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Beautiful Institute | This is more important than Selfie!

2022-01-19 12:07:49 41 ℃

It's almost a New Year, we also prepared benefits for everyone ~

From now until the Spring Festival, the welfare is not ruled from time to time, please join the music reader to eat and drink, come to pick up your New Year is fortunate ~

(Left: Eat, drink, play group; right: rape garden)

- The following is a beautiful picture -

"I can't catch the time, but when I press the shutter, I will eternal"

This is a sentence that the photographers around me often said.

For career needs and hobbies, bud buds usually pay attention to shopping and surfing, they will often pay attention to some photography works to get inspiration and improve their aesthetics.

I remember to share the photographer VivianMaier I like with you before, she is a normal babysitter. However, 10W photos left after the death, making her a battle, becoming one of the most influential photographers at the time of the United States.

Mysterious, weird is a bit emotional, and her photo brings me the most intuitive feelings. (Interested sisters can go to see documentary "looking for Vivi An Mai")

Improve your own SENSE, most useful is also the most effective way, it is to see work, this time I simply pack it for everyone!

The following 6 are all the treasure photographers of my private! Strong suggestion! ! !

DONGWON is most impressed by the sunset in his shot, and the color is extremely dazzling but very fresh, satisfying all my imagination on dusk.

He used the delicate composition as this short romantic bites, which made people couldn't bear to remove the eyes, as if the next second sunset will really not enter the sea.

Candy tones are like his brush, adding a layer of dreamy filters for each painting, instantly cure tired mood.

The color of his Level is already full, and our little white can also learn from a small book, as a daily wearing color reference, a non-three ~

In the trip, he will record his own footprint in the way in this window;

It seems to tell us that it is also worth a record when traveling.

Or make a frame like this to make a frame, we seem to enjoy the same landscape as those on the photos.

The world under his shot is a giant candy, or strawberry mint, powder blue tones are given a whole is a sweet and not greasy concept.

Do you say that Korean-style photography has been sought after, look at the Korean photographer Yunthquake knows.

No matter whether the shooting object is a personal, girlfriends is still a couple, he can capture the most natural and true state of the model.

CR: airunny

He can use the rays, angles, props of the surrounding environment to render the warm atmosphere, whether it is a girlfriend photo or a couple of photos.

The little couple naturally revealed in his lens, which makes people feel so beautiful.

And for a good girlfriend, the daily life of each other is very worthy.

It is very simple to use the props and the scenes of the scenery, so it's called a girlfriend to try it ~

Bin Tian Yingyi can be said to be the ceiling of the Japanese photography, and even there is a unique color - Bina Blue.

CR: There is a West

Clean and unique blue green is the characteristics of Haminadian photography. His film is transparent and looks fresh and nature.

But don't think that it will take the same photo, the most important or photo temperature.

Because most of his materials come from their families, how can the picture not full of love and warm?

His two little son's naughty daily, did you remind you of the daily life of your parents?

On the composition, Binada commonly used diagonal composition, guidance line composition, three-point composition, and social chart, etc., it is worth learning in a daily photo.

Diagonal pattern

Guide line composition

Home composition

Three-point composition

This street photographer from the UK is a director in my eyes, and the whole street is a scenery. The male and female protagonist is the street. I have passed.

But he said that he is more like a "fisherman", he will choose a good scene in advance, wait until a moment of fish, quickly press the shutter.

So you can see these interesting coincidences in his photo.

In his work, we will find that he is always focused on looking for light and mirror.

It is like we have become a bystander, seeing different people in the urban stage.

So we have never been alone in the big city, see if the Craig's photo can make you get a high comfort?

Jimmy Marble is worthy of photographers from the United States, and he is very good at creating an interesting photo with bright colors;

The girl under his shot is like a cute little elf, or the highest tone of the character, otherwise how to prefer such a rich and bright color.

Color, bright lemon yellow with gentle orange powder, melancholy powder purple with cool mint green, midsummer dream blue and bright yellow;

Macaron-like color makes you feel the cool summer day in Winter.

At the same time, the color of the work is also a retro shadow, like a poetic old movie.

By the way, there is a flower fairy in his work, pay attention to it ~

This is a beautiful picture, is it possible to eliminate your haze and sorrow?

Since there is a lively and lovely little elf, you have to have a gentle and elegant fairy; in the Russian photographer Anastasia lens, you can feel the beauty of women, but also experience the dynamic breath released in the photo.

It may be because it is the reason for women, so she can make the elegant beauty of women.

The woman in her lens is gentle and quiet, and it is cold, and the picture color is low, but you can feel the firm female power she wants to convey.

In addition to warm colors, delicate texture, the most important thing is still free rhythm and breath flowing in her work.

So the truly good photo is moving, not only the motion of the picture, more important is the touch of people.