Sell 7000+, "New Pet" in the socks in one month!

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Sell 7000+, "New Pet" in the socks in one month!

2022-01-18 00:05:04 57 ℃

Every year, the fear of the body is coldly dominated, especially the feet ...

The cold wind blows, the feet are cold, and you will not help your clothes.

Because the foot is the farthest, the blood that flows to the foot does not present the body 10%

Plus intensive meridians, a "thermal expansion and cold shrinkage", blood circulation is not smooth, and it is impossible to produce enough heat.

So, the feet are worse in our body! Slightly don't pay attention to keep warm, frostbite, cracking is a habit.

The feet are still the second heart of the person, and there are 60 acupuncture points.

Let you sick it is a minute, old cold legs, arthritis, palace cleans, rheumatism, insomnia ...

Especially the children have children at home!

The feet is cold and cold, and the child's resistance declines easily cause disease hidden dangers, affecting development.

As the saying goes, "Cold from the foot", the foot is warm, naturally, it will warm (this foot can be confirmed)

And snow socks are the comfortable and warm item that makes you have passed in autumn and winter!

However, greed is cheap on the roadside, and the "9.9" of "9.9" is not a winter.

Putting with feet and adherence to two:

Wear for a while, one foot and sweat

Take the bacteria, causing stinky

I am also afraid of cold, and the office of the office also has a wish of wearing a small heating furnace on the foot.

So this double snow stockings recommended today, we don't exaggerate, we have a handful of people ~

Last year, it can sell 7000+ in the first month of the light, and sell it directly.

Some small partners in the channel are not grabbed, you have a high voice of the group!

This year, the fabric of snow socks is upgraded again! The surface is wear-resistant, and it has also been specially treated in the inner mile, better wear, and wearing! I have bought a big repurchase.

Do not pick gender, the range that can be worn is expanded to "family can wear"

Didn't bought a friend, you can first look at it on some platforms:

Because socks are enough, some small partners have been adding praise from 1 to December:

Comfortable, keep warm, wear resistant is also very breathable.

I bought a National Day this time, I took it on the cooling, I was worn by my brother, and I was very powerful!

A pair of good socks are not just a good look, healthier.

So this double snow stockings, which is already "one will repur" in my shopping cognition!

Cashmere heat storage, foot warm 5 degrees

Soft, no heavy meat

High breathable performance, refuses to bullry odor

Wear resistant to wear, not easy to make the ball slip

The appearance of socks is not low, and the upper feet is very good ~

In addition to men and women with the same paragraph, children will be arranged

The socks are legged, the socks are not deformable, and they are "qualified players" with each step of guarding their children.

▲ Colleague daughter on the foot real shot

Cashmere fiber woven snow socks, not to wear it on the feet, just use it to touch the egg, and there is no feeling.

Moreover, the feel is obviously fluffy than ordinary socks, and the warmth is better!

The colleague runs in the outdoor, and the feet are not ice. She said that it is like carrying a small warm furnace with him, very comfortable ~

I believe you can't see other socks after passing through it.

We have made the stock in this frame, and the spot direct hair is not waiting for too long.

And it is directly docked the factory, goes off the difference in the middle, giving everyone the biggest discount!

Market price: 18.9 / 1 pair

Now the order of men and women, children's models: 59/10 pairs! Furn off a pair of 5.9!

2000 double stocks Sanda, Southern friends can also first put the winter in the winter (every winter, it is more expensive)

Many socks are through thick vesicles to enhance warmth.

Warm is warm, but wearing a stuffy feet, the bloated appearance is very influential.

And this double snow sock is used to a "new speed thermal velvet", cashmere

Compared with the artificial fiber, it is more soft, and the feet can also maintain temperature in the cold wind ~

It is also possible to absorb micro-humidity from our skin breathing, convert to thermal energy. Simple understanding is: self-heating!

Directly put on Dan Mo Snow Socks with ordinary socks:

The foot of the foot is tapered from 25 ° C to 35 ° C! The comfort, super cool at any time.

(Right: Danmo Goat Snow Socks)

The lock temperature is also superior! We use it and ordinary socks, covering a water test of a glass of water:

After 20 minutes, the water temperature of ordinary socks has dropped much.

The foot is wrapped in soft and warm, the more wearing the warmth, and you will have a cold winter of zero-tempered temperatures.

Comparison of feet heat after 8 hours ▼

Even if you are sweat, you can wear comfortable ~

Don't look at snow socks, it has achieved the ultimate experience of "both keep warm and comfortable, breathable".

Because the outer-layer threaded knit, the gas permeability Hin is high, and it is not worried that the bacteria will settle.

Knitting is close to "water" is also I haven't thought of!

Rainwater has buffered time before wetting the feet, easy to pay for the rainy season:

Dan Mo is interested in detail, so that simple socks are comfortable like not wearing.

The socks are just right, walking without the suction, and will not send the legs and neck, itchy.

Hand-docked socks, although the cost is high, and there is no comfort.

The socks bought before, didn't wear a few times, and walked the cheap, let people die.

This pair of anti-spherical treatment, far more than ordinary socks. With a brush, use the scissors on the socks on the socks, will not easily start the hook.

Even with the deepest black, long or bubble is not easy to fade:

The fluff is tightly strong, and there is no hair with tape test:

The inside and outside is flattering wireless head, in addition to not cheap, the child can assure the feet to give it ~

Socks seem to be in the eyes, but the key to the whole body looks dragon.

There are 10 colors in autumn and winter, and it is very comfortable, cure, and is suitable for all kinds of footsteps.

Children's money is relatively bright, more in line with the child jump, recommend the 0-10 year old children to wear ~

Whether you like shoes and socks, plague, or contrast, it can meet.

Even if the boys don't worry, but there is a handsome, sunshine, and Korea's clothing.

Warm foot, warm body, good night, not palace cold, no pain ~

9.9 The stockings do not dare to touch again, the same price is also worrying with different prices.

Too expensive, there is no need, some single double average price 20+

We have helped you test, and will not spend money.

59/10 pairs, a pair average price is 5.9! How can I buy a few more cups of milk tea?

I don't forget to buy a few pairs for my parents. After all, it is better than letting the body get healthier.

Moisture and breathable constant temperature warm ¥ 59 yuan / 10 pairs (buy 2 get 2) men and women with the same paragraph, there are children's models ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼▼