The big name is piled up, and the 822 explosion package has been scheduled in advance?!

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The big name is piled up, and the 822 explosion package has been scheduled in advance?!

2022-01-17 18:02:52 58 ℃

10 o'clock in the morning

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Good morning, today is Choyce Come on Duty ~

Recently, Loewe and "Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Take" are all concerned, I love the anime and brand finally linked ~

This cooperation is actually quiteer, last year, Loewe launched a dragon cat series with the Japanese Ghibli animation studio.

This year, "Thousands of Qianzhu" joint series, in addition to the old friend dust, there is more IP, thousands of search, faceless men, soup mother-in-law, frog, all the best?

), For frogs, faceless men, and soup are very general, and even feel a little horrible. Many netizens also feel that this wave name is a bit not understanding, and the big face is printed directly on the bag. Too Much.

The contrary is not bad, and the Look of Shuxin is quite special.

In addition to Loewe, the most recent new actions are not jointly collapsed, but in accordance with the practice of a wave of new year limitations, it is designed to have a taste of Chinese New Year. Like the tiger elements, the lively red, etc., some are quite quite colorful, but the mine arena is also a lot.

Choose a five-flowers eight, let's take a look at me, this wave of New Year is limited to the bag ~

The new year of 2022 is limited, the big name is to have a zodiac element, and the poems say that the tiger is very happy, which can be fierce cool, can also sell Meng (maybe because she is a tiger, own filter), The big names have also been deeply versed, launched a lot of "Tiger Series" items.

Saint Laurent

The first first talk about YSL, this new year is limited to the tiger pattern and the earthquistence.

Tuc's underwritten package and classic Kate put on the "Tiger Sig Coat". However, the pattern of the two packs is not the same ~ TUC is a glossy satin, carefully see that two tigers are looking for it, the tiger is very realistic, this package is very light, it is also quite Worry, but because of the tiger's own wild sexy, this package will be more suitable for babes, daily wear and darkness compare. Reference price is 9,500 yuan.

Kate as the YSL home "Fighter Red", and also participated in this new year, which is also black, and the style is also partially biased. Reference price of 17,300 yuan

The other two models will naturally inspirate the big color Manhattan and Niki will be a lot of daily, Manhattan is a low-key high-grade light eye leather. It is indeed very suitable for tiger line ...

Niki is still an old pleat calf skin. Is there a good look at this color? The reference price is 18,500 yuan and 17900 yuan, respectively.

Fendifendi's key line of this year's New Year is also a black bottom of Tiger-and YSL, and the yellow tiger is different. Fendi is a large yellow yellow as a background, coupled with black irregular tiger lines. (Yellow is also the nature of the Fendi family)

The ladies series have launched three bags, roll bags, Baguette, Tott bag sunshine, and mini peekaboo.

Our interns also raw rushed to the tiger tiger stick, I think this bag and the inexplicable tag, I felt that the large area of ​​yellow, black will be very embarrassed to match, see the real color saturation It is very low, it will not be too exaggerated, and the design of the canvas is also relatively light. Reference price is 23,000 yuan.

Sunshine is relatively unique to the tiger, the big tiger pattern looks a bit dazzling, and the small vertical Tott will look good, the price is also more friendly. The reference price is 23,000 yuan, 14,500 yuan.

Peekaboo once again took the essence of "hiding cat", only when opening the lock, you can see the tiger line elements in the inside, the New Year is limited to the black light surface, or the daily MINI size. The reference price is 32,000 yuan.


Valentino launched this year's "Tiger 1967 Capsule Series" is also related to Tiger.

The familiar Roman Stud has, it is back ~ Compared with the first few brands, Valentino has no large area of ​​array, but is embellished.

Valentino appeared a tigerine element in the 1967 senior adult show, this new year limited series is also a tiger design of the year. Roman studs have black powder, and two colors of rice brown, the material is the canvas, the lamb skin, the lamb, the reference price is 21,900 yuan.

VLOGO HOBO package we have shared it, it is the most popular axillary package, and there is an extended shoulder strap, and there is no card in winter, with a reference price of 9200 yuan.

The new member Locò is very explosive, and the recent multi-brand is in this long version, there is a handsome and beautiful.

Locò can be both portable, metal chains, can also be adjusted, and a bag has a back method. (Portable, underarm, shoulder, Messenger) The gloss of hardware is also very advanced. This bag will see the real thing. It is a very glossy chrome tanned leather. The reference price is 17,800 yuan.

BurberryBurberry of New Year is a large tiger defined elements. (Do you feel as if this were a few ah ~) Lora underarm bag regarded as Burberry bags in recent years to compare the circle of friends, the New Year is limited only by its prototype, the comparison is not the same place it is used outside cotton, designed in imitation fur animals, there are clusters of hair flu, and there is a black calf, back test found that very light! Amber is one of the characteristics of the chain, looks more retro feel, it would be more suitable for winter, can not adjust the length of the chain, can only do armpit package back. Reference price 17,200 yuan.

Another tiger bag full squad did not get to express, S said Tuesday: "This could be my son." It is a three-dimensional structure Steller stitching of leather, a little too innocence reference price ~ 10,800 yuan.

Gucci Gucci after finally not to the tiger a ~ This time the launch of the new limited series of quite take heart, several bags are Gucci.

Gucci Flora scarf at home we have the impression Well ~ this scarf in the 1960s specifically for the Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly by design, this time the New Year is to define patterns inspired scarf, flower incarnation of a beautiful jungle small tiger habitat in the jungle. (so happy)

Several bags are good to participate in this new design, more fire of 1955, Jackie, as well as the old flower Tote.

And in small single program and official website also comes with a pattern of bags, color values ​​of the United States but relatively thin, quality in general. (Whisper: buy makeup line products also have gift bags ~) CoachCoach this year will directly own little mascot dressed as a dinosaur Rexy Little Tiger, quite lovely! Field tote bag before we have a special evaluation before, belong looks heavy, heavy on her own from quite friendly, wide canvas shoulder strap is also designed to look like a tiger has become.

But red leather canvas will fight no black, green engaging some reference price of 6500 yuan.

Another red camera bag a little love and a sense of violation, a large area of ​​red hearts and flowers canvas Signature C old feeling "To Each" is not a good fit. Reference price 3500 yuan.

In addition to the Lunar New Year Tigers, the New Year with a series of fixed and ultimately red. DiorDior continue to take the elegant route, this year is "Butterflies and Flowers" as the theme, continues the brand DNA, human wealth took to the ~

Saddle bag, Diana Book tote bags and still uses canvas embroidery technology, the overall color replaced with more impact of brilliant pink, in fact, would be more test match, it tends to take the bad vulgar.

Several bags of weight is not light, stiff canvas is relatively thick, SA said bags are used each six canvas, it will be heavy.

However, large areas of flowers, butterflies also more suitable for formal occasions, everyday there is a little too over the back ~

The overall tone of the new bags Lady D-Joy will be darker, with ivory calfskin background, also a chain underarm bag, write the name of the ladies. Reference price 43,000 yuan.

CelineCeline finally in Taikoo Hui Guangzhou's atrium temporary counter, and people line up on weekends Super Multi, indeed, "a popular spicy chicken." Celine bag limit this year's New Year actually be old faces. Cuir Arc de Triomphe a few months to launch the fire, shot in the street quite often see its shadow, pink on the highest popularity.

Lisa, Zhang Jing instrument has a business photo shoot.

Only package encompasses poetry was very grass, I asked so little can be doing, said Han poetry carry in your hand concave shape're beautiful!

Cuir upper body is indeed quite by age, pink is very cute, it could have been a bag, fit the phone, only suitable for some of the cards, keys and lipstick, but only hand. Reference price 12,500 yuan.

New Year is also taking other limited lovely line "heart-shaped package," which spent two years old Celine Arc de Triomphe real fire, its presence often encountered in get off work on the road, heart-shaped package is only the concave shape of the mini package, the reference price Arc de Triomphe old spend 11,500 yuan, 14,500 yuan full leather models.


Moynat limited this year introduced two "soft bag", Taurillon Blush soft skin "camera bag" and Canvas1920 series of "yoyo package."

They have a home camera bag before we had a special evaluation, light weight, can be installed, but before the camera bag is made of canvas, Chinese New Year is replaced by a full leather models, the weight will be heavier, but also the acceptable range.

White Lily recent OOTD have it back oh ~

Several colors are quite beautiful, we have time to go offline around ~ reference price of 19,800 yuan.

Yoyo package can be said to be a replica handbag Wheel ~ If you like special shaped bags, quite recommend it, money is not easy to hit. Canvas1920 old enough to spend classic, design is more neutral, and can still share the other half of the bag - reference price 13,600 yuan.

Today's New Year's limited series to share here on the weekend to friends - Pacific Exchange stroll around and found the bag basically to shop, it is very easy to buy them.

Which package do you most heart? Welcome to the comments section to discuss it, buy a new package also remember to pack sun background oh ~

Today the sun part package:

@Ivory M: This is the second Dior who started this year. The first bought has not been used to take pictures, it is Christmas gift.This Tote is from November 2021, the hit rate is relatively low, and the three-dimensional feelings of the previously outgoing equivalent, and more dirty.I will want to move home series!Just in the purchase of my angel SA, my angel sa show the price increase in the whole line, this new year gift is really time!

@: FAURE Le Page Vertical Tote I just bought in Paris is too much ~ It is said to be the last one in the world.

Recently, buy bags, shoes, jewelery collection every day, the background sends a picture + text description, like sending information to WeChat friends, we can receive it!Looking forward to your contribution.

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