"Opening" let me know that the original person is the most important thing to do at the end, it is CP ...

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"Opening" let me know that the original person is the most important thing to do at the end, it is CP ...

2022-01-20 06:02:41 94 ℃

If one day my ideal is wet, you are willing to help me?

If one day I am powerless forward, are you willing to accompany me a warm afternoon?

If this is a country's future, have you let him sleep?

Hello everyone, welcome to "modified", not, it is the "start" of the domestic drama "start"!

Friends who haven't read it yet, there may be a bit curious about the moving map of the light, what is this show?

In fact, this drama is the main thing about the male and female owner experience the bus explosion "death", which will continue to experience the cycle, want to save the story of others (the first 10 episodes have been circulated 22 times)

And this may be a drama that has the most provincial cost of the whole history, a set of clothes can wear a complete set, let me have a fashion blogger.

Only a poor male and female owner who can wear it is? Bai Jingting and Zhao Zhang wheat.

Because the goals of the two are to prevent an explosion, netizens have given them "anti-fried CP".

Very strange, according to reason, this is a sharp-time drama, how can everyone have empty CP? There is really no sticky emotional play in this drama.

However, the hanging bridge effect, the end of the CP, the teammates who fight in the case, etc. These elements are added together, "industrial candy" is more than 10,000 "industrial candy" than some so-called Xiaowei, "industrial sugar"!

Two people are like Judy and Nick, you want to save the world, and I just want to save you.

Even if you know the explosion, you will be born again, you also want to temporarily cover your eyes!

Not only Bai Jingting and Zhao Zhaomai, in fact, in everyone's CP, there is no drama in the theme.

Sometimes there is no need to have more intersections in the CP, which can let the netizens will move their friends from a group of pictures, and even write output for them.

Two people who don't know at all in reality are also very likely that I have already loved three students on the B station.

For now people, the best blessings in the world don't necessarily be "promotional and salary to take the peak of life", and it is very likely that "your CP is true!"

Take this opportunity, Yubo wants to inventory last year to let everyone hope that they have a screen CP, in case, become!

Queen and her most loyal little wolf dog

The first pair, the scene from "Fu Teng" and Zhang Binbin.

How old is this pair? It is a drama to broadcast it for a long time. Recently, the scenery is coming to the scenery, and the barrage is still brushing:

Or, the Queen's Hall and her ATM machine:

But regardless of the Queen tossing him, at a critical moment, this ATM machine, always incorporated the most loyal and reliable little wolf dog.

Not only is it to save her in the water, but the queen is not forgetful when the Queen is always in the critical moment.

Others look at the Queen, proudly and poisonous tongue, and he looked at the Queen, kind and cute.

Because Ji Teng was abused by Chu Mountain from a young, he had encountered a betrayal of a lover, so it is difficult to believe others. But there is only this little wolf dog, willing to be a sincere sunflower in the wind in the rain, long long-term warm meridian.

In the exterior, Zhang Binbin also seems to have a panoramic sunflower, when the fans are ridiculous and the scene, never see his face.

During the drama propaganda, they had a total of 9 times, sometimes greeted guests from a couple of newcomers:

I can't accommodate "third party" to disturb:

After the episode, two people did not avoid them. Last year, in the Charity Banquet of Bazaar, everyone was surprised to find: the departure map of Jing and Zhang Binbin was taken in the same place!

How big is this sugar, that is, true couple Luhan and Guan Xiaoxi also have the extent of the same paragraph. Who can't say that KSWL (嗑 嗑 我)!

When the final event is big, the front boyfriend in front of the boyfriend is busy to avoid the suspicion. Only we are sweet and bright, and it is still in the end.

Yan Dog Feast, top flow CP This is a pair of TV series "You are my glory", it makes people feel that there will be no spark CP.

After all, although Yang Yang is a super handsome guy, he is a famous side, no matter what the drama has a "unique" temperament.

Although Dili Hotbub is a super beautiful woman, because it is really too bright, it is difficult to produce CP feelings with actors. What's more, fans also like her air.

The drama Yang Yanglong is an aerospace scientist and the system is boyfriend. Dili hotbat, the Qiao Jingjing, is a top female star. Two people are high school students, and they have been missed in the teenager, but they will meet and fall in love again ten years later.

Is it feeling that I don't think there is a pureness? It is really pure:

It is not exaggerated that the scale of this drama is pure, let me send out "This is what I don't spend money!"

Scientists who look like a dog-like dog not only hobbies human geography:

Because it is too hard, it leads to the heroine often say he:

This is the love of the adult! ! !

Two such a good-looking person is together, don't do this! !

Of course, I am not only these ha.

. They have many small details that poke people.

One of these most tens of this is that when I gave up high-paying financial choice to do aerospace, I'm struggling between my classmates. When I was struggling between ideals and reality, Qiao Jingjing said firmly with him: I hope you will continue to be an aerospace designer. .

There are so many people in the world, what is more than ten years, not only don't change, but also remember your dreams more romantic?

However, compared to the drama, they have a pure emotion that is unreasonable in the drama.

Summary Dili Hot Bab also participated in the "Drop Shock New Year", she said in the show, when I am watching "You is my glory", I found that there is a barcute message saying that I hope that the actor is also in real life. Together, she just wanted to vomit, and the result found that this crash was her mother.

I like to see young people in love.

This pair, I hope that they get married, it is really very much.

To be honest, in these years, I have seen too much middle-aged people playing the campus drama, so when I saw Song Zusher in 98 years, I really called the eye!

The two "accompany you to fly" is a typical campus drama. One is the prince of the campus flower, and the one is a short moving smooth girl.

At first, the two came to see each other, but in order to get rid of the entanglement of others, began to pretend to pretend to be boyfriends. The plot is true, can not be old!

It may be because the sinking is a quick-sliding athlete who is born in a wild road. After entering the professional team training, it has encountered a lot of unexpected difficulties.

And Shao Bei is originally a double spectacle prince, and later, because unexpected injuries have to turn to single slide. Two people can say that they have encountered each other in the bottom of life.

So the most poke me, it is the kernel that it expresses: love, it is a better person with each other.

Shao Beiyi will find a way to help an overcome of corner technology, Shen Sheng will find a way to help Shao Beibei break through the bottleneck.

When I was bullied by people, Shao Beiyi will cover the coat on her; when the sort of struggle is cleaned, she shouted her brother to help her; when I got a skate, I will spend a lot of money. It is pretended to sell it cheaply.

Two people are so noisy, and they encourage each other. Finally, when they realize their respective dreams, I feel that my witness is more excited than they himself!

But than the sultry one and Shao Bei is better, it is the Song Zuer and Wang Ayu outside the play.

Many people may not have to read dramas, but they know that they have a famous connection. In that live broadcast, there was a dialogue that happened:

What is the difference between this and official!

Of course, I think the most touching or the last zero bell rang, and the Song Zuer and Wang Anyu on the stage have hug each other in the first time.

There is a sentence called "To put the first one of the new year to give you the favorite person", our "Song Song" is done!

Please get married in place, right now!

? Not this article suddenly mixed what strange things:

Although the beginning of the beginning, Bai Jingting and Zhao Zhaomai were introduced to the new Jin popular CP, but in fact, Bai Jingting also had another object that everyone more hoped - Wang Jial.

When I gatched the Cartier event, I said that they were staged, and he fled him. He chased,

They are all difficult to fly.

They are not the first time. Earlier "Fashion Bazaha" year party, Wang Jia sing in the stage, Bai Jingting is shouting below:

At GQ activities, Wang Jial even took the initiative to ask the staff to repair his face into Bai Jingting.

How did they start? The first time I know is in the variety show "we fight". The two people are similar, they like RAP, and they will become a piece.

In the show, Bai Jingting said that every song of Wang Jial will listen, each MV will look. It's also a "maternal love", which will care about the hole of his trousers.

Will care about Wang Jiar without dressing in the gym.

They all said that two people will be more and more like, "the most concerned Wang Jia wear clothes" Bai Jingting, later received by him, the impact of this entertainment male buddha friend, also:

Recently, this is a double 叒叕 叒叕 "" talk about love ". Take a very much advertisement with a very love.

It is the music short film "Love IS All" that Cartier is specially introduced for the Chinese New Year. In addition to the two, there is Song Jia, Deng Ziqi, Li Xin, Liu Hao, Mandarin Band ~

In the movie, everyone is in a closed red box or dancing or singing, but with the music rhythm, some people start trying out the red box, the world that is outside.

In this way, I finally gathered together, and a group of people were freely swaying together, it looks more happier than the previous one.

Just like writing in the lyrics: "People can't live alone, we must understand this, so I love your neighbors like love my family."

Everyone's life will become rich because of the emergence of your life, whether love, family or friendship, people and people's emotional connection is the world's most moving thing. The Spring Festival is coming soon, in this Chinese most traditional also the most grand festival, we can also hug with family, friends, and lover, express our usual love to say exports.

At the same time, you can also prepare a gift for those who love. Cartier's new year special pay is a very good choice, and men and women can send.

This year, the two series of Clash and Pasha, which is the main Clash and Pasha, is the most popular series of Cartier.

Especially the Clash de Cartier series New Year limit version necklace, too fashionable!

We have written an article in the Clash series, which is a very young member in the Cartier family. It has been a classic model of Cartier.

I think the most important reason is that it is enough to guard, it is cool enough. The rivet elements are very handsome, with square tricks and round beads, with contradictory temperament.

And I think it is like its name "Clash", and there will be some conflicts between people and people, but they will be more understanding of each other in the process of overcoming these conflicts.

Then there is a special version of the new year limit version? First, use 18K gold material, it looks more expensive, the new year will give people very much.

The second is to use 8 rounds, the ordinary version of the necklace is the three elements of rivets, beads, square, and the new spring limit version replaced with 8 rounds. Because whether it is 8 or round in Chinese traditional culture, it is a symbol of luck, Geely, representing a fortune and reunion.

The Clash Series will be more beautiful than single, and there are many scenes suitable for match. Wearing a little skirt like Liu Hao, is cool and sweet.

Alive or like Bai Jingting, it is also a high-end toner, the necklace of necklace, is also the most practical matching method of this season.

If the budget is sufficient, you can also consider the Clash series of bracelets and rings, especially the ring, look rebellious, actually wear it is really uncomfortable!

In addition, watch enthusiasts can take a look at the Pasha de Cartier Series New Year Special Watch. 35mm gradient red dial and 41mm champagne golden dial, very new year atmosphere.

Compared with traditional watch, I think the Pasha series is good, it is the design of the outer circle inner side, very young and very personality, and the meaning of "circle in the circle, free heaven".

The crown is a spin, and a blue bump synthetic spine is also inlaid, which is very good. The Arab figures on the dial, simple and atmospheric, full of modern modern temperament.

In addition to the steel sheet chain, Cartier is also intimate with a crocodile leather strap, and there is a Quickswitch strap fast replacement system, which can be repaired in the form of a chain and strap.

This watch is very light, no burden. And I feel that the New Year's buy watch is a good meaning to give yourself or give a lover, because it represents "accompanied by a love every moment."

It is also very wild. The whole Y2K feeling like Yumo can also take it, and the feeling is always coming.

In addition to routine matching, Wang Jer also told us that the table can not only be worn in the hand, but also hang on the neck, as a necklace. Use this method to wear a watch, absolutely fashionable.

In addition to these two new Spring Specialments, Cartier's Love Series and Cheetah Series can also be seen, especially the LOVE series, too classic, Spring Festival is very suitable for engagement marriage.