After Wang Xiqi, "turning back", I dare to wear, the big elder skirt go out of the queen, this is not envious

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After Wang Xiqi, "turning back", I dare to wear, the big elder skirt go out of the queen, this is not envious

2022-01-21 18:05:04 47 ℃

Skirts and the dresses of the ankle, because of the temperament of elegant and generous temperament, it is very popular with mush and familiar women. However, when wearing this type of long skirt, we need to be protractive with righteousness, so as not to leave conservative and old impression.

Wang Shui recently stretched the long skirt, with very profile of the figure, so it can show a feeling of women. Compared with the sexy short skirts that have little fabrics, the long skirt has more solemn feelings, which can meet people in the formal case.

This period is small catalog:

1. Wang Xi's wearing analysis;

2. How to match an elegant and sexy dress shape;

Wang Yuzhen's wearing analysis

Although the hot spicy short skirt is very attacked, the long skirt is significant for mature women, and women who are relatively full of the lower body. Especially when there is a clear waist line, it is also possible to further emphasize the tall and slimming of the body.

In addition to the long skirt of the dreamer, Wang Yizhen selected this dress coloring is also very high. Although black has a modern retro atmosphere, after decorating a fine fragment, the dullness will be significantly improved. Wearing a silver-based jewelry, more showing delicate fashion.

How do you match a beautiful and sexy dress shape?

Tip 1: Skirt reveals a good body

Woman wants to show an elegant temperament, first understand how to modify your body. For example, the skeleton is large, and women who have troubles, they are not beautiful enough to wear a stronger skirt. The profile stereo and slim style can help them avoid weaknesses.

Although the skirt also has a very stereo style, short skirts need to expose large leg skin, not suitable for women with muscle calf. The long skirt not only covers the shortage of legs, but also emphasizes the lines of the lower body and showing gorgeous and elegant temperament.

This dress is not only elegant and generous, but also uses the design of the skin to highlight the wind. The design of the terrace and the shoulder can make the skeleton's big woman looks a lot. In addition, the style of the neck collar is also more retro charm than the sling.

Tips 2: Coloring and Modern

While grasping the skirt, we will also choose the color scheme suitable for you. For example, Wang Yizhen is selected for the black skirt to meet the needs of most people. Modern and advanced black can not only experience the time test, but also the role of the skin white.

Some women have reached the maturity stage and will choose to use fresh color age. But fresh girls are often very picking up, such as when your skin is biased, wearing a pink yellow dress is very violated. Although the black is simple, it can reduce the chance of mistakes.

In everyone's inherent impression, black is a very sorry color, which is easy to aggravate the old feelings of people. But Wang Yizhen is a black dress because the cutting design is very novel, and a lot of eye-catching accessories have shown very avant-garde fashionable visual effects.

Tips 3: Detail decoration is more

In order not to let the accessories look, Wang Yuzhi is selected is low-profile fine sequins. The sequins not only have a strong sense of gloss, but also the dress is more leveling. In addition to the silver sequins, the transparent beads are decorated on the skirt and have similar feelings.

In addition to the dress is very eye-catching, Wang Shui also has a silver accessory echo dress. Because the skirt is more basic and simple, select the style of novel accessories, you can light up your shape. Choose a complete set of jewelery, you can also get up on the woman more expensive.

After reading the interpretation of Wang Yizhen for the long skirt, we can find that as long as the choice is proper, the colorful dress can also create a stunning. Choose a strong black dress that can be strong, not only shows a woman's cool fan, but also does not lose its elegant charm.