A beautiful Taimei, which can "the country", "sexy hot" 百 百 粉 ... ...

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A beautiful Taimei, which can "the country", "sexy hot" 百 百 粉 ... ...

2022-01-24 00:03:05 53 ℃

When it comes to sexy hot,

It is the first impression,

Tall, long legs sister,

If lots of flesh so much the better,

Little seems to have been not the first choice.


Today, a sister going to introduce one,

Tall and small,

But yet sexy little sister to the extreme interpretation,

She is from Thailand IG net red,


PICHANA have 120w + fans on the ins,

It has a very high concern,

Popular fashion model and fitness bloggers,

Just drying out according to a United States,

Can harvest hundreds of thousands,

Even nearly a million thumbs amount.

Sultry slim waistline,

Clear and beautiful vest line,

Full round of peach hip,

This is absolutely the body proportions.

Look at this figure than the column,

Read the complete picture guess little sister height,

She just 160cm tall,

It has a "golden waist-hip ratio,"

Plus sexy body blessing,

Even more than those of 170cm sister,

To be more compelling and eye-catching.

"Petite" with "hot and sexy"

Her body has been well integrated,

A sister would not have thought a small head of 160cm,

Sexy interpretation of the word can be so vividly.

from childhood,

PICHANA very fond of fashion,

He carries a "dream model"

But because of the limited height,

You can only start from the body.

So little time,

PICHANA there is a sense of body control,


To polish even hard to curve, the lift percentage.

Not tall enough, so what,

Then come join in with the body,

Victoria secret no big legs,

To strive to excel themselves after Alice lordosis.

PICHANA opened early on the road to fitness iron lift,

Looking through her social routine,

It is not difficult to find,

She is a fully-fledged fitness of people.

Exercise at least five times a week,

Power equipment, as HIIT cardio does not fall,

Into the gym,

Under the guidance of coach,

Sister who began strength training are shunned.

She started from the most basic of hand, elastic band training,

Gradual use of dumbbells, barbells increase the load,

Abuse buttocks, upper exhaustive,

Perfect round shape muscles.

Plump, has caused the curve,

Not a shred of bloated greasy,

Sexy people to nosebleeds,

It absolutely can not do without regular exercise,

Sweat poured credit.

Efforts will be fruitful,

PICHANA have a good figure,

No need to deliberately concave shape,

Looking back at random, just one station,

Enough to make people even more exciting.

Exquisite strong abdominal muscles,

Rounded charming Bottom,

Hot and healthy image,

Instantly ignited the whole social networking,

Numerous smoke powder.

Modeling career also opened a new world,

Magazine cover,

Endorsements after another,

A sister reading really feel,

This is probably the most ideal figure of the bar girls

After learning PICHANA experience,

Before we know height is just a cloud,

Figure is the "last word"

Sexy body is not tall girl exclusive,

As little as PICHANA also infinitely sexy.

The little man beautiful Thai girl,

Is your food?