Pacitor real case sharing: 50-year-old lady pre-designation and post-comparison, worth seeing!

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Pacitor real case sharing: 50-year-old lady pre-designation and post-comparison, worth seeing!

2022-01-17 00:05:00 52 ℃

Ask for the beauty:

28 days after Pipe surgery, I didn't want to share with you, but after picking up the mask, the effect is really amazing, or I can't help but talk to you.

I have been 50 years old. I have always pay much attention to maintenance. The big brand skin care products are not used, the basic medical beauty project has not broken, even micro-intepys. Compared to the same age, my skin looks firm, but after all, I will come back, how can I get back to 18 years old, 28 years old, will only get more and more old.

I saw a lot of people like me, after the pulp, the skin became firm and smooth, I didn't envy it was fake, especially I want to do it. But the family is not understood, let me not toss, elegant old is not good? It is not easy to say that it is not easy to give up, think about it again, and decide to go to Beijing to do surgery.

When you have met, I wish the doctor said that my skin is a bit loose. The aging is mainly concentrated in the middle and lower part. Apple muscles are drooped, and the gap is very obvious. The whole face is flat, lacks three-dimensional, speaking, and makes the expression.

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In response to my face, the development of the "Final 5th Layer" surgery.

"Five-story upgrade surgery" is to peel off our skin (skin hierarchical), improve the SMAS fascia layer, reset the sag, is fixed to the location, remove extra loose skin, then Difficult to sew sew sew sew sew sew sew sew sesis

The maximum feeling is that the procedure is not painful, and there will be some discomfort after postoperative recovery.

Immediately after surgery, in order to prevent hematoma, a large amount of gauze should be wrapped in the rapid healing, it is necessary to wear a large mask in order to tissue, and it will be swollen like a pig head 3 days before surgery. In the process of recovery, too many expressions cannot be done, afraid to pull the wound.

These I can endure, who makes the effect after surgery?

28 days after surgery, there is no beautiful filter mirror, the effect does not say anything, everyone came to evaluate!

28 days after pulp surgery

The original camera of 2 months after surgery, the change is too big, anyway, I am very satisfied.

2 months after pulp surgery

The real shot of 4 months after surgery, the skin touched the skin, the face stacked meat, the face became flat and tender, and it simply loved this face. Everyone feels that I am young.

4 months after pulp surgery