Zhang Yulin took the airport for the first time after the second child!Wearing a denim glory storm slimming super-mold ratio, husband Gan is a bodyguard

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Zhang Yulin took the airport for the first time after the second child!Wearing a denim glory storm slimming super-mold ratio, husband Gan is a bodyguard

2022-01-17 18:02:25 57 ℃

Zhang Yulin has rarely appeared in front of everyone, but she came from her to the social platform, Zhang Yulin in the second child was also very good, and the body was also very good. Recently, Zhang Yulin, who had brought the second child, showed his own husband, and two wearing is also super simple and no casual flaws. It is very good to reflect the sense of elegant and elegant atmosphere.

Zhang Yulin, who appeared in the airport, dressed in super simple and casual, but it would be better to fashion the modern fashion, which is still a bright atmosphere.

Zhang Yulin leisurely

Highlights of the styling: collision mix; cowboy elements; superimposed style;

01 hit color style with rich shape

In the process of matching, color is definitely a very important match. After all, the color can also enrich the overall LOOK and rendeze aesthetics and stylish breath. Even in simple style, it is still able to show fashion atmosphere, but It is necessary to combine the following considerations:

1 Color choices should be controlled within three colors, which can all enrich the shape of the stylus.

2 Color match as much as possible to choose a step-by-step transition, give more layers and aesthetics, deductive playful model

3 Use the colored style to shape a beautiful feeling while shaping aesthetics while shaping the saturation and brightness of color, and choose to choose according to your skin color.

Zhang Yulin's shape is a combination of basic color + bright color of the column. The two can be used to shape each other, and therefore showed a playful manifestation, showing the elegant side village.

02 Cowboy elements match the metal effect

Cowboy elements can be described as elements with high-profile outlet rates, but they must be considered in combination with tough elements or other matches when they are mixed with cowboy. Beautiful and fashionable atmosphere.

1 During the matching process of cowboy, pay attention to the retro atmosphere, and then bake the classical charm

2 Cowboy is a tough effect, create a hard-working effect, and bake the temperament and gas field.

3 Combined with the button elements, make the shape shape both gorgeous and noble, but also adding eye points and highlights

Zhang Yulin's shape is a combination of the light blue cowboy, which can shape both the campus, and it is not very good for skin tone. It is very good to give the whole look beautiful and fashionable, deductive playful Family, Senior and texture is created in minutes.

03 stacking style with elements

For autumn and winter match, many styles are combined with stacked style, and the stacked style must pay attention to the bloated effect of the shape, which in turn leads to rustic or expansion, so that the overall LOOK is more integrated.

1 In the stacked style, you should pay attention to "one more and simple" "one loose" and other wear effects, give more beautiful and fashion fans

2 stacking in the stack of contour feelings, give shape more clean and profit, deductive fashion atmosphere

3 The superimposed style combines the simplicity of the air, avoiding the styling too much fancy rustic

Zhang Yulin's shape is combined with the superposition of the simple wind. It has formed an internal tightening effect, which in turn enables the shape of the storm to enrich the shape, and thus deduct more beauty and stylish breath, simple Satisten to the elegant atmosphere.

04 overall LOOK wearing advice:

Through Zhang Yulin style, combined with our daily wear will find that the shape is mainly considered from several aspects:

1 Color match must pay attention to avoid fancy or single

2 to find out the level of layers, create a clean and profit

3 denim elements pay attention to retro fashion

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