Makeup = "Change"?How does a newbie effective makeup, you need to do the following 3 points

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Makeup = "Change"?How does a newbie effective makeup, you need to do the following 3 points

2022-01-24 00:03:05 66 ℃

Makeup is not only respecting others, but more is pleasant.

When I remember the university, several sisters in the dormitory went out to go shopping. Everyone wanted to dress up before going out. As a result, a sister was amazing to me, and she was really like a person. This may be the effect of effective makeup.

But for many newcomers, invalid makeup has become daily, and even a large part of women who often make makeup also have such distress. Even if many bloggers' videos can not change the magic of their makeup. Why is someone else's makeup = "Changed", and you are invalid?

There are three reasons for fundamentally invalid makeup:

1. A movie and dirty makeup

2. Can't find your face, really need to use makeup modified position

3. Don't understand what makeup

According to these three points, let's solve these problems one by one, I believe that even if you are a newcomer, you can draw a makeup suitable for you.

A clean natural product makes it really make your makeup.

1. Moisturizing before the makeup must master the "degree"

And really let your dressing, in addition to the liquid foundation, skin care products can speak vital.

Skin care product is too much more or too much moisturizing, it is possible to cause the powder to absorb the absorption, forming a mud or floating powder, and the best moist degree is achieved.

In addition, skin care products need to be adjusted according to the season, it is recommended to use frost in winter, summer use lotion more refreshing, if necessary, essence and water can choose one, if still feel too much greasy, can be used before the powder Dry powder sucks out excess grease and then goes backwards.

2. Don't forget the concealer

Generally, it is necessary to use concealer before the liquid foundation, but many people have ignored this step. A clean make-up does not require acne and spots, although it can also cover up, the original ecology is more natural.

If you pursue exquisite and clean, you can choose a color and skin tone or concealer. Then use the concealer pen to take a point, point in a point in the point of acne and the spot and the position of the dark circles.

3. About the liquid foundation

1) Pickup

The effect of makeup is to uniform and adjust skin tones, change the skin, so the liquid foundation is as big as one or two of his own skin tone, remember to rap the liquid in the neck. If you prefer the effect of nude makeup, the powder is still consistent with your skin color.

In addition to colors, your makeup face and the effect of the liquid foundation are also related. For oil skin, the mudmine makeup face is better, the oblique liquid foundation is stronger, and the makeup strength is better, and it is not easy to dull.

The liquid foundation with better moisturizing is more clear, more suitable for dried skin, but the concealer will be relatively poor, if you are dry skin, and like the foggy effect, you can squeeze out of the liquid foundation. .

Of course, a skin-friendly functional liquid foundation is also a great choice.

2) About makeup

When the powder is found, it is recommended to use the puff that is inflated, and slowly press the face week, and at the corner, the pressure of pressing can be large. Remember to use the makeup spray before making up makeup can reduce the feeling of the powder, while the oil skin can make a makeup after the makeup.

Why did the blogger's makeup tutorial is still invalid, because the face is different, the five senses are different, and the location of natural makeup should also have some changes. You should pay attention to the common point, thereby correctly locate the location of makeup.

From the facial bones, first confirm the eyelid bone, divided into two parts, the position of the cheekbones is approaching the end of the lower end of the bone, almost one finger is a cheekbon, because no matter whether it is Shadow is also blush, you need to use it as a reference point.

Another thing that needs to distinguish is the bone-haimbing. At the junction of the forehead bone and the temporal border, the scope of eyebrow or eye shadow should not exceed this point, it is also the intersection of the shadow and brightness.

If you know the knowledge still can't make good looks, you don't understand that you are suitable for light makeup or a thick makeup, this is going to go back to your own value. You are concentrated or slow, then look down.

Facial contour

From the contour of the face, the concentrated girl generally has a strong line, with a clear mandible, and the cheekbones are more obvious. For example, Dili is a typical concentrate, it is more suitable for red lips, it looks full.

Its choice of eye shadow is more suitable for smoke, and of course, the red tune is more low, and it is too amazing with red lips and metal earrings. Although it is a strong, the addition of shadows will be more.

As Zhao Lui, it belongs to the face, and the face line is relatively soft.

2. Five officials

It is easier to see the difference between concentration and skin from the facial features. The strong girl's facial features is relatively large, and the face is relatively small. The most important thing is that the five senses of the strong girl are very stereo, that is, the big eyes we say, high nose.

On the contrary, the five senses are small and dispersed, and there is more than the white in the face, such a neighboring family is long, and it will cover the temperament of itself. In fact, for the girl, if it is not a big face, the shadow doesn't need too much. Eye shadow and blush can use nude colors, such as naked orange, naked pink color, etc. On the eye makeup, you can highlight the silkworm, more sweet.

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