Li Jiaxin is getting a big gathering, special hair, and the most conservative

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Li Jiaxin is getting a big gathering, special hair, and the most conservative

2022-01-21 12:07:49 58 ℃

Although for many years when the wealthy too wide, but there is still Reis style of dress has revealed part of the girl's mind, regardless of clothing preference for pink, or also for a single product of choice girly, Michelle Reis are presented with a distinctive style of clothing We are satisfied with the old colors. Age did not want to be labeled, so by age style outfit also filled with her daily style, but look down, in fact, royal sister range of children's style is more suitable for her.

After recovering from illness, change the conservative style of dress

After recovering from illness Reis, too wide coming out party, the conservative style of dress have become a lot. Two-piece stacked wear good way to ensure a warm sense of style. The ride as a white sweater, simple and neat, provided a sufficient temperature. Green striped vest, into which not only enrich the level of modeling and color, but also fold wear warm again played a role, this is a practical outfit, a good balance to the grace and style of temperature, but also We speak now Reis concern for the practical function of the shape, probably became ill know the importance of the body.

Specially hair refreshing

It is noteworthy that, this time she was also a specially dyed his hair yellow to enhance the spirit than long, straight black. Yellow curls, by giving a certain sense of bright color, and curly hair than straight hair styling, but also to create a certain degree of bulkiness and bending, avoid too much hair hanging along the sense of tension brought about, it is with a lot of ease. Although indoors, but Reis is still tightly wrapped from head to toe, hardly any exposed skin spot, next to contrast two too wide, you can see her dress rigor and conservatism.

Large daily modeling analysis: small suit into must-have item

Reis daily in shape, the appearance of small suit exceptionally high, very good use to create too wide a suit jacket temperament of her, almost daily many have chosen to use modeling style suit to complete the shape. Where small fragrant wind jacket appearance rate is particularly high. This is a white shape on the use of a short section of small fragrant wind jacket to create a high waist, perfect body proportions division. Take the call specifically to brighten red color, good way to ensure the level of color, so that the shape is no longer monotonous, short hair and ears, neat and fresh, but also to ensure that the style of presentation.

Adaptation of evening gowns and suits are also so high, little black dress, to create a sense of style atmosphere by deep-V. Tulle skirt use a large area to build a sense of lightness, lace around the neckline into the design to create feminine, very well enhance the shape of the charm. Silver small fragrant wind jacket, sequined use to increase the glistening sense of style and extravagance on just the right atmosphere better.

In addition to extravagance suit piercing wind, but also Fun royal sister range of children. This fluorescent green suit modeling Reis should be one of the few bold attempts. In addition to bold, take the same dignified lady broke the scales, chose black as the ride on the Bra colors, a big show of sexy, feminine sword yet to come, compared to the side of her husband's suits, dress her this , styling is quite a breakthrough.

I did not expect such a suit and jeans can take two different styles of a single product, fused together, but the collision of a rock flavor, small round neck red suit, since gold printing patterns, full of metallic, weakening the suit itself stereotype, with light-colored jeans, which is magnified casual flavor. Big hair is back of the head by surprise.

Although the suit single product soak into various Reis outfit, enough to see her for the favor of a single product, but whether it is sweet and girly, but also dignified lady or modeling, or the Royal Sister Van child outfit, she It can be clever use of small suit to wear clothing with a different temperament, but also quite ideas. But having read so many sets of outfit, apparently still royal sister range of children's line is more suitable for her, and her elegant atmosphere reflected vividly. But some conservative style, in fact, still slightly stiff, not enough release style.