Thailand Chinese rich woman rare sun joy!Wearing lovers is sweet, no wonder the pursuit of the king

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Thailand Chinese rich woman rare sun joy!Wearing lovers is sweet, no wonder the pursuit of the king

2022-01-21 06:08:18 51 ℃

Thailand Chinese rich Po Woodloa, has been 55 years old but still live like a girl. I usually like to get out of my own wear, all kinds of Hermes bag round. The relationship between the Wollup Pan family and the Thai royal family is also very good, often invited to attend some activities. The Thai King wow is a lot of Laubong's Galle, but such a beautiful Woodlo, but did not incorporate it? It is mainly the pursuit of Wu Lunpan's contest, and he can't see Thai king.

I. Woody Pan and handsome husband wear a couple to decorate show

On January 19, local time, Walun Pan rarely took out and her husband's sweet shadow. Although Woody is very high, her husband has been very low. This discovered that Wu Lunpan's husband has a star face, it is a bit like Wu Qilong!

Woody Pan and her husband wear a couple to debut, with a suit with a suit, especially the feeling of the college! Woodlo's star Face Husband is really a biser of Thai! This time, Wu Lunnan took a sweet photo, in order to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Woody Pan shows a woman's taste in front of her husband, this Chinese rich woman is almost unhappy, and her light blue dress is also a feeling of gentleness. Woody Pan is actually 55 years old, and she and her husband are like the same as a sense of two generations.

Second, Woody Pan's tube top dress is more Girl

A few days ago, Woody Pan attended the event. This kind of slight-style print skirt is really full of girls! The age of 55 is always a 20-year-old feeling, the body and the management of the skin are very good.

Wu Lunpan is very elegant, and the style of tube top is like the swan neck, and it is only confident to his body, we can dress this dress so tender! Light gray color, with green print, long sleeve design is very palace. If Woody Pan agrees with the king's court, she has the opportunity to wear so many modern packages.

Everyone knows that in the Thai royal family, the Sudodians and the poetry of the poetina, almost all of the traditional Thai traditional style. Like Woodlo, we will dress yourself every day, and it is estimated that it is not possible.

Woody Pan once is a manager of Thai national women's football team, and some of her now is related to football. Tight the woman's full flush skirt playing football, it is really very ground. When the elephant is in the air, the domineering is the master of the overbearing female, and the Woody Pan is full of "Typo> oxygen girl. And usually see Woody Pan has a variety of Hermes bags. In fact, she still has another occupation, which is Hermes in Thailand's national distributor.

Don't look at the Queen of Su-Dida and the poetry in the royal family can wear a variety of jewels, and Woodlo's jewelry is also unclear. She is a very luxurious green earrings, which is very luxurious. It is also very luxurious. So in the face of the King of Thai, she didn't have a heart, but after the Su-Didu, I like to jealous, I have always regarded Woody Pan as a love enemy!

Wu Yao is now so handsomeant, and their daughter is also very beautiful, and it is completely pure and purity induced by Woodlo.

Thailand Chinese rich woman rare sun joy! Wearing lovers is sweet, no wonder the pursuit of the king

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