The nose is also beautiful, I only serve these 4 actresses!There is no "famous nose", it is also a beautiful woman.

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The nose is also beautiful, I only serve these 4 actresses!There is no "famous nose", it is also a beautiful woman.

2022-01-17 12:06:37 58 ℃

It is said that "male looks at the nose is a mouth", but now the girl's pursuit of "beauty" is not low.

There is now a very popular desperate word: famous nose.

It seems that the nose is quite pulled with a "famous nose", is a standard of beauty. But is there no "famous nose"?

The ancient beauty Liang Xiaobi is "collapse of the nose", but it can also affect her gentle and elegance at all:

The nose also does not affect her bright maker after the thick makeup:

Sure enough, the beauty is not a simple five sense, the following four female stars are also true.

Tang Wei

When the word "atmosphere" is not so popular, Tang Wei is a self-contained beauty.

Perhaps the entertainment circle is not lacking the big beauty, one says that "beautiful" actresses, everyone will not think of Tang Wei, but Tang Wei as long as it appears in the picture, everyone's eyes will not consciously look at her .

The messy hairstyle, simple skirt, a touchless makeup, all seems to be too flat, but put it on Tang Wei is so suitable. She stands there, just like a picture in the movie, this is the "atmosphere" in my heart.

Tang Wei's five senses don't protrude: narrow double eyelids, occasionally there will be some swollen eyes, slender eyebrows, have a little drop.

The nose is not particularly tall, especially the part of the nose, is also slightly generous, and the nasal is not high.

But the beauty of the "sense of the atmosphere" is not a strong eye, but it is necessary to make a good fortune, but the whole presented temperament. Tang Wei's five senses are stretched, the body is long, the body is very straight, the show is thick, and she loves to read a quiet and elegant from the bones. This kind of temperament can not be installed.

Even if there is no "famous nose", she is a very gentle beauty.

Tan Song Yun

It can take the color of the CCTV camera, Tan Song Yun has done it.

I have seen a group of Tan Song Yun's CCTV interview photos, no lighting, no filters, there is no more glamorous, and the Tan Song rhyme in the day is normal, but this look is too stunning:

Tan Song Yun is not a glamorous female star, but he has born against CCTV's lens. Where is this long? Is it a 20-year-old little girl?

Tan Song Yun is more famous or her "young face", although the five senses are not the aesthetic beauty, but this super-old face can be unique in the entertainment circle actress, and the beauty of the first one.

Tan Song Yun is a round face, the chin is short but slightly sharp, the little girl's play is.

The round face of the round face is also the "standard" of Meng girl. Her facial soft tissue is more, the facial lines are smooth, plus a lot of eyes, nose, bluntness but there is no fat, there is no wrinkle, so it will It seems so youthful.

Tan Song Yun's nose is actually short, but it is good to have a lot in the overall amount of the nose, and the nose will not look very strong, and people are also short, so the 30-year-old interpretation is 20 years old. There is no feeling.

Ouyang Nana

I admire Ouyang Na, she belongs to the girl who is not screaming but quietly becoming beautiful.

During this time, she looks at her activity, not only the state is good, and each modeling and makeup are better than the last time, and I have found the style of my own.

There is also a "thousand gold makeup" that she is with fire, and the makeup feels fine, and she is with her feelings that have a face of girls, who cares about her nose is not very tallful?

In fact, Ouyang Na's color is also compared by everyone, it is good, comparative is "Yan Ba" Naza, Ouyang Na's side face is more than the advantage:

Naza is a beautiful man, the exquisite and three-dimensional compassion of the five senses. Ouyang Na's nose is watching, but it is not highly protruding on the side, and the nose is short.

However, recently the Ouyang Na's atmosphere has been strong, looking for an angle, painting the makeup, in fact, the sense of atmosphere is more prominent than simple viewing five officials.

We lose weight, let your face look more tacit, enlarge the advantages of the five senses, the hair style and the color of the shape from the simple, and the girl gets a thousand gold.

This becoming beautiful thinking is to learn, even if the nose is not good, you can also win back into a game with the whole. I have admired girls who sneak a beautiful.


Miao Miao is also a female star I think that the long phase is very identified. The place in her facial features is also a nose:

Although the face of the female star is very small, it is also a flat face, but from the photo to the nose of Miao seedlings, the nose is relatively large, blunt, and the nose is also the feeling of flesh, it is not exquisite enough.

There is a very rare feeling in the temperament of seedlings - clear.

What is the feeling of clear? Just like a Wangquan water, it is refreshing and sweet, although it seems to have no taste, but this kind of light gives people a hurting.

I am used to a glamorous actress, and I will see that Miao Mia will feel that it is not amazing enough, but she is a type of look. I remember that when I posted, the beauty of Miao Miao also made me amazing, that is, the feeling of the campus little girl, especially refreshing:

Miaomians' face is the type of goose, the small face is small, and the five senses are distracted. It is not a strong eye, but the five officials are inappropriate, give people a very comfortable feel. Although the nose is very pulled, the presence of nose is strong, so it is not refined enough to see the five senses, but this does not affect her beauty.

Ok, the above is sharing today.