Which "down jacket" and "cotton clothes" are better?I know that the gap is so big.

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Which "down jacket" and "cotton clothes" are better?I know that the gap is so big.

2022-01-21 06:06:01 50 ℃

In the winter, in order to keep warm warm, we will choose the down jacket or cotton clothes. This dress is positioned, which is born for warm, but the gap is very large.

Regarding the down jacket and cotton clothes, each has a different audience group, which is good, how is the ordinary person to choose?

Differences in down jackets and cotton clothes

Down jackets and cotton clothes are the same, but in essence, it is mainly reflected in the filler.

The main filler in the down jacket is a ducklings or goose, which contains a velvet, a filling and fluffy, which determines the warmth of the down jacket. The higher the indicator, the more warm it.

Goose rose price is more expensive than duck, and there is a gap in warmth but not obvious. The biggest difference is that the goose saggy is larger, the cleanliness is higher, and there is no duck velvet.

Cotton clothes mainly rely on internal filled cotton, wool blended materials to achieve warmth effect, while cotton clothes on the market mainly fill silk cotton or spray cotton, while silk cotton is more warm than spraying cotton, and the price is also more expensive.

Advantages and drawbacks of down jackets

From the down jacket itself, wear feelings and cleanliness, and the advantages and disadvantages of the down jacket.

Down jacket is a duvet because the filler is a duvet, so it is more excellent in warmth, especially the comfort is very good, and the wind is warm.

Although many fashion down jackets have appeared on the market in recent years, there is always a slight shortage of styles, and those who are fat and more easily exposed.

In addition, the down jacket is also troublesome, many down jackets cannot be cleaned, the machine is washed, and can only be cleaned with a mild neutral detergent.

Advantages and drawbacks of cotton clothes

The only shortcoming of cotton clothes is that the warmth is weak than the down jacket, and it is a bit heavy, and there are many advantages.

Since the internal fill is mostly cotton, there is no limit to the design of the style, almost the clothes can become "cotton clothes" by filling the cotton, causing the cotton clothing to have a variety of styles, and choose space.

At the same time, the cotton serum is not bloated, does not pick body body; it is also very convenient to clean, dry cleaning, machine is washed or washed.

Down jacket VS cotton clothes, how to choose?

Down jackets or cotton clothes, excellent and shortcomings, warm and styles are also uncomfortable. As for how to choose, the key to see personal needs and budget.

1) If the budget is sufficient, it is recommended to choose a down jacket, after all, wear a comfortable and warm, compared to cotton clothes.

2) The cold in the northern region can only rely on the down jacket to keep warm; if it is in the south, the warm requirements are not high, it is recommended to choose the price-specific cotton clothing.

3) If you only pay attention to the style, you don't care about keeping warm, and cotton clothes are more suitable than down jackets.

Other purchases:

Since the price of the down jacket is rising, many black heart merchants use not to date down, or cotton materials to make down jackets, reduce cost making difference.

So, when buying down jackets, you must polish your eyes. If you are with a decrepose of 80, it is not enough, and the fluffy resists 400 down jacket, it is better to buy a standard cotton cost-effective!

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