Guo Fucheng Jiao wife suits fitness photos!Wear powder tapered hook hot body, marriage stunned legs straight

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Guo Fucheng Jiao wife suits fitness photos!Wear powder tapered hook hot body, marriage stunned legs straight

2022-01-21 06:08:58 68 ℃

Recently, Tianwang's Fangyuan updated a dynamic on social platform, and the text: "POLG in December". Among them, Guo Fucheng's wife wearing a photo of yoga clothing, triggering netizens hot discussion.

In the photo, Fang Yuan took a very clean horsetail that was very clean, it was very spiritual. Fang Yuan is completely the mirror, clearly seeing her skin is white and delicate, and the face is very good, and Fang Yuan's five senses are still atmospheric. It is also a beautiful fairy, very amazing, temperament. Fang Yuan wore a pink strap, showing her small waist, and can also see her march line.

Fang Yuan took photos on the body, her expression was very light, and it was very beautiful to enjoy his fitness. Fang Yuan exposed his body and bumpy body, very bright. She is wearing a black tights, a big show.

Netizens were incentive, and they were commented: "I really like your relaxing life, happy work, I really do what I want to do, really awesome, and a large number of netizens In praise her beauty, said: "The two children's mother's body is really slim, and it is beautiful."

Fang Yuan often brought his fitness photo on the social platform. For example, Fang Yuan is lying on the yoga mat, making some very difficult movements, her body is very slender and soft, she is facing the smile of the mirror. It is also very beautiful.

When Fang Yuan took pictures in front of the mirror, the child looked at her mother and was very cute. Fang Yuan wore a set of English sling, her legs were very slender, but there were muscles. It is worth noting. Her abdomen is very eye-catching, it seems to have a lot of effort.

Fang Yuan took the fragment of his own hair. The elbow of her hands was supported on the mat. Her movements were very relaxed, and they didn't touch it.

Fang Yuan will take the fitness in the work, let yourself relax, and exercise and improve yourself. Now she, not only has her husband Guo Fucheng, but also two cute children, family life is very happy, and the career is still successful, it can be successful. I wish the Fang Yuan can have been happy.