32-meter blue whale, 3m polar bear ... Her 4D paper-cut art, brush European Art Museum | Artist _ sculpture _ what is worth buying

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32-meter blue whale, 3m polar bear ... Her 4D paper-cut art, brush European Art Museum | Artist _ sculpture _ what is worth buying

2022-01-20 06:02:56 53 ℃

When referring to paper-cutting, you will think of aged grandmother or the skill of the lost. However, the artist we introduced today, but the almost lost skills, turned into a cool contemporary art. She uses a paper-cut knife to turn a plain white paper, a picture, a sculpture, a story ...

Paper-cut art originates from China, but there is a lot of light after Japan. In Japan, paper-cut art is called "cut", most of the early paper-cutting materials come from the customs and legends of various localities, as the monastery, the decoration of the shrine.

Born in the "Paper-cutting Artist" Nahoko Kojima in Japan, I live in London, England. She has a certain visibility in the art world, and the work is exhibited in many countries.

From the childhood, the island is particularly sensitive to paper, and she has a very high talent of paper cutting. This describes her love for this art: "When I still a child, I will lying on the grass. Observe the bottom of the flowers and depict it. I think, when we discover the meaning behind 'US', our perspective will reverse, observe itself, object and surrounding environment, look at this, It is like a beautiful merits. "

After she was admitted to the Sanze Design Institute, the island moved to Tokyo, became a fashion, trend chasing, and found the inspiration of art creation in this city that was popular with young people.

Instead of whether the work of the Island is paper-cut, it is better to call it a paper carving, because these thinned hollow parts are mainly done with a trick.

It has always been, and the small island Naiqi insisted that it is hand-made and does not repeat the same work.

Today, the paper carving of Xiaodao Nai Baodi has been popular among the world, and her works have appeared in the world's art exhibitions, including important art gallery in London, Milan and Paris.

In 2018, Xiaodao Nai Baoti showed pure hand-cut sculpture "whale" in the Bangkok Art Cultural Center of Thailand. The work is a prototype with a blue whale with a length of 32 meters, and a paper carving created according to a real proportion.

From the concept to finish creation, the island spent nearly a year.

32 meters long "blue whale" paper carving

When she saw the blue whale in Hawaii, she was deeply touched by this huge and spiritual organism. After several months of research on the behavior of blue whale, the island firmly made her creative direction.

She hopes to create according to the real proportion of the blue whale, so people can experience the huge and majesty of the biggest mammals on this planet.

In Japanese, "Shiro" means "white", because when she saw the blue whale, the Isle thought it actually looks white, so she chose to create a white paper.

A Japanese paper mill specializes in large Japanese paper, in the studio of London city center, island according to the designed manuscript, it takes more than five months of time, hand-cut (engraved) out two flat drawings .

Then, she used the nylon rope to pull the two-dimensional paper-cutting, the work became three-dimensional paper carvings, works and shadows eventually showed 4D effect, and also achieved the visual expectations of her expectations.

Like all works in the island, this artwork is also based on the concept of artist "hidden beauty". All stories are in the delicate and clever hand of the island, gently engrave the body of these animals.

Exhibition process

Xiaodao Nai Baodi is good at picking up from nature and animals. After her hands, the paper turns into art, under the illumination of light and shadow, the art has different faces. Her paper-cut art has become a delicate carvings.

Another important work of the island "Polar Bear" shows her "shadow such as water graffiti" creative concept. Xiaodao Nai Baoti uses a whole piece of paper, carved a 12-meter polar bears, and hangs paper into three-dimensional sculptures. This paper carved her seven months of time.

The work is like a swivel white polar bears, making fine production, smooth lines. White bear seems to gently swing in the wind, the following shadow is like water waves, and the work is very popular.

Xiaodao Naiqio introduction: "I painted a lot of sketches, studied their lives and behaviors ... I carefully consider the paper used by this work. I put the created paper in the sun, and I took a long time, they change Yellow, very perfect, because the Polar's fur has also experienced similar changes. "

Natural light flows from above the space, with time changes, the shape of the shadow and the works below will also change.

Painting-like engraving, making the work of Zhima Naoto showed stereo diversity. In order to obtain exquisite effects, it takes a lot of time to engrave, which also puts higher requirements for her technology.

Recently, Xiaodao Nai Baoti has changed a work in the form of full-black, this change is to more conjunctive animal original image - Eagle. When the viewer saw the eagle hanging in the exhibition hall, he couldn't help but think of the "Eagle Song": If a person is bound, it will issue the most sad sound to the world.

In 2019, the "Sumi" exhibition in London, the work of Isles made the visitors of the visit. The golden squid created by paper as material, under the illumination of light, the whole work is shining, making people amazing.

As early as 2014, Xiaodao Nai Baoti was one of the five young artists nominated by Art Prize 2014. Prior to this, the island was exhibited in the British Savi Gallery, Italy, France. This work pushes her art creation to the peak, also in Bulgari, invited her to design the window of more than 90 stores in Asia.

The small island is a symbol of Bulgari. The pigeons in the city are in groups. Bulgari store in Beijing, Seoul and Singapore.

Beautiful paper-cutting art, after the deep interpretation of Shima Naja, is given life, her careful creation, so that hundreds of years of history of paper-cutting art goes to a more three-dimensional space, not only bringing us different beauty, but also Make the work more rich and full of magical colors.


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