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Enter cold winter,

The boots seem to be a masterful man.

A strip of the ink heavy color.

Unlike colorful women's boots,

Men's choice of boots have relatively limited.

Picking Which boots are more suitable for mature men?

What kind of boots are getting more calm?

The mr.robb in this issue and everyone explore.

Chelsea boots

Most suitable for business men

I believe that many business men have such troubles in the cold season. The dress is a good choice. I want to match a suit and a formal coat, which can use Chelsea boots to replace the spring and summer dress.

Chelsea boots were the earliest shoe SPARKES-HALL in Cherry Shot. At that time, it was called Paddock Boots, no lace and height just to the ankle design, which was originally to take off when the English queen participated in equestrian motion.

The origin of the Chelsea boots is because of the active musicians and artists active in the Western London, in the last century, in the 1960s, their dressing style and lifestyle are called Chelsea, so this at the time of the CHELSEA The boots are also officially available in Chelsea Boots.

Really let Chelsea boots become popular single items worldwide, the Legend of the Beatles. Start in 1961, John Lennon and Paul McCatney often wear Chelsea boots performance, after which Chelsea boots became a classic Ya.

Compared with other men's boots, Chelsea boots do not need laces, wear easy to wear, and the simplicity of the honesty, and the different styles of dressing are completed together. Until now, many people are now in the winter, when they attend official occasions in winter, they will use Chelsea boots in a suit, saying that it is the best partner in autumn and winter.

British Prime Minister Cameron, is a senior Chelsea boots enthusiast

Chelsea boots themselves from the Victorian period of the United Kingdom, with a biased British elegant, so in many boots, Chelsea boots are best for dressing.

If you want to wear an orthodox gentleman, you can choose the material of the light-facing leather. In particular, the basic Chelsea boots of the black light surface leather, and the dark suit suit is mature and stabilized.

British Prime Minister Blair

Now there are many male stars when wearing a red carpet in a suit dress, I also like to use Chelsee's boots instead of the dress shoes.

Brown light surface leather or suede's Chelsea boots have a retro feeling, more suitable for use in light-colored suit, or with a comparison of the rough flowers of the ancient wind.

In addition to the full set of packages, Chelsea boots are also very suitable for business casual winds. In the dressing requirements, it is not so rigorous, wearing casual suit with jeans or casual pants, plus a pair of Chelsea boots can make the shape look easily and unlawful.

Prince Harry is in some official occasions, I really like this set of combination, and it is easy and comfortable to disclose a little career.

In winter, it is not too violated in winter, and Bakerham has less models in autumn and winter.

I want to pick a pair of orthodox classic light surface leather Chelsea boots, you can choose French ultra-high-end leather brand Berluti. The boots of their products are the most classic, and the leather texture is inquiry, and it is a style when buying a pair of ten years.

Berluti's most popular style in recent years, is Capri Chelsea boots, and the shoe is unsmocating, which will not be particularly exaggerated, but the feet are very designed, no matter whether it is fitted or leisure.

Berluti Capri Chelsea boots

Galet Cherbine shoe is more mild, and exquisite carved design, and it is better to be a foot type, if it is high, the foot is wide, and this is comfortable and exquisite.

Berluti Cursive Galet Chelsea boots

Everyday business casual style, likes to retro suede materials, you can try Saint Laurent's Wyatt Chelsea boots. This boot is shopped, and the foot is young and has a young.

Saint Luarent Wyatt Chelsea boots

Professional shoe brand Church's is available in Chelsea boots, this DIXTON footwear classic is very easy to close, whether it is high or detail design, it is very convenient, and the suede is a chocolate or brown coffee color. It is very classic.

Church's Dixton Chelsea boots

Desert boots

Can be both business and casual

In fact, for most workplace men, maybe we don't need to wear a suit every day, and more than "push boots" need a practicality that can both business and leisure. The desert boots are a pair. It can be very good and casual. "Neutral" item.

As the name suggests, desert boots originated in the desert. During the World War II, the British Non-Battlefield, high and cumbersome ordinary military boots did not adapt to the environment, so the military cooked a batch of heights and ankles, suede, and raw gels from Egypt. New boots.

At that time, the fourth generation of the Fourth Generation of the Fame of Fame Clarks was in North Africa, and the military boots were impressed. After returning to China, he made improved design of this desert army boots, and the shoe is added to the hole, which is convenient to wear and adjust the tight; the lace is fastened to form a funnel shape, so that the sand can flow faster. The earliest desert boots were born. The boots of the desert boots are a bit like a high-top horse boots Chukka Boots, although it is a tooling boots, but there is an elegant sense of the British gentleman.

So it is very suitable for use with leisure business clothing, coat, suit pants, jackets, representative single items and desert boots are tied together, and there is a feeling in everyday wear.

"Rocky" player Tom Hiddleson and "007" Daniel Craig and other old-fashioned, whether attendance is still in private, I really like wearing desert boots.

At the same time, "military boots" is a desert boots that are more comfortable in comfort. Soft grip has been tired for a long time, in a short-distance business trip, and is handsome and not tired of wearing a desert boots.

The Prince Harry not only wore desert boots to visit abroad, but even wear it to show football technology.

Desert boots are also a single item of "all the old and young", uncharacted, using it with business casual wear, non-work, young men can also use it with tools, jeans, to create a popular Amland Stick ( The American style in the eyes of the Japanese.

Desert boots are most recommended, it is most likely to take care of the tooling temperament of the desert boots and is especially viable. Among them, the dark brown, the top of the sand is, and it is also entry-level color matching in the desert boots.

Mature men want to lower the style of wild, you can choose deep blue desert boots, more and more stable than the earth.

For a pair of high-quality luxury brand desert boots, you can consider the British manual men's shoes brand Loake. It is a supplier of British royal royal shoes, although the brand is close to the shoes, but it is also very important in the production of desert boots.

Loake's desert boots are named with real deserts. This Sahara desert boots are shoeped, which looks more formal, suitable for use in business casual wear.

Of course, the most orthodox desert boots also have to look at Clarks, as the nasal ancestors of desert boots, in many people's eyes, can even hook directly with the desert boots.

It is very rich in desert boots at home, regardless of the material or color choices, no matter whether the material is still useful, but the price usually has a thousand yuan, the price is very high.

This Original desert boot is only made of two high-quality leather, with natural raw gel, known as the simple design, is the most classic wild desert boots.

Clarks Originals Desert Boots

If you want to pursue higher comfort, recommend Drake's. It was born in the UK in 1977, the earliest is a blanket, scarf, etc. Its launched desert boots are more round, the foot back is high, the comfort is high, and the special treatment of the raw rubber shield is a special treatment, and it will not take a pain in a long time.

Drake's Clifford Desert Boots

Tooling boots

Young men must buy trend

The big name of the workshoot is called Tooling Boots, which can also see it from the name from the industry, because of the superior durable and wear resistance, in most centuries, the preferred "boots" of workers and soldiers since most centuries.

The most well-known tooling boots brand is Timberland. Its Chinese joins "kick" also summarizes the characteristics of the tooling boots, is wearing.

As a casual shoe, the tooling boots can almost match anything other than the dress.

The temperament of the tooling boots itself is more tough guy, so it is especially suitable for mixing some of the hard-striped items. The pilot jacket, leather, tooling, and tooling boots will appear extra-type.

Because it is not suitable for wearing in formal occasions, it is more suitable for young men, but now there are many brands that have gradually introduced some lower-key and stable improvements, so ripe men can also choose a pair of suitable tooling boots.

For example, the Oberkampf tooling boots launched by LV, although the overall profile of the workshops is retained, but the boots are more refined, the soles are not exaggerated. After adding Monogram, add a few classic elegant tastes to the workpiece.

Louis Vuitton Oberkampf tooling boots

Dior launched Explorer tooling boots in traditional hiking shoes into high-level elements, using waterproof and grinding leather, simple and texture.

Dior Explorer and ankle boots

In addition to and ankle, there is also a higher style in the Explorer series, more military cool, highlights in the side of large-scale stitching oblique printing, many men's blogging this year, this feet Trendy improvement of tooling boots.

Dior Explorer Oblique Printing and ankle boots

Professional outdoor shoe brand launched in the tooling boots, Timberland believes that you don't have to introduce, everyone is already familiar. Today, I recommend two majors to do tools, but also a small brand. Red Wing is a representative brand of American tooling boots, pure handmade craftsmanship, original rough beauty, and served as the US military boots during World War II, which is very strict.

Red wing is the most often wearing boots of Beckham

Among them, the Classic Series 875 shoes are the classics of tooling boots. This pair of shoes adopts patented solids-like stickers, with superior waterproof and warmth, square design, tough series, most suitable for use with work style.

Red Wing Classic 875 tooling boots

The Iron Ranger series is more classic and simple.

Red Wing Iron Ranger tooling boots

The history of White's can be traced back to 1853, and it is the hall-class brand in the eyes of senior work boots. The tooling boots of the brand are produced with Stitch Down process. The boots made by this process are more wear resistant than ordinary solids, and they also create a foot-headed support system, which is more in line with ergonomics.

Most of the brand use customized ways, buyers can choose shoe last, shoe, leather, and height. The most popular shoe last type is Smoke Jumper and Semi Dress, which is a few tools than ordinary tooling boots. It seems elegant gentleman, more suitable for daily matching, mature men can also control.

White's smoker jumper tooling boots

White's Semi Dress tooling boots

In fact, except for leather shoes and boots.

There are still many men who can wear tough shoes.

I hope to read today's pusters,

Can have more taste gentlemen to jump out of "comfortable circle",

Try something different,

There will be more harvest outside the cold.

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