Liu Yifei is a high value, and it is very different from the image of the past.

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Liu Yifei is a high value, and it is very different from the image of the past.

2022-01-21 18:05:31 64 ℃

The color of the star seems to always be high, and the body is also the difference between it is the difference between fine repair and life. I recently flowed out of Liu Yifei, let netizens fell sharply:

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In the photo, Liu Yifei sent a lot, and the whole shoulders and arms were very strong. And the figure under the refined picture, the fiber is uniform, so that the whole person is happy:

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Sure enough, I have left hard, the difference is not a little big. The whole shoulder is down, the shoulders are too obvious, and the dress is very affected. And the scalpel muscle is developed, that is, the important mentality of the pool! The muscles of the placard is large, thickening is the problem that many people will encounter. Whether women who do housework for a long time, or sedentary, because the oblique meter is nervous, often accompanied by shoulder neck pain, especially in the position of the slanting muscles!

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In our body, the oblique muscle is the uppermost muscle of the back, the coverage area is huge, extending across the scapula from the skull, and then overlaps the spine with the upper portion of the backgapper.

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From the functional view, the oblique places participate in the shoulder blade, the mid-swirling, and closing activities, mainly manifested in the arm up, down, and looking up. So in our daily lives, the plaquewings must start thousands of times a day, which is one of the most important muscles of the body. Usually, you need to keep the right sitting posture, less low, adjust the height of the computer as for the horizontal position of the eye, reduce the load of the oblique muscle, correct the cervical posture.

Today, I shared a group of fit in the office yoga action. After sedentary, I have more active perspective, shoulders, can relieve the pressure of the oblique places! May wish to practice!



Suggested exercise cycle: 3 times a week

Video time: 10 minutes

Practice Duration: 30 minutes

Difficult Level: ★★ ☆☆☆

| Structured effect:

Relieve the tensions of the oblique places, flexible shoulder joints, improves shoulder neck pain, relieve spinal stiffness.

| Practice considerations:

1. Don't eat, or eat a small amount within an hour before and after exercise.

2, high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma or half a year after surgery, should not carry out high difficult movements, women and physiological and physiological periods practice targeted courses.

3. If the exercise is in the process, it is necessary to stop the practice immediately.

4. If there is no special requirement, please use your nose to breathe.

5, the neck shoulder back is damaged, and after obtaining the opinions of the doctor or coach first, it can determine whether to start the exercise of yoga posture.

Click below in Chinese:

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Sitting on the yogging chair, open your feet open the pelvic width, the knee is aligned with the direction of the second toe. The lower abdomen is harder, and the ridge rendering is up. Put a stretch band, or catch a towel, and the arm is stretched by the front, keep the body do not move, shoulder down, stop five breathing, exhale. Three groups were repeated.


Take the right foot on the left knee, the left hand is on the right hand, hug shoulder, feel the muscles on the back side of the shoulder to expand.


Then the arms are wrapped in each other (wrapped in caught the wrist, or staying in the previous body). Inhalation raise the elbow, look up, lift the chest, and pay attention to keep your shoulder down.


Exhale, pay attention, pay attention to the back of the bow, the body is as possible, staying in the location you can arrive. After five breathing, the replacement side exercises.

Questions *

What regularly encounters when practicing this?

1. When we are entangled with "Eagle", many beginners are particularly easy to shrug. When the whole elbow is lifted up, the shoulders should sink to make confrontation. Take a look at the following comparison, check what you have made in the error demonstration:

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2. When we are in front of us, we must turn from the pelvis. Let the abdomen back to the thigh surface, not the position of the chest, so the whole back is like a shrimp, it is wrong:

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