Julie Winter Legs wear big clothes!17-year-old African raising women's electric light blue African braids too robbed

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Julie Winter Legs wear big clothes!17-year-old African raising women's electric light blue African braids too robbed

2022-01-21 06:05:35 45 ℃

As the age increases, Angelina Jolie's goddess temperament has never changed. She is a mother of 6 children, and now it is more living alone with children. I want to be in the year, she and Pitt have 6 children with a picture, the lineup is really strong! But such a 8-port box, almost won't see it.

However, Julie often leverages the children. If there is a new movie premiere, Julie also took the red carpet with the children! There are also more obvious, and Julie likes to bring the children to the street, especially the 17-year-old African raised, Zahara, Zahara's shape is very eye-catching every time. Julie's limelight.

First, Julie's latest outlet model is very simple

Features: black coat; laminated dress

On January 19, local time, Julie and African raised women were out of street. Julie's shape is still simple and high-level, and the black long coat takes a dress, and the legs wear coats or skirts. It is really easy for Juli to say, but we look good!

Julie's private service style, the most basic colors are more colors. Like this black coat, not only color classics, the style is also very classic. Julie put the neckline, Queen The gas field is in an instant. A black shape, a black mask, Julie casually out of the street, is like shooting fashion.

If a black is mixed with a black bag, it will be too monotonous. So she is equipped with black and white color bag, the same is also very simple and very advanced, the high level of the basic color is exactly another color.

Second, 17-year-old African raising girl's grab Head style

In fact, before the premiere of the red carpet, Zahara's dress skirt is very sexy. Once I still wear Julie more than ten years ago, the dress skirt at Oscar awards ceremony, Zahara's worship of Julie In fact, it is very obvious.

However, in terms of fashion, Zajara has its own style. This time and Jolie out of the street, her card is a model of tight jeans and a simple style. Black coats like cards or Jolie are very classic styles. From Xiaoyi, Zajara, who is rooted by Juli, is still a fashionable influence of Julie.

Zahara This is a new hairstyle for the New Year! Her electric light blue African braid hairstyle, the return rate is much higher! Prior to Zajara has always been a black African strainer, and this time, this time, it is still very personal, but such a non-mainstream taste should not like Jolie.

But for the preferences of the children, Julie is always supported. Just like Jolie and Pitt's big daughter, it has always been a very neaster dress, like a fake kid, Julie has never let her daughter change, but later follow Ji Li at a premiere red carpet I put on the dress in the first time. Therefore, Julie's education is still borrowed from the children, and the children's hobbies and character are very respectful.

Zajara's figure is a kind of strong type, with very typical Africans some of the same curve. Zahara's blue hair was too shining in the night, Julie around him appeared.

Julie Winter Legs wear big clothes! 17-year-old Africa raising female electricity Blue African braids too robbed

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