch it!

85 scales small crown

Foreign pheasant is me, it is different from China!

86 blame

Like the prehistoric bird, look at the head is too big!

87 phoenix eagle carving

Yang's carving is not my handsome!

88 long-tailed bird

I am wearing a helmet, not afraid of hitting people, haha!

89 green blue head

The birds wearing a mask are me, I am afraid of being seen by others!

90 black makeup face

Big black face, I am also "black bag"!

91 copper blue

My clothes are comparable to the blue silk!

92 Zhu Ting Tang Piglata

Wearing a small red hat!

93 phoenix

It's me!

94 long tail bee bird

My tail in my hummingbird is the longest!

95 amount of leaves

Wear green feathers, beautiful to no friends!

96 Wine Red Suzaki

Wine red feather, I want to drink wine!

97 heaven bird

I can fly against the wind!

98 North American Slim

Anyway, I will look good, the red dress is beautiful!

99 Tt

I am also red clothes, but I am more harder and lovely!

100 red plum

Envy me, I have this pearl in itself!

Chinese year, the red fire is over the New Year!

I have read patients, praise!