In the jade world, "Jade" is the most beautiful material of the statue of the Buddha!No 1

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In the jade world, "Jade" is the most beautiful material of the statue of the Buddha!No 1

2022-01-15 18:08:23 15 ℃

Hello everyone, I am Xuan Ge.

Buddha statue, belongs to a very traditional engraving subject, widely loved.

Like jade, Nanhong, tourmaline, wax wax, etc., will choose a Buddha statue theme for creation.

However, as far as Xuan Ge, Jade should be the most beautiful material of all jade, engraving the Buddha statue.

When I said this, I have to have many friends who can't let go of Xuan brother.

Don't worry!

Let's take a look at the Buddha statues of the following jade materials.

Shoushan stone Buddha statue ▽

South Red Buddha ▽

Wax Buddha statue ▽

Turquoity Buddha

After reading the Buddha statue of these five jade materials, let's enjoy the Buddha statue carved by the jade.

Longshi jade Buddha

Ice Ground Emerald Buddha

Emperor Green Emerald Buddha

Compare the luster of other jade, the emerald light is full, it is easier for people to feel bright.

Its aesthetics, both extraordinary, and make people feel extremely stable.

This manifestation is that other soft jade cannot be achieved.

Therefore, the Buddha carved by the jade carved into the heart of Xuan Ge.

In addition, the jade carving of the Buddha's image is widely specified, and is not limited to a fixed image.

Next, give you more common pictures of some of the more common jade Buddha.

Maitreya Buddha

The image of Maitreya Buddha, "smiley face", should be the most touching Buddha's image in the daily lives of Cuiyou.

The affinity of Maitreya can make people feel uncomfortable, and they can be calmly calm.

In today's socially prevalent, a smiling Maitreya Buddha is in the abdomen, it seems that there is no troubles, which is envious.

Most people choose to wear Maitreya Buddha, because it is meaningless: the smile is always open.

Facing life, life will respond to you in front.


The happy Buddha is as named, and the nature is free.

Carrying a small bag, starting the waves of the world.

Although the chest is exposed, it is easy to be attentive.

From the perspective of visual effects, Happy Buddha is more festive than Maitreya Buddha.

If Maitreya is a smile to life, the happy Buddha is a smile on life.

Perhaps this is the free taste.

Unhappy Buddha

There is no new Buddhist image in recent years, and it is also a small design in the theme of jade.

The so-called "no phase" is reflected in the Buddha's face's facial features.

Only a roughistic contour, does not refer to any Buddha.

The original intention of the unhappy Buddha is thinking that "Buddha is inseparable, with all beings."

Therefore, the Buddha is born, and 10,000 people will have 10,000 Buddha images.

Nowadays, the minimalist design has reached the artistic conception of "no match".

Baby Buddha ▽

The baby Buddha is also a new Buddhist image created in recent years.

The old and solemn face, turned into a piece of meat, a children's face, appeared to cute.

Such a child-joked Buddhist image, but people feel simple and beautiful.

I don't forget the initiative to fight against this intra-irritated world.

Seeing all the friends here, I don't know if there is a GET to the charm of the Jade Buddha statue?