The thousand gold temperament of the Year of the Tiger, I took a whole!

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The thousand gold temperament of the Year of the Tiger, I took a whole!

2022-01-17 18:02:00 44 ℃

It has entered the Year of the Tiger, and the Spring Festival holiday is the time in the old friend of the old friend. Can not lose the momentum on the wearing, when the editor is also entangled in which a new year's battle clothing, I didn't expect the beautiful sister to be ready to go, and began to roll up the new year's favorite jewelry.

Zhou Dafu small round cake gold necklace pendant from Zhou Dafu official flagship store

Monologue retro gold transshipment aspad zodiac chain from Monologue flagship store Acer 御 金 来自 from 基 宝 旗舰 店

I don't know if you don't know the golden fragrant, or the current gold jewelry designer knows young people. When I was young, I only thought that the gold jewelry wearing the elders was rough, and the gold jewelery in the past two years did make people look bright.

Gold Jewelry From the symbol of the "outbreak", it turns into a new favorite of the young people, stems from the pursuit of fashioninery in the moment. A change in the previously popular largest clumsy style gradually became fresh and refined.

Cuisine Biji Rings Ball Gold Bracelet from Cuisine Brand

Zhou Liufu gold necklace from Zhou Liufu flagship store Acer 御 - 金 来自 旗 旗舰

Whether it is a stylish blogger who has received much attention on the social platform, or the star in the fashion circle, all the upcoming Tiger PICK Gold Jewelery as a new year. If you are tangled what is the jewelry for buying? Gold jewelry that is both value and aesthetics will be your choice.

Saturday Fuxin gold butterfly knot pendant from Zhou Liufu flagship store

As a noble metal, in the inherent impression, the jewelry created by gold is "the nausea" identity of the "Tuhao", and the middle-aged elderly love, and therefore leaving the "Gold Jewelry = Cruise" impression.

In recent years, major jewelry brands have been observed that under this designer's efforts, more modern epidemic elements have been added closer to the current aesthetics, and they have been recognized by stylish design languages.

A changed design style, small-size golden decoration is cleverly embellished, so that the color of the overall shape is not so dead, and it is more highlighting the temperament of wearer.

In fact, in ancient times, the court jewelry is often forged by gold. Most of the people in the museums are beautiful, and the employment is exquisite, and it is exquisite, but because the process is cumbersome, the process is lost, and the cost is expensive. Continued in the design.

Therefore, in the past two years of popular gold ornaments, pure hand-made ancient gold jewelery is favored by young people, the overall matte, the overall texture is flat, the tone is too dark but not expensive, in line with the East The low-profile introverted temperament and the unique aesthetics of the human bones.

At the bottom of the trend culture, the golden ornaments have become more trendy, and the AB chain is designed to change the monotony between the neck and the wrist, the popular elements such as roses, coins, etc. are also loved by young people.

The golden ornaments of the Year of the Tiger, in addition to the styles, also super good. Whether it is with the fur or a scholastic white hair, it is very similar, which adds an expensive trendy feeling for the black and white LOOK.

The new year wears new clothes to be red and fire, and the warm and warm red clothes are driven down the cold. It is embellished with the friendly bid, fashionable golden oriented, so that your new year is hot. With the palace wind dresses, there is a sense of sexy and elegant, with dark red hanging velvet sexy, and the laceted lace print skirt is also free, and the mother-in-one red flag robe is also a good job.

Liufu Jewelry Rolling Chain Light Shadow Gold Gold Necklace from Liufu Jewelry

Zhou Dafu Inn lucky sign small gold bars gold necklace pendant from Zhou Dafu official flagship store

Saturday Jewelry Gold Zodiac Tiger Transportation Bead Bracelet from Zhou Liufu Flagship Store

The matching method of the golden ornament is really not too much. I don't have to ask how people will take them. I will pay attention to this year's street shooting will find that overlapping accessories is the most fashionable! Choosing the golden ornaments of the extra material splicing, every match can produce a different sense of atmosphere, and it is still not easy.

Monologue monk black peach pendant from Monologue flagship store tide Acer rose brand gold necklace from Tidist Jewelry Flagship Store

The Year of the Tiger is wearing gold

The gas field is full of greatness

The temperament of a thousand gold is holding!

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