Interior high-end luxury, rich configuration, fashion design, exquisite space, it is Toyota Ling

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Interior high-end luxury, rich configuration, fashion design, exquisite space, it is Toyota Ling

2022-01-15 18:08:05 14 ℃

The heart of love, people are all, when they say beautiful, they have to mention Toyota SUV - Ling, the English name of the Ling is Harrier, I believe that this name is very strange, but actually. This model has previously been sold in Japan in two regions of the United States, and the remote era of Lexus RX is only sold in North America. He is selling RXs RX sold in Japan, relying on its hard quality and good reputation. Couple of SUV sales rankings. In the voice of domestic consumers, FAW Toyota finally introduced this year, and named "Ling", launched 7 models including mixed version, the price range is 211,800 yuan -2978 million, new car Based on Toyota's new TNGA-K platform, it is integrated with beauty and strength, and it will be the best combination of the United States. Why is it so attractive? Let us explore!


In terms of appearance, the Ling is very sharp, compared to other SUV models, very identified, with split-type intake grilles, upper elongated lower widespread exhibits a trapezoidal shape, and the Spindle of Lexus family The grille is very similar, and also from the side of the same level of meticulousness, the thick and sharp lamp groups on both sides are not angry.

On the side of the body, there is a style of coupe SUV. It is not sharp to dynamic lines. It reveals a more soft breath, and the line relaxation has a very good force. Compared to today's popular avant-garde, fashion, exaggerated design style, the feeling of lingering is more dynamic, delicate, elegant temperament.

In terms of size, the long-width height of the new car is 4755 x 1855 x 1660mm, the axial distance is 2690mm. The tail is used in the end of the penetrated tail lamp group, with the lower two-bilateral exhaust layout, and the exercise is full. I feel far away, I feel that this car has a strong power!

[Interior introduction]

Introduce the appearance, is you very interested in the "inner" of the lunar? Come, we now enter the car, the interior design uses Toyota's new family style, and the details of the details and materials are still five stars. One looks like this 12.3-inch central control screen, and TA is not only large enough, and the sharpness and fluency are also very good. The operational logic is very easy to get started, and the built-in app is also relatively rich. And also supports human-computer interaction, speech recognition, etc., let you enjoy the VIP feeling of "saying out"; there are still many exams on many details, such as igniting button on this place, seemingly inadvertent design, In fact, it is placed here to make the driver more convenient to operate while avoiding misuse. Another small detail is the door part. The upper half of the door is full leather. It has not heard it wrong. Toyota has used a full leather package; There is no pleats and bubbles, two words, exquisite.

The overall internal decoration summarizes the homology of the RX model, and it can give you a delicate driving, there is both SUV high sitting, big vision, and luxury sedan comfort, and super high The value!

[Power Introduction]

In terms of power, the Ling will provide 2.0L gasoline and 2.5L oil-electric mixed version, 2.0L gasoline engine large output power 126KW (171 horsepower), peak torque 207n · m, can say that this is horsepower. The mixed model continues to be composed of 2.5L gasoline engine and electric motor, of which the gasoline engine is 131KW (178 hp), the pre -ly driven version of the model of a high-power 88KW (120 hp) motor, the system is fully high-power 160KW (218 horsepower); The four-drive version of the model will also be added in a high-power 40KW (54 hp) motor, the system is fully high-power 163kW (222 hp), equipped with E-CVT stepless gearbox, making your driving more fun. One thing I must say to everyone is that such a powerful release, the fuel consumption is not high! HEV four-wheel drive as low as 5.0L, two drives as low as 4.5L, even if it is a gasoline version, it is only 6.0L. At the moment of this oil price, choose a car that uses a low cost, very wise!

[Security Configuration]

The Ling Range is equipped with Toyota Safety Sense Zhikong Safety 2.0, which makes the overall function of the lift more powerful and safer, and realizes the world's new prophylactic security. All-standard standard 7 airbags are escorted to us! So what is intellectual security 2.0? Here I have to introduce it to you!

In fact, this system is referred to as TSS intelligence to avoid collision assistance systems, based on the detection sensor of the radar and single-lens camera, set the PCS pre-collision safety system, the LTA lane tracking assist system, AHB automatically adjusts high beam system and DRCC dynamic radar cruise In one, the control system can not only identify the vehicle, but also identify the pedestrians, reduce the incidence of accidents, alleviate the collision damage. I believe that the people of the audience are definitely the old driver, but they are not afraid of 10,000, they are afraid of that there are more than one "eyes" to help you explore the road, protect the escort, and make your family less worry. That took it down, I will give you a simple introduction to these systems.

[DRCC dynamic radar cruise control system]

The first is the DRCC dynamic radar cruise control system, and the fixed speed cruise is clear. Home travel must have artifacts, when walking at high speed, set the vehicle speed, set to a certain speed, release the pressure on the feet, do not have to stepping on the throttle, but The DRCC dynamic radar cruise control system adds a dynamic radar on this basis, with millimeter microwave radar in front of the vehicle, continuously monitoring the front.

[LTA lane tracking assist system]

When detecting a slow vehicle in front of the front drive, this time the LTA lane tracking assist system is enabled, the vehicle will automatically slow down until the same speed is the same as the front car, and start keeping a certain vehicle drive automatically. And you can control the distance from the vehicle through the buttons on the multi-function steering wheel, secure the safety distance.

[PCS pre-collision system]

Secondly, our PCS pre-collision safety system, through millimeter microwave radar, can induce the front obstacle, will remind the driver through the warning sound and instrument disk, pay attention to the dangerous situation in front, timely avoid. Everyone knows that now is not only a motor vehicle, there is a motorcycle, a motorcycle, and there are still some passers-by on the way, and a new PCS system, with a preceding square identification. If the novice driver is not careful or stunned, the PCS will help you step on the brake, increase the braking force, lock the seat belt to ensure safety.

[AHB automatic adjustment high beam system]

Another one is to open the night car must -AHB automatically adjust the high beam system, I know that there are many small partners to drive, I must hate a driver - chaotic farm, especially when driving is faster, it is far away Light is very dangerous, it will be short to blindly blindly. Although we can't limit everyone to take the initiative to customize the far light, at least one civilized driver, AHB can help you open and close the high beam, when the two cars It is to automatically turn off the high light. Higher grade active / passive safety performance, comprehensive upgrade intelligent technology, who can more than? Welcome everyone to experience the exclusive acceptance of the release of the store, you can see the feelings, touch, taste, listening, multiplication The full-scale feelings of the lingering. Linghu listing is hot, and now the national order has exceeded 10,000 units, and it has been highly recognized by the market and consumers. Now there is a quadruple event exclusive, you have to buy it quickly, hurry up and rush.

Said so much, I believe that you have already had a preliminary understanding of the Ling, I want to know how to go to the store test drive with the anchor time, click on the right side, send the contact information to the private letter, we will have a special person contact you, make an appointment test drive Experience.