Don't be cheated again, big cards "protide" is a circle set

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Don't be cheated again, big cards "protide" is a circle set

2022-01-18 00:04:22 53 ℃

In the past 21 years, I often see a lot of "contount", "breaking", "savings", "cost performance", etc.

It is also, knowledge and Internet civilianization, many people are doing decision-making, "I will do my homework in advance" as if I have a necessary process.

However, it is often, and the homework is becoming more serious, but it is increasingly hiding from the new marketing routine.

"Insplain" is like a traffic password, open a potato, this kind of praise is a lot!

From skin care beauty, bag, clothes to tourist attractions, which category can cover you ~

And you have a half-day spirit, and it's all [pit] everywhere in your hand!

The so-called "big-name continent" is true?

I think that one point is a price, this is inevitable, the so-called "big big place", most of which is exaggerated.

But with this, it is not the only choice. The most important thing is to make decisions based on your own needs and capabilities.

Wildal intrinsic, no real law

This will ask you again, choose the big name or vent it?

"Prose", it is really easy to use, is it better than the big name?

Have you bought an XX big-name powder foundation, in fact, the effect is different?

Have you bought an XX big-name bag in place, is actually a version plagiarism?

Have you bought the XX big-name shoes in temperament, in fact, the comfort is far away?

There is even "contount" tourist attractions. This year, a potato is posted on the "fraud" label, which is the small Kamakura, the small Maldives.

It is necessary to recognize that the difference between the high-end and the booth is there, no two products can do ingredients, the use of the feelings, the price will be as high as the mountain car.

For a chestnut, take SK2, as long as Pitera (galactose yeast fermentation product filtrate) This core formula is not developed by other people one day, we can only pay for people.

Just like netizens, I am still the same as Dili hotbat, I can make money than me.

Maybe there are two different brands of skin care products to achieve 100% of the composition, but it does not guarantee the quality of the health warranty in the production workshop, nor does it guarantee the same supplier of cosmetic raw materials, and it is not possible to ensure that ingredients are The amount of added is the same.

These things are not seen from the ingredient table. Even if the composition is copied, it is not possible to show that the amount of each component is not bad. The essence of the skin care products is in the functional ingredient, and the functional ingredient is the most Can make a place where product value is enabled.

Even if it is really good, but girls, I believe that most people still don't forget the original edition, and finally, I will pay for the original one.

Some people continue to try to replace, then constantly stepping on the thunder, time cost and test error, may have exceeded your original "budget"!

So, whether it is skin care products or makeup, there is no absolute ate!

What we pursue is actually the highest price ratio, and the closest effect.

How to choose "continent"?

The first is to leave the reputation of the brand, the brand, and the formula and sensory of the product are analyzed. If you can learn more about the product's recipe framework, you can find the most suitable products of your skin, this is more pleasant.

Then you can't avoid it, you must be based on your own pocket, you can buy expensive when you have enough budget, or you can try the price, maybe there is a surprise;

Insufficient budget, the preferred product, you can also work hard to make money, to buy a big brand for yourself, feel how good it is.

There is still a little unneapled, age is different, and demand is different.

For example, 25+ anti-aging and 40+ anti-aging are not a concept. When you are young, you will use the price of parity.

Don't blindly believe in parity, but it is not to say that the big name must be used, and the price is garbage.

To polish your eyes, which big cards are worth buying, which buy a place is enough.

Sea Blue Mystery Essence Face Cream VS Nivea Blue Can Cream

Some people before I said Nivea Blue Can Cream is the price of the sea blue mystery essence cream, and believe that I really bought a few cans. After using a period of time, I found that it is a penny!

Nivea blue cans are particularly heavy, there is a feeling of pushing, and it is very greasy, and the oil skin is really not buying.

I booked it for a month, I really can't afford it, and I got up the next morning.

However, in winter, I bought it is still very moist, and I don't think it is.

SK2 Small Bulb Essence VS Olay Flete White Bottle

The small white bottle is called the small light bulb. It is actually not established. The main ingredients of the two are completely two gears. It can be said that choosing small white bottles of friends, mostly because of the lack of tickets, not considered cost performance .

Both of them are similar to Bao Jie, and the official effect is also small, which is mainly whitening, but it is said that the composition of the nicotinamide in the composition of the composition.

However, the core ingredients of the SK-II small bulb essence is the existence of a big level. Not only successfully passed the experimental technical verification, but also became the exclusive patents of SK-II, which is completely can't be contracted together!

珂 紫 水 水 乳 vs Germany

Moreover, the price of Germany is more than half, you are very moving ~

珂 紫 水 mainly focuses on anti-inflammatory moisturizing, anti-oxidation, use rosemary, European Baili incense, sage, clove flower extract, to inhibit the release of inflammatory factors, soothing anti-inflammatory effect Very nice (a level of acne effect, pro test).

This lotion is imported, and the water is doubled, and it is necessary to pay attention to the inside containing alcohol. When the sensitive muscle is used to test it in the ear.

In the Purple Susu watermark, it is some familiar ingredients, witch, purslane, purple, snow grass, these can effectively anti-inflammatory, calming the skin, compare the oily pox muscle.

The emulsion contains some anti-inflammatory ingredients, similar to purple, but contains irritating acne-glycerol stearate, pox muscles advised, do not need to consider this.

Two models are more water, refreshing types, 珂 has a touch of fragrance, better absorption, the German flavor is very strong, and there is a risk of vane, the acne muscle is ok.

In the case where there is not much budget, there is also a good thing.

Although the big name is really unable to replace it, everyone's ideas must be to buy some and the price of the big-name ingredients, the skin is close, the core ingredient is low, and I understand, I will be slow in the future. Slowly collect it to everyone!