Wan Yiwen attended the event, wearing short skirts and legs are still amazing, but the shoes are too flat.

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Wan Yiwen attended the event, wearing short skirts and legs are still amazing, but the shoes are too flat.

2022-01-21 12:07:06 50 ℃

Among the many women's minds, the most beautiful and fairy skirt is still a small white dress, and the white skirt is a representative of the pure system. Of course, the pure white skirt will be slightly monotonous, and there is no excellent temperament for ordinary people, it is difficult Putting out of its own characteristics and temperament of the white moonlight. So many people choose a skirt with splicing design or other colors.

Wan Yiwen is in a large-scale white skirt, and the beautiful leg is still amazing. But in the overall shape, the shoes are somewhat pulling, and the fitness is not very high. The white skirt will give people a sense of first love, fresh and simple, and the temperament will not be exaggerated.

First, the wearing advantage of the white skirt

Advantage 1: Plus dotted style

Many people think that the small white skirt looks very monotonous, flat, no characteristics, only suitable for people who are growing in the face. If you want to think something wrong. The little white dress is in a certain design and color, will show a kind of playful or literary or lively, etc. difficult.

Advantage 2: Do not pick people, simple

White skirt is almost unattended when it is matched, as a foundation, it can be matched with a large area, and there is a good implied effect. It can still be slim in the eyes, even if it is around 40 years old. Women are also very young. This is due to the advantages of color and clothing.

Second, the model analysis of Wan Yiwen white dress

1, lotus leaf design, sweet and ladies style age

When women in dress, women want to express different styles, on the simple white skirt, there is a kind of other temperament, which is to be designed with the skirt. The lotus leaf is a representative of sweet temperament. There are a variety of ways to show a lottery element. It is enhanced in white dress. The installation becomes more rich, adding a mystery to achieve a unique effect in the daily shape.

But for mature women, the design of the lotus leaf cannot be exaggerated exaggerated, otherwise it will lose the charm of the whole, and the shape will also be tender. Just do it slightly, you can have a love and exquisite, and there is a lady style. Wan Qiwen wearing a skirt, just in the upper part, the combination of the skin and the lotus leaf, and play the charm of the lotus leaf to the maximum, and did not highlight the disadvantage of age.

2, black and white splicing design, tailoring

The combination of black and white is classic color colors in clothing wearing, but the use of classic color colors is also paying attention to. As white as the main adjustment, the entire person's freshness is coming out, and the lotus leaves can be better coordinated. Using black, you will not look monotony, there is a feeling. Mature women who like older age can try to match white as a large-scale black as a hook.

In addition to using splicing, pay attention to decent, using irregular tailoring methods, half-shoulder methods can better show the curve of the shoulder, but this method is relatively high for the upper body. Wan Qi Wen's body very well kept, so the upper body wear strapless, short paragraph dress almost no pressure, but also showing a better slender legs. The white dress to wear clothing with a sense of gorgeous, showing more confidence.

3, the shape of shortcomings: shoes with too complicated boring

On outfit, shoes are important, Wan Yee Man with black and white stitching shoes also, but the shoes are too complicated, did not cater to short skirts, leading to some boring shape, looks a little vulgar.

Correction: Simple word strap sandals

Most are jumpsuit skirt with sandals, sandals This full wrap-skirt is not suitable, it will show the shortcomings of the lower body, it is better to try a simple word with sandals, when a larger area of ​​exposed skin to be able to render a more perfect convergence and ankles.