She is called the red carpet, she has also been ugly to unattended?Fortunately, I met this fashion savior ...

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She is called the red carpet, she has also been ugly to unattended?Fortunately, I met this fashion savior ...

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Hello everyone, I am a white.

Recently, this woman seals God!

On the premiere of "excitement", Zendaya wore a Valentino1992 skirt stunning four seats ▼

The tailoring of this skirt is simple and profitable. The upper body can reflect the strength of the waist, and the black and white stripes are not regenerated, elegant.

This is no longer zendaya's first red carpet striking ~

Later, my sister is more through and feels, only more amazing, no most amazing.

In the "Spider-Man: Whether it is possible" Los Angeles premiere, she wore a hyper sexy spider web custom dress, don't worry about the spider-shaped eyeliner, the style is very stickedure ▼

Look at the same box with the Dutch, like a big girl who is not like just high school graduation?

One month ago, she put on the snake bones of Roberto Cavalli, behind the golden spine and outwardly extended golden ribs, beautiful domineering ▼

In short, my sister is now almost no opponent on the red carpet -

Everyone called her for the new Jin red carpet, 2021 red carpet queen, and even some people say that this is the leader of the European and American red carpet entertainment!

I almost forgot, she used to be like this ... It is an ugly to unattend ...

Everyone knows that Zendaya is a child star, so when she is 14 years old, she has already embarked on the red carpet, but the style is completely unopened.

At that time, there was no brand I want to give the flowers of the Disney girl "wear clothes", plus Zendaya with black blood, many designers refused her.

Fortunately, she is still very fortunate, fortunately, the old man sent her fashion savior -

Law Roach.

They are love at first sight.

It is magical. Before you encounter Zendaya, Law Roach is not a well-known stylist.

At the beginning, he is selling Vintage, and there is no semi-cooked relationship with the shape. (Of course, he is very popular with fashion, when reading, I like to collect various retro women's clothing)

Until a day, the man named Ye walked into his store, spent 5,000 dollars, bought 5 clothes, Law and his small store burst hot, the stylists from all over the world gave him calls clothing.

From that day, the LAW is in the shape of a living.

Later, in a customer and friend, he was recommended to Zendaya.

At that time, Zendaya was going to join Justin Bobo's "never-defeat" movie premiere, and he didn't have clothes.

Recalling the first meeting and Zendaya meeting, Law is still a kind of catching foot:

"From the day she comes in, I really believe in her. I think she is a star, I want to put everything I have, I can do everything I can do."

Zendaya also felt that from that day, they will always be together.

After that, the two did not talk, and they got happy to go to shopping.

Then, Zendaya wears this.

Although this body is not very special, there is a lot more refreshing before, and the child, no need for a strong feminine.

Of course, from here you can also see a problem, Law Roach's styling work and Zendaya's fashion transformation is almost simultaneously. There is no fashion resource in the hands of two people. The brand clothes that can be made are like this.

Before the cause of the business, they ameted a lot of closed doors -

At 14 years, Zendaya is going to participate in Grammy event. Law thinks that Emanuel Ungaro is very suitable for her, but the person in charge of the other party is not willing to borrow clothes ...

Law is not gone.

He has been saying to people: "Zendaya is very beautiful, she will wear your clothes on the red carpet to express like an experienced heroine."

Finally, the other party can't resist his soft blisters, gave them a chance.

Zendaya puts Emanuel Ungaro

Law is perseverance.

In addition to big brands, Law is also active and emerging designer brands, such as Peter Do, Christopher Esber, Christopher John Rogers ...

He believes that these brands are emerging, Zendaya is also emerging fashion stars, they and Zendaya can achieve each other. (Now these brands also maintain cooperation with Zendaya)

Left: Zendaya wears Christopher Esber

Right: Zendaya wears Peter Do

It is not difficult to see that Law seems to be very clear what kind of clothes are suitable for Zendaya.

Because, he also understands where the strength of Zendaya is -

The child has a small foot long. After adulthood, the body ratio plus 178cm is more superior to ordinary people.

Product this waist this leg ▼

These are not covered by messy clothes.

Under the fire of Law, Zendaya's clothes started to remove anything that is useless.

Style becomes more and more simple ▼

After 2017 Zendaya dare to show her more and more dominant figure, probably between 18 to 19 years, finally has its own style labels.

A keen color but will not allow more than three body colors, cool girls dare to show their sexy body but there are degrees.

10 years,

They became each other's soul

Of course, from a novice stylist followed Zendaya struggle all the way out, powerful place that just never Law Zendaya helped her find a suitable style.

He understood better than anyone earlier:

Modeling, not only to a woman wearing beautiful clothes, the key is to make them feel happy to feel strong after dressed.

In the build Zendaya process, Law also did not forget to teach her self-confidence clothes.

When the photographer to take pictures Zendaya, he would say to her:

"You know, not because they know who you are, but because you are beautiful before they shoot you."

2019, Law won the Instyle Awards Designer of the Year Award, the ceremony Zendaya him full of gratitude:

So to describe how their division it?

That is, you are responsible for me with the most beautiful clothes that I was responsible for the most confident attitude piercing its beauty.

Last year, a whole year, if by a stroke of Zendaya is "kill" crazy.

Venice Film Festival, put on wet Balmain dress, with Bvlgari emerald necklace, a direct incarnation of the deep sea queen.

Then put on a tuxedo jacket Valentino oversized, which take a low-cut white silk dress with a touch of rosy pink ▼ near the waistline

Graceful yet exquisite sense, just like the models show off work, too effortlessly stylish.

In Paris "Dune" premiere, Zendaya explosion wore two-piece head swaying from Alaïa, the feathers of the fishtail skirt with her every step and sway, retro tone ▼ 70 years

I think following this model can be loaded on the red carpet of the top ten ▼

Like you ERAWANG sister wearing red Bra with lotus leaf skirt, makeup hair neat, the spotlight is like a red rose in full bloom!

These are masterpieces They complement each other.

Despite the idea of ​​makeup styling hair Zendaya occasionally in a dispute with Law, but in the end they will compromise with each other -

This style of fashion is a soul mate is like playing chess game, this time you win, next time let me win, and finally to move forward together.

After a decade of fighting alongside, Zendaya has now become a great fashion icon, a variety of big-name fashion extended an olive branch to her.

The Law has become a top stylist in Hollywood, 42-year-old last year he topped the US magazine "Hollywood Reporter 's list of Hollywood's most influential stylists top.

Intermediate Law modeling talent also attracted the attention of many female stars.

He let Céline Dion became queen street Cool ▼

Before encountering Law, Céline dress is still relatively conservative, the fashion people have no memory points.

She put on the landmark 2016 Law to her street style design, a Vetement of "Titanic" sweatshirt, a pair of Gucci gold high heels ▼

Hills transformed into seats from Quebec influx of people from the middle-aged singer.

A sister of these fairy style is his design ▼

The new MV in retro girl, still a Law ingenuity.

There Anya Taylor Joy to attend the Golden Globes last year to the United States and the two luminous dress, all from the hand of Law.

10 years, from a well-known stylist to sell things, he really paid long enough.

But perhaps his attitude to treat every customer, strongly eager to show their beautiful share of serious, long ago doomed, his transformation into energy.

"I do not know what is politically correct and what is right and what is wrong."

"I just do not understand why they do not see that this is one of the world's most beautiful girl."

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