The exquisite yoga pants are all lined with temperament, and the temperament is beautiful and fresh.

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The exquisite yoga pants are all lined with temperament, and the temperament is beautiful and fresh.

2022-01-20 12:06:54 41 ℃

Yoga pants are mixed? Taobao is casually search, the flower is green, there is! What types of yoga trousers in the fashion style of everyone? 1. Style yoga pants style yoga trousers usually have two different types, respectively, the flat-angle jam yoga pants and a pile collar yoga pants.

Flat-angle jam yoga pants are usually doing a piece of collar and top, and then connect with a manicure of a piece of lattice, which is simple and space. This is usually a sweeping dress of the knee or more, which is generally matched with a knee heel or a relatively short outlet, not picking people, is more cute, simple and wild style.

Image Source:; General This yoga pants is usually in the knee or above, or to the position of the calf. Pile of homework, this main thing is to do the position of the collar in your top, if you want to avoid the collar, you can put it with a skirt in the collar.

For example, many female friends will wear a pile of yoga pants and over the knee, the pile of collar yoga pants, although it is more sweet and cute, but this will be exposed, because the clothes will be stacked together, it is better to wear. Flat-angled jacket yoga pants and pile colloys yoga pants mixed,

You can use a fine high-waist pants, high waist, wide-legged trousers, have a good slim effect, giving people a slim feeling, and the pile of homework yoga pants is also fine under the collar of clothes. In this way, not only can weake the graft effect of the collar, but also contribute to the proportion of the lower body.

1 Will appear to be very strong above the belly, try to choose a high waist on the skirt, can create enough tallback to your long legs.

Don't wear too much color, white or be beige, for wearing, white skirt will look very cheap, long-term dressing yoga pants, even the skirt itself is good, but will also cause vision. The high waist yoga pants will be slid, but the proportion of the body will be fine.

The same color matching method yoga pants is matched with the same color line, the same color matching method is the three in which the wearing is more, and the skin is relatively dark or the little fairy who is relatively large. It is more natural and more beautiful than the above blocking method.

The best way to hairstyles with yoga trousers and high waist bridging trousers is a better way to match the hat, but in the hair with a curly hair, let the hair more fluffy, match the hat, use It will look natural to many.

The same color matching method is a small fairy who is not enough for the five senses. It is not suitable for choosing the same color matching, but the white half skirt or the same colorful yoga pants, you can try for some little fairy that is not high, you can try To avoid the same color matching, unless you give you a bulb-like forehead.