Zhang Yining really can't cover it, wearing a V-head and high-fork, the body is a bit meat but mature.

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Zhang Yining really can't cover it, wearing a V-head and high-fork, the body is a bit meat but mature.

2022-01-21 12:06:38 54 ℃

Beautiful skirt no matter when we own itself, the elegance of the dress skirt will never live, like a lot of time, we have to quickly prepare a beautiful dress.

Like a senior atmosphere, the V-head is very suitable for participating in the high-end party. When you take a photo, you can become the C bit in your sister. The domineering black skirt is very suitable for us. The specific small series is sorted out for everyone, look at it together .

For participating in advanced venues or private gatherings, wearing a domineering side leakage dress is certainly an essential dress, choose the clothes to easily wear different dominements.

If you want to learn the queen of the female star Zhang Yining in the evening.

The atmosphere is not exposed, and the generous reveals his own good body, Zhang Yining really can't cover it, wearing a v-head and high-fork, the body has a bit of meat but mature, rich, beautiful and skin-friendly dress is very beautiful.

People have a clothing, some sisters, the temperament is blocked, especially with a beautiful skirt, have to say that Zhang Yining temperament is quite good, but the 胯骨 is a bit "wide", so good value is high enough, The width waist is a fashion trend. Who says that the bone body is beautiful, and there is a meat to have a curve.

The star's dressing skills are also easy to learn, as long as you see the essence of wearing, you will be more easy to learn.

Black V-neck dress dress

Black and golden are a very perfect partner, like mysterious black, can contain any colorful colors, for this dress skirt, the slender style is more suitable for high-tech girls to choose, like the design of the high-opening skirt is also Very advanced.

Although the overall skin area is relatively large, it is also good for fashion rendering degree and skin tone. It is also very high-grade, and it is necessary to wear a white skin.

Black dress skirt

The black skirt is suitable for most of the color and styles because the black packed contrast is high, so the color selection and requirements of the small matter are very low, suitable for most of the white white.

Then the tailoring and style of the black gift dress is still difficult for most girls. Everyone remembers that you may wish to choose a simple style, and you will not be wrong.

V led the designs

This dress of this dress is very big, suitable for open bold little fairy selection, although the chest of V-colisters is a bit big, but it is actually a big manner for chest lines, for girls who don't like too sexy You can choose to block the needle or other small things.

High-open fork design

The onk of this skirt is different from other skirts, with two boots, walking from the road to do not have a flavor.

The visual effect is very good. It is very high to make our long legs, the skin color and black contrast is also very big. If the overall effect is very good, the high-opening skirt must match high heels.

Golden accessories design

Although the solid color dress can not be said to be completely no advantage, it is best to match the golden small matter with a more highlight of the black dress, the accessories of the gold belt are also very advanced, and the lines of the waistline are tightly outline. The irregular belt style is very angry.

Black dress small

The black dress is also very demanding. It is also very good, echo up and down.

Black dress dress

When you choose makeup, you must follow the whole style, this set of suggests that you choose the high-level strawberry color red with advanced makeup, the hairstyle is recommended to match the tight ponytail shape, the makeup face simple hairstyle is also relatively loo, wrist if I feel that empty can choose to match a watch.

Recommended other dresses

White skirt in deep V collar

Unlike the mysterious, white dress skirts are also very atmospheric, white textures and fabrics are also very advanced, deep V. The chest shape is until the waist.

With high waist, let the waist lines are more advanced and design, white pure feelings and poetic models can stand out our beauty.

White deep V dress small material match

All folds in this dress skirt are concentrated to the waist accessories, which not only tightened the line of sight and a good reflection on the waist. This skirt is matched with white high heels.

It is recommended to choose a silver earrings and bracelets as a match. The necklace can choose to do not wear, and the views of the chest are more advanced.

National style dress with

National style costumes use large-area totem patterns as decorations, the white base dress is also very advanced, the pattern design of the skirt is also very elegant, the gold pattern design is also very beautiful, the national style is also in recent years Many, except for national winds, Bohemian style is equally suitable.

National style small objects

National style skirts are suitable for silver small things, like bright high heels or silver earrings are also very suitable, silver is a very wild color, hairstyle is suitable for matching, mature girls are suitable for the hairstyle of Liu Hai It is more likely to have a style of Royal.

Blue shirt dressing suggestion

The fabric of the shirt is also mostly a tough shirt fabric. Although there is no ordinary skirt fabric, this fabric is also relatively small, and it is very clean and elegant. The solid color dress is very suitable for daily commuter, waistThe buckle is also tightened, and the whole is very beautiful.Therefore, the little fairy quickly prepares the beautiful and fashionable dress, and the skirts who like senior feelings and fashionable are quickly bought.