What is hinder you?It's hard to keep this 4 sample elegance.

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What is hinder you?It's hard to keep this 4 sample elegance.

2022-01-24 06:04:05 57 ℃

From knowing how to change beauty, to complete the image improvement, where the logic seems to be smooth, in fact, there are many practical problems that need to be solved, so many women are only staying at the ideas and expectations, and they can still find the direction. .

Want to find the fastest way to make a beautiful road, you may wish to turn your gaze to those who have completed the image.

Through the accumulation of knowledge and practice makeup, women can achieve the extent that the image can be "changed the face". Find a woman who has become a beautiful method, it seems that he is more beautiful than ten years ago, it is not impossible.

Such an example is incoming, carefully understands their beauty path, and there will be great help to our optimization.

Not much to say, the content to share with you is about the four key points of the United States, these are the practical experiences summed up from various counterattack cases, which is worth learning.

What is hinder you? After missing these 4 things, women are difficult to keep elegant, let's take a look ~

Almost every woman likes to look at the mirror, but in fact, many women will not take the mirror. The usual woman can only pay attention to two questions, one is that it is beautiful, and I am so beautiful ... Of course, just start a joke.

In fact, many times, we look at the mirror just to check whether the image details reach expectations, and finally, it is easy to fall into the emotions of "I seem to be not bad".

In addition, there are few women who are usually unwilling to take more mirrors, or at least not carefully examine their own image. Whether it is addressed in the mirror to appreciate itself, or you don't dare to look at yourself in the straight view, these two attitudes need to be corrected.

You know, the woman carefully takes the mirror because of narring, but is honest with yourself. We observe themselves through the mirror to feel what kind of image is in the eyes of others.

Seriously look at how to observe themselves. I'm noticing myself in the mirror, I noticed the feelings brought by people in the mirror, slowly, we will start to discover those imperfect parts, which is to focus on part of the part when dressing.

Note that we don't need a perfect image, but to learn to promote weaknesses, let your shape gradually optimize the direction of harmony.

Changing the image is some investment, while George Brescia's point of view may make many people to be surprised. He is the royal model of Hollywood and Bainaohui star.

I observed a lot of cases from ordinary people into fashion bloggers, discovered an interesting phenomenon: they all have such a notebook.

This notebook can even be an entity, but a memo in the mobile phone, or a network platform that can release graphic. This is because it means to adjust your own image, then how do we find adjustments?

The answer is to start actions from recording your dress. For example, we often see the sharing of OOTD (today's matching) on ​​some platforms is a form of records.

By recording styling and change, we can understand which shapes are very suitable for us, and what kind of items are best not to wear. Over time, women can find the so-called "own style".

If you only ask yourself feel comfortable, I want to go to the street, don't have too many people to pay attention to yourself, then you must be alert, because only women who have confidently show can go to the road to become beautiful. quick.

And if you usually match, you want yourself hide in the crowd, it is very likely that you are not sure about your own clothing, you don't want to let others evaluate your own image.

The woman's gas field is very important to the image, it will subtly change our attitude, so that women really have their own image, and then they can try to change.

Note that the picture is the same as the same person, the shooting time is earlier, but the right picture seems to be young and elegant, and the posture in the right picture is relaxed and stretched.

It's not difficult to wear, and we have more time to match, but if you want to "always beautiful", you need habits to support.

What habits we do will affect all aspects of life, and you can pack the wardrobe to pack the whole, and you can have a normal in life.

Women with good matching habit will take the initiative to organize their own items, according to clothes, clothing style, color matching harmony to classify.

Every day, you may ask yourself before you match it, and you want to wear which kind of item, or want to shape which style. Such training makes our matching skills more and more skillful.

If you don't want to spend too much time in the mirror every time you get up, then try to develop the habit of advancement in advance, ready to wear the clothing wear tomorrow before going to bed, save the morning time, can also keep clothes Pay attention to and exquisite.

Ok, the sharing of 4 key points on ordinary people's beautiful roads will be here. What have you done? Welcome to the commentary message to share your fashion insights, let's see you next phase ~ ELI

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