Women exercise the chest muscles and breasts becomes larger?Reminder: This change is worth congiving

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Women exercise the chest muscles and breasts becomes larger?Reminder: This change is worth congiving

2022-01-17 18:02:40 54 ℃

Women exercise chest, breasts become larger or smaller? Reminder: This is a change worth celebrating

Now people's living conditions are good, more relaxed life, to improve the quality of life through various forms of sports and fitness has become nowadays the most fashionable choice. In particular, some women through sports and fitness, keeping hot body and beautiful muscles, is a very worth looking forward to things.

Women exercise chest, breasts become larger or smaller?

The breast is one of the most important female secondary sexual characteristics, health and breasts make women look more graceful, with a more "feminine." So, having breasts is the dream of many women. Some women want to realize the dream of breast chest muscles through exercise. So exercise chest can really make the chest more plentiful it? In this regard, we made a special trip consulted the gynecologist.

According to the deputy director of Hunan Province Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture People's Hospital gynecological introduced by the breast skin, fibrous tissue, adipose tissue, breast constitution. Mainly in the subcutaneous adipose tissue, fibrous tissue mainly surrounding the breast, but not a complete capsule. Breast size is mainly dependent on the development of breast tissue, fat and more yes. The development of breast tissue in addition to the case related to adolescent nutrition, is more influenced by genes. Therefore, under normal circumstances, genetic factors play a decisive role in the degree of fullness of the breast.

We know that exercise can make muscles become more developed, so whether women can make the breast by exercising the chest muscles become more plump it? After seemingly theoretically developed chest muscle, chest should be increased. In fact, when we exercise the muscles of the chest, it will lead to reduced breast adipose tissue. In contrast, we as strengthening exercises to increase muscle tissue volume lags far behind the fat we consume. Therefore, exercise chest muscle, chest not only not increased, but may be smaller.

So we can look at this issue, such as: Men are often more exercise, in fact, muscular men and women compared to its chest disparity is still very large. However, the exercise chest female women not entirely without benefit, there are at least two changes are very welcome.

Women exercise chest, two changes very gratifying

First, the more healthy breasts

We know that, in addition to the breast area is rich in blood vessels, there are a large number of lymph vessels and lymph nodes. Therefore, regular exercise women, the breast can improve metabolism and detoxification function, for breast health is very favorable.

Although many people only pursue breasts, in fact, lost breast health, not only beautiful, even likely lesions occur. Therefore, for the breast to be carried out under the premise of safety and health, not to abuse drugs.

Second, firmer breasts

By strengthening exercise, so as to reduce breast adipose tissue, and muscle tissue increases, so the breast feels very strong, not prone to sagging and so on. The firmness of the breast is breast health, an important indicator of fullness.

Therefore, some women even know that exercise chest, breasts will be relatively narrow, still without hesitating choice to exercise the pectoral muscles. Because they understand that it is healthy and strong for the breast it is the most important.

Eat beef before exercise, after exercise may wish to eat an egg or a cup of milk

The formation of muscle tissue, not actually in the course of the campaign, but after the movement. During exercise, muscle tissue first "tear", after exercise, the body of nutrients will be torn muscle tissue repair, muscle tissue becomes so big. So during exercise muscle tissue will be stretched or strained feeling, and after exercise, the muscles will be filled with feeling.

Repair muscle tissue are heavily dependent protein to complete, therefore, before exercise to eat more beef, one can provide heat for the sport, but also can reserve some protein. And after exercise, eat an egg or a cup of milk and other protein-rich foods to meet the needs of muscle repair. If you do not replenish these proteins, it is prone to muscle aches, and even sustained multi-day phenomenon may occur. Therefore, even after a hard workout, but also consumes a lot of fat, muscle is not known.

Note that, if weight loss is because demand away exercise, do not eat beef before the recommended exercise, in addition to drink plenty of water is best not to eat any food, so that it can better the consumption of fat, compared to exercise to lose weight, than muscle strength exercise is much smaller, but the longer the duration, the effect of weight loss was better.