Yang Mi out mirror underwear advertising, this is 36 years old, do you dare?

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Yang Mi out mirror underwear advertising, this is 36 years old, do you dare?

2022-01-23 18:05:58 59 ℃

New Year's-dimensional advertisement, I don't allow someone to haven't seen it!

Red and black styling is charming, who doesn't say a few words!

The red is not very popular in her, but wear a woman's delicate high level.

Big snow and red skirt, this feeling is simply dreaming back to "small time"!

I have to say that the red is really very stallied, and it is coming to the gas field.

Female star wears a red to attend an absolute pre-pressure!

The bright red can maximize the value of the god value, and the skin is beautiful.

Dao Daughter didn't think of being said to be "soil" red, it will be so good!

Factors that open the photographic lighting diagram, even if the birth map is also white glow ~ photo is the proper C bit, next to the person automatically turn into your background.

New Year is coming.

In addition to the stars to start crazy, all kinds of bloggers have begun to start with red.


D sister looked at the red hair, 呜呜 snoring! There is also a big red lip! The New Year must be applied to the most positive red and white fire year!

RED @ 球球 - / @ 红

It is a beautiful woman to give D sister "red"!

And red as China's emblem, has always had a festive, lively, bright charm.

New Year, big things that get married to these celebrations will give priority to red.

Red is like an annual Hua Sheng

Red is commemorating

Zhang Guorong "Red"

It is a color in the blood in China. It is a good blessing of life. It is the most beautiful color in the world.

Fast New Year, today's "ladylook" column, D sister gives you a wave of New Year's best, let everyone go from the head to the foot of the Year -

Let us start from "head" to red fire.

As an artifact that does not need to be shaped + concave shape, it is more than enough to create a holiday atmosphere.

Red @ 线 团

Like a knitted cap, Berret this basic D sister is not recommended, new year new weather, let's change the taste to get a fresh thing ~

So the first pusher is definitely the most popular Balacrafa cap this year.

The whole "Baotou Kill" is both warm and very small, wearing a red-faced fashionable "small red hat", cool and cute.

TB shop: snail climbing home ¥ 36

There is also a similar - yarn ear hat, the long yarn belt will save your scarf money.

The top of the hat is too friendly, and the head type is automatically modified.

TB shop: gift shop Mofgiftshop ¥ 198

If you want a little decoration, you can try this chessboard flying cap.

TB shop: Three stores ¥ 36

It is also a tissue in the ear, but the black and white chessboard and the red splicing combination have more retro trendy.

Red @ serain_g


Red sweater Red Sweater

Sweater is a must-have item in winter, and the red is even more can't help.

Specially, it is clear that it is not said that it can be lit up, and it will take a feeling of a new year atmosphere.

Red @ 陈石 16chen

This red sweater is simphaha, and it will join the Balak Lafa cap with the above recommendation.

When wearing a hat, you can keep warm and concave, take off your hat and very much like the style of sweaters, and the style is mixed.

TB shop: Kokia Studio ¥ 449

D sister thinks that a red is the most convenient, and a set of in winter is dressed, lazy.

This set of red knitted dress, version and color are really rare, too obvious!

TB shop: Luis Helen ¥ 458

Not very soil, low saturation, more good driving. It is not particularly tight, but it is lined with your body curve.

Try this red.

Ultra-long-sleeved sweater + high-elastic lace lace knitted flush, ordinary people can wear both autumn clothes inside, but the unique temperament of sisters are very personal.

TB shop: PFF women's ¥ 399-419

Do you have a sweater, it is most afraid that it is bloated, come, this contoured wide shoulder sweater solves the problem for you, and immediately pulls the distance from those who wear ordinary sweaters.

TB shop: tomorrow 兿 兿 家 ¥ 791


Sisters who like China style should see this sweater, the color is a deep red, is the red girl's red.

The trap design has also been improved, and the skin and knitting collides the feeling of MAN MAN, the New Year is also the coolest girl ~

TB shop: Wesame ¥ 36


Red sweater Red Sweater

Going home for the New Year For some sisters, perhaps comfort is the most important, so the casual model D sister also arranges a wave.

The round neck sweater wants to wear the feeling of fashion bloggers, and the high collar will definitely be less. The stacking + color match is the fashion opening method of the sweater.

This complete set can be rejected, the beige pants and the inner and red eyes, the blue baseball cap is CP color, pay attention ~

TB shop: PROD independent design ¥ 189

The red sweater set feels from the small wear to the big, there is no age limit, and the baby in this year is very worth entering.

Don't forget to put rich layers in the addition of the sweater. This set is very no logo, if you feel simple, everyone can match some bags, hats, knitted shawhes, can be equally quite strong.

TB shop: Sheep and sheep ¥ 189

The red shoes are less than a special period, and everyone should wear.

Red boots "cover up" is large, there is no point to take out As Tongmu at the end of the body!

And ordinary single shoes are cold and dead, and it is easy to wear both the wedding shoes.

So this wave of shoes, D sister recommended the small red shoes of the casual paragraph, comfortable and wild, can wear all year round.

Red @ I am hungry

TB shop: Adidas official flagship store / item number GY8008 ¥ 799

Casual shoes are almost a pair of feet, with BF casual installation horses and energetic guys!

Red @ Wassup

In the office worker, it is also the shoes that are blocked, with formal suit pants can have a different feeling.

If it is still a pair of red shoes in the shoe cabinet, it is better to consider these casual shoes:

This is a Korean brand of shoes, in the 1990s ASICS product, Krish & Asics cooperated with red sneakers.

TB shop: ASICS flagship store Reference price ¥ 370

New Year is super handsome! Retro feeling with American sweethearts and girl's sunshine.

Catch the trend can try the online red casual shoes, suede material retro special, with a casual set!

TB shop: ingying flagship store

Their home has a red sneakers, a large white plus red block embellishment, a strong multifunction.

TB shop: ingying flagship store ¥ 245

Don't want to be red, the accessories are your heart machine.

A red headband seconds to be young, and go home to see people.

TB shop: snail climbing home ¥ 11.9-27.9

Or, like Jennie, put your hair, then other bows, moms like the series.

INS @ JennieRubyjane

You can also choose the earrice of the same as the same paragraph, and the red is really good!

RED @ 一 边 羊

It is recommended that wear ear nails or short earrings in winter, the sky knows that the earrings are hooked by the sweater!

TB shop: insomnia artist Insomnia Artist ¥ 48

I like to wear a black treasure is very suitable for wearing this metal zircon earrings, and the design is too suitable for sweet and cool girls!

TB shop: THOER Jewelry Store ¥ 71.04

Try this style of style, you can try this, agate crystal's texture has jade transparent, plus metal design is very small.

TB shop: nonexist ¥ 96

Heart shaped is an explosion of this year, no matter what style is designed.

TB shop: PIXDO light luxury gift ¥ 66.8

The female stars did not escape this corrugated law, Zhou Yuzhen, Zhou, Shen Yue wear this love paper.

TB shop: Hefang Jewelry ¥ 990

Too much red earrings! Let's go to explore!

In addition, the ring is also an indispensable fashion item.

Easy to pick, and the hand is the most conspicuous part of the people, the beautiful hand draws the red envelope can be better ~

TB shop: APOM ¥ 43-75.39

TB shop: 1stxulie sequence constructor ¥ 51

Cool girls will give me this four-way ring ring, it's just ~

TB shop: OCTO VITA Eight Born Ganzhou ¥ 79

Warm yellow skin can wear a golden ring, this little peach style is very suitable for the treasure of the cute retro route, the atmosphere of the red dress is full.

TB shop: Heutestudio ¥ 49.9-59

In addition to metal, the Pearl Gem Series can also be considered, relatively romantic girls.

TB shop: jinwan ¥ 160.55

Since it comes to the hand, the nail must be less than! The two years have changed the same as the new clothes.

Red @ 电气 五

And the red nail is really overweight! Try fell in love!

The yellow black skin sister made a red nail instead of INS feel, and then with the golden ring is quite french.

But it is recommended to make a very simple style, so you can also match a lot of beautiful rings.

Red @ 周 周 周 醒

Let D sister Kang Kang who is already searching for the new year's mobile phone shell?

Telling true, the bright "congratulations", "Tiger Head", "God Tiger Brain", the big red mobile phone case, you are definitely not available after the year.

But red fashion, interesting mobile shell can accompany you for a year.

Like this year's chessboard, the trend is a wave, and the mirror is too good.

(Left) TB shop: Redundant SHOP ¥ 19.5

(Right) TB shop: Berry to Japan ¥ 23.3

Although there is a few money, it is not necessary! Choosing our own temperament is C bit out.

TB shop: OBOW MONDAY ¥ 39.9

The extremely simple wind is actually the most resistant to see. It is very convenient to choose this kind of mother-in-law that is like a low-key, and there is no such thing as a variety of airbags. (Left 1) TB shop: Vintage flagship store ¥ 8.6

Or simple numbers, English prove that the new year is OK!

TB Shop: By the Park ¥ 19.5

It is really addictive when you want to match a balloon bracket. When you are bored, you are really addictive.

(Left) TB shop: rabbit can be seven ¥ 49

(Right) TB shop: jueves ¥ 26.6

How many people have become a red envelope from the red envelope?

Red @ is honey 喔 喔

Although the online red envelope has become trend, the New Year is still more temperature in the hands.

You are a child, and the most expectation for the New Year is not when it is born.

Red @ is honey 喔 喔

Red envelopes for children, red envelopes can be cute, this colorful cartoon image child likes.

Or this kind of creative, very interesting is also very good, I want a child to be happy! All matches under the pillow.

Take a red envelope is more festive, and the red envelope refuses this Xiaomei new.

TB shop: Qianling home daily franchise store ¥ 14.8

Give your parents, grandparents can have a red envelope, and this card is folded is very different.

TB shop: Digital Zhen Home Supplies ¥ 8.8

It is also very interesting when the can be loaded.


Ok, this new year's new year, D sister is a clear white, I wish you all the fuff!

What is the new year? Welcome everyone to share it in the review area!