4 sets of small children to wear templates, do not look at more than 160

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4 sets of small children to wear templates, do not look at more than 160

2022-01-18 12:06:53 50 ℃

Who knows? Who knows? Others wear long coats are the sister of the gardens;

But, we have a small child to be a minute dwarf ...

High child tries Athflow wind looks lazy, big, big-written fashion;

But the little child shot Copy, but it was short and more fat.

In order to let the little son's cubs are no longer stepped on, today I will come to analyze the private service of the 3 ️⃣ 小 女, I hope that their match can give the mud to provide some inspiration ~

Shen Moon just left the next time, I didn't find the right way, it seems that the rustic is not said, and it will also expose the body defect.

Early airport private service

But in these two years, she seems to have opened the second pulse, and the clothing is significantly improved. Hin is suitable for ordinary reference ~

After turning down the depth of the next month, she found that she is very good at refreshing day-up, and each set can be used.

The beck buckle coat put the white shirt, just like the sister of the neighboring house.

Short denim jacket + casual chic, same color, beret, playful girl ~

Knitting cardigans with high waist bread pants, high-grade legs long, pink colored care machine, fried chicken eye-catching.

In her private service wardrobe, the highest frequency is a variety of knitted vests.

Simple white shirt with rhombic knitted vest, retro college style is easy to take ~

+ Knit vest This is also knocked on the CP, aged and girl, plus the full smile, and the whole is sweeter!

The vest is switched into a striped T-shirt, with suit pants +, there are many teenagers, as refreshing as the salt water in summer.

Agegen Age Artifact Belt Pants & Band Skirts, is also a single product that is very frequent. Green white shirt with pure white backband pants, ah ~ is the smell of the first love.

The printing shirt is mixed with black strap skirts, and the breath of youth is coming, and the effect of the black meat is also as usual, and the chubby girl must!

The second super-wearing small child represents 鞠 祎 祎 ~ Not only is the beautiful business, the clothing is also a barrier, daily LOOK is many as a wearing template.

Cardigan / top: Eenk

Her private service style is more varied, can be a sweet and cute soft girl;

Can also be a handsome free cool Girl.

Coat: Celine

Xiaoqi also knows how to avoid weaknesses, and create superior body proportions.

Since her shoulder is relatively narrow, SO, usually choose a single product with bubble sleeves and shoulder elements to optimize the head shoulders.


When necessary, the shoulder should be used with the silica gel.

The one is not tall enough, just on the waistline line, I think, with a short dress with high waist pants, easy to pull 10cm ~

Jacket: George Keburia

Top: Devilbeauty

When wearing long jackets, plug in the trousers, and can also increase the waist line, and the length of the leg is increased.


Be sure to choose a clear style of the waistline, so that people can get up more highly pick up ~

When the waist line is not clear enough, you can also use a wide belt.

"Down disappearance" is also a very common tip that is very commonplace, and it can be perfectly played out the advantages of her fiber cartoon legs.

Small fragrant wind jacket with sweaters + shorts, feet in a pair of black high tones, sweet and unhappy, still lining the legs!

Dedicated suits, knitted cardigan + sweet and cool, the wave point black wire has a little bit of sexy ~

Although Wuli card sister's height is not on the side, her wearing a high level of thin effect is very common, and it is very suitable for small children to learn.

The short child is necessary to "the short short" technique is pure, and the whole person is tall and repaired.

Sister's leg is not leg

Is spring water on the Sena River!

Short jacket + high waist leap pants a combination of briefs, minutes from Get supermodel with long legs ~

The lumbar casting is long with high heels, and the high effect is also very unstopted, and the year will wear absolute C to come out!

To say that Jessica's selfish favorite single product, or a set, you can get a different taste every time.

Suit suit mixed with the old shoes with handsome, and the hair has increased some sweet and playful feelings.

This small fragrant look looks very nice, elegant and practiced, and the second is more expensive.

Red white graphic set + Mariezi shoes sweet and lovely, wide-hand holes as a pen, retro atmosphere straight!

Jessica is also very good at using the color of the eye-catching personality to increase the eye:

The blue white color is refreshed, and the strap beret is echoing with sweater, stylish and chic.

Pink plaid suit with black t + wide leg pants, add a few points of practice, sweet and not greasy.

The bright yellow small fragrant wind jacket is a black high tie, which is more and more restrained in the bright. Bamboo

Even if it is a high-difficult color dress, it is too much, and the fashionable is not expensive ~

In fact, everyone does not have to be too anxious because he is too anxious, no matter how it is short, there is your own flash point, as long as you learn some tips, you can promote strengths, so that your charm is maximized.